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Writing a letter to a non-governmental organisation
HKDSE English Sample Paper Q9

You believe your neighbours are mistreating their animals. Send a letter expressing your concern and providing details of any instances of mistreatment you are aware of to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Indicate what could be done to ensure the welfare of the animals and explain why it is necessary to take these steps. ‘Chris Wong’ as your signature is appropriate.

上款 Greetings,


The first sentence

1. 寫信目的
As my neighbours are allegedly hurting their animals, I’m writing to express my worry about animal abuse.
2. 介紹論題
Unfortunately, incidents like this are merely the beginning and have already filtered throughout society.
3. 期望
In light of this, I hope that by reporting this occurrence, I may highlight how serious of a problem this is and help to fix it.

Paragraph 2 

1. 標題句 (受害者1)
There’s a middle-aged man and his golden dog who reside next door to my flat.
2. 詳細解釋
He consistently locks his dog out of the apartment and leaves it in the hallway, in my opinion. His dog has been educated not to make loud noises, therefore it is surprising that barking have been heard frequently over the previous two weeks. In addition, his dog is deteriorating rapidly in health. Most likely, the dog is malnourished since the man didn’t give it enough food. The dog was limping the last time I saw the man walking it. The man informed me that the dog hurt itself when it jumped off a cupboard when I approached him and inquired about the fate of the poor animal. Since then, it’s disappeared.
3. 總結句
I believe the owner may have been violently striking his dog, seriously injuring it.

paragraph 3

1. A busy manager who works for a large firm has another dog living on the other side of the building.
2. 詳細解釋
He is frequently required to work abroad. He left his dog alone in the flat last week while he was away on another work trip. Nobody was available to look after the dog. After a few days, when the dog hadn’t made any noise in a while, I began to worry about it and called the police.
3. 總結句
It was discovered that the poor animal had been famished for days and was extremely feeble. It could hardly bark and move.

paragraph 4 

1. 承上啟下
Considering how important it is to protect the wellbeing of animals, I’ll provide the following solutions to the issue of animal abuse.

Paragraph 5

1. 標題句
Priority one should be given to increasing public understanding of the seriousness of animal mistreatment.
2. 詳細解釋 In fact, SPCA can help by starting an educational campaign and by producing pamphlets that contain instructions on how to properly care for pets. Pet owners who lack a fundamental understanding of how to care for their animals properly can be given lessons.
3. 總結句
Pet owners will be able to develop a proper and responsible attitude towards their animals with the help of all these methods.

paragraph 6

1. 標題句
It is also important to remember that the power of law can be used to address the issue of animal abuse.
2. 詳細解釋 (建議好處 + 具體實行方法)
To provide pets with better protection, stricter laws should be established. The number of instances of pet abuse would be significantly decreased by enforcing deterrents such penalties on those who break the law. As a major player in the pet protection industry, the SPCA actively advocates for the government to enact tighter laws.

paragraph 7

1. 總結全文
In conclusion, it is even more important for pet owners to comprehend that having a pet requires a lifetime commitment and that they are responsible for providing for it’s needs. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals now impulsively and carelessly keep dogs. It may be argued that their careless behaviour has caused the issue of animal mistreatment to worsen.
2. 期望
The pet abuse issue won’t be resolved in a timely manner unless the government and your association work together.


faithfully yours,
C. S. Wong
C. S. Wong

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