March 11, 2024


【Not only, but also】的強大表達能力

探索「Not only, but also」的強大表達能力 “Not only, but also”是並列連接詞,用來連接句子中兩個平行的元素。 它強調了兩個要素都很重要並且應該一起考慮的想法。 這結構增加了重點,可以傳達一種附加或對比的感覺。 結構:Not only + [element 1] + but also + [element 2] Common Uses of “Not only, but also” 「不僅,而且」的常見用法: Addition加法:用來表示句子中提到的兩個要素都是真實的或適用的。 Example: Not only did she excel in academics, but she also participated in various extracurricular activities.   Contrast 對比:它用於突出提到的兩個元素之間的對比或差異。 Example: Not only is he talented, but he also works hard to improve his skills.   Emphasis強調:它強調了兩個元素的重要性或意義。 Example: Not only is she an exceptional singer, but she also writes her own songs. 常見錯誤:   錯誤的放置:確保將“Not only”和“but also”放置在它們連接的之前,以保持清晰度和平行結構。 Incorrect: She not only sings but also writes her own songs.Correct: She not only sings but also writes her own songs.   缺少平行結構:確保「Not only」和「But also」連接的元素在結構上是平行的,以保持語法正確。 Incorrect: Not only she is talented, but also works hard.Correct: Not only is she


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