【Letter of resignation】辭職冇煩惱!勇敢踏出那一步吧!【完整攻略】

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小編發現很多人仍未熟悉Letter of Resignation,便藉此機會跟在座各位分享個人心得。

常见的 letter of resignation的 template

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I am writing to officially submit my resignation from my role as [Your Position] at [Company Name], with the resignation taking effect on [Last Working Day, usually two weeks from the date of this letter]. This letter serves as my formal resignation notice.

I have really appreciated my stint at [Company Name] and am thankful for the opportunities and experiences I have acquired throughout my time here. Nevertheless, after much contemplation and introspection, I have made the decision to go on a different professional trajectory that better corresponds with my future objectives and ambitions.

I would like to convey my genuine appreciation to you and the whole staff at [Company Name] for your assistance, mentoring, and direction throughout my tenure. The information and abilities I gained throughout my tenure here have been quite important, and I am certain they will greatly benefit me in my future pursuits.

In order to facilitate a seamless transfer, I am dedicated to completing any outstanding projects or assignments and providing support throughout the handover procedure. I am fully prepared to assist in the training of my successor and provide any essential paperwork to guarantee a smooth transition for the team.

I acknowledge that my leaving may result in some inconveniences, and I sincerely apologise for any interruption that may ensue. I am completely committed to ensuring a smooth transition and will make every effort to guarantee a flawless transfer of my duties.

Kindly inform me of how I might be of assistance at this moment of change. I am willing to discuss any further measures or protocols that must be adhered to in order to guarantee a smooth and effective transfer.

I would like to reiterate my profound gratitude for the possibilities I have been given at [Company Name]. I will forever value the connections I have established and the memories I have formed over my tenure here.

We appreciate your understanding and assistance throughout this procedure. May you and the whole team at [Company Name] achieve ongoing success in all your future endeavours.

Best regards,

[Your Name]




Incorrect: I guess I should thank you for something, although I haven’t really gained much from being here.
Corrected: I want to express my sincere gratitude to you and the entire team for the support, mentorship, and guidance I have received during my employment.


Incorrect: I hope you figure out how to handle everything once I’m gone. Good luck!
Corrected: To ensure a smooth transition, I am committed to completing any pending projects or tasks and will be available to assist with the handover process. I am more than willing to train my successor and provide any necessary documentation to ensure a seamless transition for the team.


Incorrect: I am resigning from my position effective immediately.
Corrected: I am writing to formally tender my resignation, effective [Last Working Day], which I propose to be [Date]. This will allow sufficient time for the company to find a replacement or make necessary arrangements.

Commonly Used Phrases:

  1. I am writing to formally tender my resignation…
  2. …effective [Last Working Day], which I propose to be [Date].
  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at [Company Name] and am grateful for…
  4. I want to express my sincere gratitude to you and the entire team at [Company Name] for…
  5. To ensure a smooth transition, I am committed to completing any pending projects or tasks and assisting with…
  6. I understand that my departure may cause some inconvenience…
  7. Please let me know how I can be of assistance during this transition period…
  8. I would like to express my deep appreciation for the opportunities I have had at [Company Name]…
  9. Thank you for your understanding and support throughout this process…
  10. I wish you and the entire team at [Company Name] continued success in all your future endeavors.