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Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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DSE - 皇牌考試技巧班



  • 六大範疇全方位提升學生的英文水平
  • 自備過千頁獨家精讀筆記
  • 教授獨門考試技巧口訣

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1.1 living in Shenzhen

The advantages and disadvantages of working in Shenzhen
The potential as a growing trend
Providing guidance for anyone contemplating employment in Shenzhen
Anything else you think is important

1. Are you acquainted with Shenzhen?
2. Are you interested in employment opportunities in Shenzhen?
3. Are you interested in residing in a location other than Hong Kong?
4. What would you miss if you left Hong Kong?
5. What is the most advantageous work-related benefit in Shenzhen?
6. What challenges would you encounter when operating in mainland China?
7. Is it becoming more frequent for people from Hong Kong to work overseas?
8. Does Hong Kong benefit from or suffer from its young workforce in Shenzhen?

1.2: Providing parents with financial assistance?

Reasons for filial financial support
Relevance of this tradition in Hong Kong today
Other methods to show respect to parents
Anything else you think is important

1. What presents do parents prefer the most?
2. How else may children assist their parents in providing monetary presents?
3. Would you be willing to provide financial assistance to your parents?
4. Should children engage in discussions with their parents on financial matters?
5. Do you think that the current generation respects their elders?
6. Do parents in modern times still rely on their children for financial assistance?
7. Do you anticipate that your children will provide you with financial support as a parent?
8. Should children from affluent families provide financial support for their parents?

1.3 An upcoming book festival in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Book Fair’s popularity
if the theme of Chinese martial arts literature was appropriate 
a potential topic for later on 
anything else you think is important 

1.Would you want to visit the Hong Kong Book Fair?
2.Do you enjoy reading novels about Kung Fu?
3.Is it beneficial to buy books at the Hong Kong Book Fair?
4.Do you think the Hong Kong Book Fair will be popular
5.Which generation, younger or older, prefers the Hong Kong Book Fair?
6.If there was a compelling theme, would you attend the Hong Kong Book Fair?
7.Is promoting literacy among young individuals through events like the Hong Kong Book Fair beneficial?
8.Does Kung Fu really portray Hong Kong culture?

2.1 The Role of Cantonese in Daily Life in Hong Kong

Challenges faced by non-Cantonese-speaking residents in Hong Kong
advantages of acquiring Cantonese language skills
methods to integrate non-Cantonese speakers into Hong Kong society
Anything else you think is important
1.Do you think studying Chinese is easy?
2.Do you know somebody who is not proficient in Cantonese?
3.How can you help someone interested in learning Cantonese?
4.Is fluency in Cantonese a must for any job?
5.Which do you believe is more important: acquiring the ability to read or speak Chinese?
6.Is it too late for adults to learn Cantonese?
7.Do you think Cantonese will become less important in the future?
8.Should further efforts be made to promote the usage of Cantonese among non-Cantonese

2.2 Fundraising for charity organisations in Hong Kong

the reason behind the success of the Ice Bucket Challenge 
additional online events you could host to collect money for charitable causes 
whether people would accept your suggestions 
anything else you think is important 

1.Have you ever organised a fundraiser for a charity cause?
2.Would you be willing to take part in an event similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge?
3.With whom do you plan to share the Ice Bucket Challenge invitation?
4.What other methods may be used to assist organisations outside of fundraising?
5.What are the reasons for students to contribute to charity causes?
6.Are private firms obligated to fund charities?
7.Is engaging in volunteer work through social media the most suitable method for young
individuals participating in community activities?
8.What is more important for charities: fundraising or spreading awareness?

2.3 What are the suitable current indicators for Hong Kong?

the advantages of the current notifications
potential issues brought on by the current signals for businesses, families, and schools 
potential upgrades to the existing setup 
anything else you think is important 

1.How do you feel when a typhoon is nearing Hong Kong?
2.What actions should you take when lessons are cancelled due to a severe weather warning?
3.During a storm, what is the typical response of most individuals?
4.How do you feel when the red rain indicator is raised?
5.Which firms in Hong Kong are now most impacted by typhoons?
6.Have you ever felt terror during a typhoon?
7.What actions should the police take regarding beach visitors during Typhoon Number 8?
8.Do you think it is justifiable to double the cab fare during a typhoon?

3.1 Improving the emotional intelligence of younger students.

Challenges kids face that have emotional consequences
the importance of emotional intelligence
strategies for enhancing students’ emotional intelligence at your school
Anything else you think is important
1.When encountering problems, to whom can you speak?
2.Do your friends confide in you about their issues?
3.Do you like collaborating in teams?
4.Is possessing a high IQ considered important?
5.Which is more effective, emotional intelligence (EQ) or intellectual intelligence (IQ)?
6.How is emotional intelligence cultivated in a large family?
7.Are students in Hong Kong schools adequately equipped with a high level of emotional
8.Do you think having a high emotional intelligence quotient is necessary for success?

3.2 Provide suggestions for enhancing the attractiveness of modern libraries to youngsters.

What attracts young people to libraries nowadays
why do many of them choose not to use libraries
innovative activities that might attract more individuals to libraries
Anything else you think is important

1.When did you initially enter a library?
2.Which demographic, adults or adolescents, utilises libraries more frequently?
3.What genres of books do you often borrow from the library?
4.What is the value of libraries?
5.What sets apart a public library from your school library?
6.Are libraries still necessary in the age of the internet?
7.What transformations do you foresee for libraries in the future?
8.What effect will the shutdown of libraries have on the local community?

3.3 Hong Kong’s road safety rating

why there are fewer accidents in Hong Kong 
a few typical reasons for auto accidents 
What measures should individuals take to ensure their safety when utilizing the roads 
anything else you think is important 
1.Take into account the safety of Hong Kong’s roadways.
2.Should road safety education be more emphasised in schools?
3.Should automobiles and bicycles coexist on the same roads?
4.Which acts pose risks for pedestrians?
5.How might road crossings be made safer for the elderly?
6.How can we deter people from illegally crossing the road?
7.Do you think the majority of individuals in Hong Kong adhere to traffic regulations?
8.Would reducing the number of automobiles on the roads in Hong Kong lead to increased

4.1 Engaging Seniors

Elderly individuals like singing in parks.
Challenges arise while organising musical events
outside. Solutions to address these challenges.
Anything else you think is important

1.Are the older members of your family singers?
2.What activities do elderly individuals often engage in during their leisure time?
3.What sets apart the music preferred by young individuals from that favoured by older
4.Have you observed elderly individuals singing together in a park?
5.Are there some activities that are unsuitable for older citizens?
6.Why is it essential for older people to keep engaged?
7.Why do some elderly individuals choose to remain in their own homes?
8.Is retirement a source of anxiety or anticipation?


4.2 if the varying legal ages are logical

Why the government imposes age limitations on tattoos
Why age restrictions for certain activities differ
if any age restrictions should be changed
Anything else you think is important

1.Do you like tattoos?
2.What are the dangers of teens being home alone overnight?
3.At what age do you think marriage is ideal?4.Which type of tattoo do you think most people would regret?
5.Which do you consider more severe: underage driving or underage smoking?
6.Are most individuals in Hong Kong complying with the legal age of majority?
7.Should teenagers be entrusted with greater responsibilities by the government, in your
8.When, in your view, do individuals reach adulthood?

4.3 Contemporary societal challenges confronting today’s young people

Reasons why certain young individuals avoid social connection
the challenges faced by them and their families
and strategies to address these concerns.
Anything else you think is important

1.Do you prefer socialising with friends or staying at home?
2.How much time do you spend alone each day?
3.Why is it essential to interact with loved ones and friends?
4.Why do some young individuals struggle to interact with their families?
5.How can parents and children enhance their communication?
6.Does social disengagement worsen with internet use?
7.Is social disengagement expected to worsen in the future?
8.What are the benefits of spending time alone?

5.1. Whether boot camps are suitable in Hong Kong

Items children may acquire at a boot camp
The attractiveness of boot camps to parents in Hong Kong
Other methods to foster students’ self-reliance
Anything else you think is important

1.Are you interested in participating in a boot camp?
2.How would you respond if you were assigned to boot camp?
3.Where in Hong Kong is an ideal location for a boot camp?
4.Are certain children deemed unworthy of attending boot camp?
5.At what age is it suitable to enrol children in a boot camp?
6.What are your thoughts on the reasons why parents overindulge their children?
7.What challenges do privileged children face as they mature?
8.Why is there an increasing number of children who are excessively sheltered?

5.2 recommendations for meals that improve pupils’ emotions

Foods in schools might either improve or worsen moods.
Should school meals exclusively provide nutritious choices?
Benefits of consuming mood-enhancing meals.
Anything else you think is important

1.What nutritious foods do you eat?
2.Do you take into account the benefits of the food you consume for your well-being?
3.Do you refrain from consuming any foods due to their harmful nature?
4.Are you worried about eating unhealthy food?
5.Is the need to consume a nutritious diet more widely recognised by individuals at present?
6.What other factors, apart from eating, can influence your mood?
7.How can you make sure that the food you consume positively impacts your mood?
8.Why do young individuals seem to like consuming meals that have negative effects on their

5.3 Good instructors are the most crucial factor for academic achievement.

Arguments supporting the idea
Arguments against the proposal
Whose stance is easier to challenge
Anything else you think is important

1.What about pursuing a career as a teacher?
2.Do you consider teaching to be a valuable profession?
3.Which pupils do teachers prefer?
4.What is the most essential skill a teacher should have?
5.Are educators adequately honoured?
6.What characteristics differentiate an excellent teacher?
7.Is studying labour-intensive?
8.Have you ever experienced a teacher’s inspiration?

6.1 The importance of smartphones in China

Advantages of smartphones for individuals
Factors contributing to the decrease in iPhone sales in China in 2016
Will iPhone sales in China continue to grow?
Anything else you think is important 

1. Do you like Apple iPhones?
2. Do younger or older individuals use iPhones more frequently?
3. What motivates people to invest more in Apple products?
4. What motivates buyers to queue up for Apple products?
5. What do you believe are the reasons behind Apple’s success?
6. What issues do smartphones cause?
7. What factors contribute to the popularity of American items such as the iPhone in China?
8. What advancements do you expect in cellphones in the future?

6.2 Plan a day for internet gaming at the school.


Benefits of participating in online video games
Possible activities for World Video Games Day,
Challenges in planning an online gaming event
Anything else you think is important 

1. Do you participate in internet gaming?
2. Should additional games be included in the classroom at your school?
3. Are seniors concerned about youngsters excessively engaging in internet gaming?
4. Do you think that engaging in internet gaming enhances your mathematical and reading comprehension skills?
5. Which supplementary activities improve mathematical and reading comprehension?
6. Do you believe that internet gaming is advantageous for students?
7. Do you think there are advantages to all online games?
8. Will face-to-face gaming become more common in educational environments in the future?

6.3 working vacations


The advantages of a working vacation
The suitability of advertised occupations for Hong Kong students
Other career categories suitable for students.
Anything else you think is important 

1. Are you interested in taking a working vacation?
2. Can you go on a working holiday without parental consent?
3. Do you enjoy working as a farm labourer?
4. Is it premature for students to engage in a working holiday at the age of eighteen?
5. Is it prudent to dedicate a working holiday to employment in a Chinese restaurant?
6. What skills do you think students should have to have a successful working holiday?
7. What obstacles may students face when working on a remote farm?
8. What are the advantages for countries that employ people on their holidays?

7.1 collect blood

The importance of blood donations
Strategies to encourage student engagement in the activity
Suitable venues and schedules for the event
Anything else you think is important 

1. Are you willing to donate your blood?
2. What motivates individuals to derive pleasure from blood donation?
3. How might blood donation among adults be promoted more extensively?
4. What causes individuals to be hesitant to donate blood?
5. How can the Red Cross enhance the comfort of blood donors throughout the donation process?
6. What knowledge may students acquire regarding blood donation?
7. Should blood donors be remunerated?
8. Should blood donation be mandatory?

7.2 images of the front cover of a tour book for Hong Kong

The purpose for which travellers visit Hong Kong.
What each image illustrates about Hong Kong.
Which photo should be used for the travel book’s cover?
Anything else you think is important 

1. Which places in Hong Kong do visitors often visit?
2. Could you suggest any locations to visit in Hong Kong?
3. How might Hong Kong’s tourist business be enhanced?
4. What sets Hong Kong apart?
5. Do you feel privileged to consider Hong Kong your home?
6. Do you believe Hong Kong qualifies as a global city?
7. Which elements of Hong Kong culture attract tourists?
8. What do travellers associate with the word Hong Kong?

7.3 Additional bus lanes are needed in Hong Kong


if traveling by bus is a convenient option 
if bus lanes are a practical way to ease traffic congestion 
additional ways to address the issues of traffic congestion 
anything else you think is important 

1. Do you enjoy taking the bus?
2. What aspects of buses do you dislike?
3. Do you prefer using the MTR or the bus?
4. How do you typically occupy yourself when riding the bus?
5. Do you think the bus system in Hong Kong meets the expected standards?
6. Do you think Hong Kong’s traffic is excessively congested?
7. What enhancements may be made to bus services?
8. Do buses exacerbate or alleviate traffic congestion in Hong Kong?

8.1 Prejudice towards elderly individuals

Advantages of senior citizens working
advantages of senior citizens not working
Strategies to reduce bias against senior people.
Anything else you think is important 

1. Do you plan to work after the age of sixty?
2. How may older individuals occupy their time if they are not working?
3. Why do certain organisations discriminate against older employees in their hiring practices?
4. At what age do you think people should retire?
5. What advantages do senior personnel provide to a business?
6. Do you think people will work until an older age in the future?
7. Why do individuals desire to work beyond the age of 60, in your view?
8. Do young individuals also face age discrimination?

8.2 Penalties and penalties are effective for ensuring cleanliness on the streets of Hong Kong.


Is it suitable to impose a fee on the elderly cleaner?
Do monetary fines and other penalties discourage littering?
Are there any issues that fines and penalties cause?
Anything else you think is important 

1. Do you think Hong Kong has a significant amount of litter?
2. What action would you take in the absence of a nearby garbage can?
3. What factors do you believe contribute to individuals littering?
4. Are there any more measures to deter littering?
5. Do you consider it littering to pour water onto the street?
6. Do penalties effectively deter antisocial behaviour?
7. Can public-service advertising deter littering?
8. Should penalties be applied equally to both the wealthy and the poor?

8.3 Hiking at night with a difficulty level

Reasons for the growing popularity of students participating in nocturnal walks
What items to include and exclude from your packing list for the trip
Potential travel-related problems
Anything else you think is important 

1. What attracts people to camping?
2. Is hiking more enjoyable when done solo or in a group?
3. Which age group engages in more hiking: the youth or the elderly?
4. What views are most memorable to hikers?
5. How can hikers protect the environment?
6. Is it OK for mountain bikers to utilise hiking trails?
7. Do you think hiking will become more popular in the future?
8. What are the environmental impacts of hiking?

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