March 6, 2024


【2017 DSE speaking】 讓你在接下來的日子準備好Speaking

2017 1.1 living in Shenzhen The advantages and disadvantages of working in ShenzhenThe potential as a growing trendProviding guidance for anyone contemplating employment in ShenzhenAnything else you think is important 1. Are you acquainted with Shenzhen? 2. Are you interested in employment opportunities in Shenzhen? 3. Are you interested in residing in a location other than Hong Kong? 4. What would you miss if you left Hong Kong? 5. What is the most advantageous work-related benefit in Shenzhen? 6. What challenges would you encounter when operating in mainland China? 7. Is it becoming more frequent for people from Hong Kong to work overseas? 8. Does Hong Kong benefit from or suffer from its young workforce in Shenzhen? 1.2: Providing parents with financial assistance? Reasons for


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