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Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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DSE - 皇牌考試技巧班



  • 六大範疇全方位提升學生的英文水平
  • 自備過千頁獨家精讀筆記
  • 教授獨門考試技巧口訣

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2016年DSE Speaking 將要來臨,快用下列的題目去做練習​​

1.1 The categories of philanthropic activities

Benefits of students participating in voluntary work overseas in Hong Kong
Challenges of conducting humanitarian activities abroad

the necessity of high school students engaging in volunteer work overseas

Anything else you think is important

1. Have you ever volunteered for a charitable organisation?
2. Would you like to engage in local or overseas humanitarian work?
3. Do you consider donating money to charitable organisations to be significant?
4. Which is more essential to contribute: money or time?
5. Do you think it is essential to leave Hong Kong to engage in philanthropic activities?
6. Should students who choose to volunteer outside of Hong Kong be required to cover the costs?
7. Do you think that donating to charity can make a difference?
8. Who benefits more from humanitarian activity outside of Hong Kong, the locals or the volunteers?

1.2 Initiating Your Own Business

Assessing the feasibility of Spacebox as a company concept

How to improve the business model

How to develop marketing tactics

Anything else you think is important

1. What items would you put in your spacebox?
2. How can you discard stuff that you no longer need?
3. Do you think you possess an excessive amount of stuff that is no longer necessary?
4. What issues does Hong Kong’s limited space cause?
5. 6How can you create the illusion of more space in your home?
6. How can Hong Kong flats be built with extra storage space?

7.  What recommendations would you offer to someone relocating to a Hong Kong flat on how to preserve space?
8. Does having less stuff lead to happiness?

1.3 Play-oriented education

Games you liked playing as a child 

the advantages and disadvantages of allowing children to play in the classroom

Should playing game be a regular part of a child’s education

Anything else you think is important

1. Do you participate in any outdoor activities?
2. Do you think children in Hong Kong will easily find suitable play areas?
3. Which toys were your favourites when you were younger?
4. Do you appreciate being outdoors and admiring the surroundings?
5. Do you love getting messy while playing?
6. Should the government construct additional indoor play places designed for children?
7.Where would you choose to take the kindergarteners for the day if you were responsible for the class?
8. Do you think that playing video games is as educational as spending time outdoors?

2.1 Avoiding different types of fraud

Types of fraud

possible targets of scams

methods to avoid being deceived by fraudsters
Anything else you think is important

1. Is it safe to save sensitive information on a phone?
2. Has there ever been a phone call that was not requested?
3. Have you, or someone you know, ever been deceived?
4. Do you view fraud as a significant offence?
5. Do you think that there is a rise in scams targeting individuals in Hong Kong?
6. Do you think sufficient measures have been taken to alert the public about the dangers of scams?
7. How would you respond if a friend asked for help and financial support via email?
8. Do you think falsehoods are always meant to harm others?

2.2 The school has invited Bao Ho to paint a mural.


Deliberations are underway over the Open Day celebration plans.
images Bao Ho should provide an appropriate setting within her picture.
Bao Ho’s prospective contribution to the school’s Open Day celebration

Anything else you think is important

1. Are you skilled in art?
2. Do you consider yourself creative?
3. Should secondary schools mandate art instruction, in your opinion?
4. Would your parents support you if you pursued a career as an artist?
5. Is Hong Kong renowned for its street art?
6. Do you think Bao Ho’s success is ephemeral?
7. Why are artistic skills often considered less important than academic skills?
8. Do you think Eastern and Western art exhibit significant differences?

2.3 Living at home with your parents in your twenties.

Advantages of living with parents at home

downsides of living with parents at home

other possibilities for young adults to live independently

Anything else you think is important

1. Would you like to reside with your parents once you begin your career?
2. If you were to move out, would you prefer living with friends or living on your own?
3. How would you feel if you were to relocate?
4. At what age do you think an individual should be capable of living autonomously?
5. Are girls more likely to reside with their parents compared to boys?
6. Do parents want their children to live with them?
7. What is the reason for the increasing demand among young adults for independent living?
8. Is it traditional in Hong Kong to reside with one’s parents? 

3.1 Apps available for purchase for the school’s tablet computers

Which of the four applications described is most appropriate for students?
Which educational applications are essential for students in Hong Kong? 

Are there any disadvantages to using apps for academic purposes?

Anything else you think is important

1. Do you use any applications for studying?
2. Does your teacher use apps for teaching?
3. Should kids have access to free educational applications for download?
4. Are you interested in developing an educational app?
5. In the future, do you think educational applications will become more or less prevalent?
6. Which disciplines benefit the most from using applications?
7. What are the reasons why certain pupils might not be inclined to use instructional apps?
8. Do kids who utilise educational applications in the classroom have an unfair advantage?

3.2 Discuss the perspective of Hong Kong taxi drivers and provide strategies for altering it.

reasons for the significant rise in complaints
Possible measures to alter taxi drivers’ behaviour

methods to promote Hong Kong cabs to tourists

Anything else you think is important

1. How often do you use cab services in Hong Kong?
2. What is your preferred mode of public transportation?
3. Have you or your family ever had an unpleasant taxi experience?
4. How would you react if a taxi driver charged you an excessive fare?
5. Would you use Uber in Hong Kong?
6. What measures do you believe should be used to discipline cab drivers who receive complaints?
7. Do you think Uber will lead to the demise of traditional taxis in Hong Kong?
8. Should Hong Kong allow online automobile rental services?

3.3 Wild creatures should be protected rather than being shot.

Arguments supporting the idea

Arguments against the proposal

whose stance is easier to challenge

Anything else you think is important

1. Do you consider wild boars to be attractive or unattractive?
2. Would you desire a wild boar as a pet?
3. Which other wild animals in Hong Kong are generating issues?
4. How would you react if a wild boar approached you?
5. Do you consider hunting wild animals to be cruel?
6. Should Hong Kong implement legislation to save wild boars?
7. Should you refrain from contacting the authorities when encountering a wild boar?
8. What makes hunting a popular activity, in your view? 

4.1 Determine if the curriculum at your school needs modification.

Should geography and history be included in the curriculum? 

Should primary schools provide computer programming courses? 

What other subjects might enhance pupils’ creativity and critical thinking skills? 

Anything else you think is important

1. Do you have an interest in studying computer programming?
2. Do you find pleasure in studying geography and history?
3. Do you prefer studying science or the arts?
4. What is the most essential skill you learned in school?
5. Why do you think certain students may lack interest in studying computer programming?
6. Do you think that every academic topic enhances creativity and logical thinking?
7. Should schools provide assistance with life skills or job placement?
8. Which courses do you believe should be eliminated from the Hong Kong curriculum?

4.2 on areas for student socialisation after school

Importance of socialising after school

preferred location for students in Hong Kong

extra venues for student interaction

Anything else you think is important

1. What activities do you often engage in after school?
2. After school, would you like to study or relax?
3. Do you consistently engage in the same extracurricular activities after school?
4. What is the duration you have available to socialise with friends?
5. Do your parents acknowledge your after-school activities?
6. Would you prefer spending time after school with a group of friends or alone?
7. What makes a great hangout after school?
8. Why do some individuals hold negative views of teens who socialise after school?

4.3 Hong Kong eating adventures

Advantages of separate kitchens
Disadvantages of separate kitchens
The possible impacts of private kitchens on the restaurant industry. 

Anything else you think is important

1. What is your preferred restaurant?
2. Would you prefer dining in a distinct kitchen space?
3. Do you enjoy experimenting with different dishes every time you go out?
4. What is behind the rise in popularity of private kitchens in Hong Kong?
5. Why would you decide not to revisit a restaurant?
6. Must delectable cuisine come with a high price tag?
7. Is dining in a private kitchen preferable to dining at a licenced restaurant?
8. Is a restaurant’s reputation significant? 

5.1 The positive, negative, and unattractive aspects of Hong Kong’s street performers

Whether you agree with the author’s perspective or not

The tactics to improve the quality of busking in Hong Kong

Suggest ways for the government to assist street sellers

Anything else you think is important

1. What type of music do you prefer?
2. Are you a proficient singer?
3. Are you interested in busking?
4. Is it common to see buskers in Hong Kong?
5. Why do some individuals oppose buskers, in your view?
6. Do you think buskers should be given cash?
7. Do you think beggars and buskers are alike?
8. Why do you believe music holds such importance for individuals and civilizations worldwide?

5.2: Organise an events day focused on a particular historical era.

Which historical period would you choose

What were its key characteristics?
What types of events would you organise for the school? 

Anything else you think is important

1. Do you appreciate history?
2. Do you appreciate viewing historical television programmes?
3. How much historical knowledge did you acquire about Hong Kong during your time in school?
4. Do you appreciate visiting historical sites?
5. Which historical figure inspires you?
6. Do you desire to live in the past?
7. What is the significance of historical knowledge?
8. Do you think history often repeats itself?

5.3 Student use of electronic gadgets

Exploring the negative impacts of technology use among children

The need to foster social skill development

The debate on promoting more face-to-face contacts among young individuals

Anything else you think is important

1. Which electrical devices do you use most frequently?
2. What is your usual mode of communication with your friends?
3. Can’t you live without technology?
4. Can electronic gadgets affect people’s capacity to form new friendships?
5. What is your stance on the appropriate duration for pupils to engage with technological devices?
6. How do gadgets affect people’s social lives?
7. Should parents monitor their children’s use of technological devices?
8. Is there a problem with the overuse of electronic devices in Hong Kong? 

6.1 Enhance the walkability of Hong Kong city

Challenges faced by people walking on the streets of Hong Kong 

Suggestions for improving pedestrian-friendly street environments.
Structure and information in the brochure 

Anything else you think is important

1. Would you prefer taking the bus or going for a walk?
2. What is your daily walking distance?
3. What is the farthest distance you have walked in one day?
4. What practical activities can you accomplish while walking?
5. Do you think walking is the most effective technique to maintain physical fitness?
6. Where would you want to walk: in the city, on the beach, or across the countryside?
7. What alterations would occur in your neighbourhood if vehicles were banned?
8. Which part of Hong Kong do you prefer to be designated as a pedestrian-only zone?

6.2 Present the five aforementioned laws in accordance with Singapore

Reasons for the government’s intention to implement these laws

Possible consequences of implementing them

The fairness of the penalties mentioned in the article

Anything else you think is important

1. Should chewing gum be prohibited in schools?
2. Should eating and drinking be allowed on the MTR?
3. Do you think Hong Kong has a notable issue with littering?
4. Which regulations did your parents enforce when you were younger?
5. Should the penalties for littering in Hong Kong be equivalent to those in Singapore?
6. If you were in control of your school, what new regulation would you implement?
7. Which legislation annoys you the most?
8. Do stricter punishments discourage criminal behaviour, in your opinion? 

6.3Shanghai coffee shop featuring a Hong Kong motif

What products are available at the coffee shop?
What specific features of Hong Kong do you like to emphasise? 

How would you decorate the coffee shop? 

Anything else you think is important

1. Do you frequent coffee shops?
2. Would you want to visit a coffee shop that showcases teddy bears?
3. Do you think Hong Kong has an abundance of Western-style coffee shops?
4. What is the reason behind the abundance of western-style coffee shops in Hong Kong?
5. Do you think a coffee shop with a Hong Kong motif will thrive in China?
6. Do you think Hong Kong would be a suitable location for a teddy bear-themed coffee shop?
7. Which motif would be fashionable for a Hong Kong coffee shop?
8. What is the importance of a coffee shop’s ambiance?

7.1Should all students in Hong Kong schools be treated equally?

Pros and cons of giving medals to losing teams
Should learning how to lose be a requirement for playing competitive video games at school

should they be forbidden?

Anything else you think is important

Which competition are you aiming to win?
How do you respond to losing?
Do you face significant competition?
Do you feel pressured to excel academically?
How important do you consider trophies to be?
Is success the sole determinant of significance in sports?
Do you equate losing with coming in second place?
Do you think the aspiration for success in athletics motivates individuals to engage in cheating?

7.2 Seven means of communication in the 21st century

The advantages of using emoticons in communication
If an emoji were to be an acceptable choice for Word of the Year,.
Will the prevalence of picture-based language increase or decrease over time? Any further insights you consider significant.

1. Do you use emoticons when sending text messages?
2. What are your preferred emoticons?
3. Do you use emoticons when communicating with your parents?
4. How do you feel when you receive a text message full of emoticons?
5. What problems may occur if communication is restricted to emoticons?
6. Will excessive use of emoticons in writing lead to a decline in appropriate writing skills?
7. Do individuals interpret emoticons differently?
8. Does choosing an emoji as the 2019 Word of the Year suggest a decrease in sophistication?

7.3 Should Hong Kong’s secondary schools include meditation instruction?

The importance of teaching meditation to pupils

Methods for implementing it in classrooms

Potential school challenges

Anything else you think is important

1. How do you relax and de-stress?
2. Are you interested in participating in a meditation class?
3. What brings you peace?
4. Did you experience significant pressure throughout elementary school?
5. Do you possess strong emotional self-regulation?
6. What parts of life annoy you?
7. Do you think that dedicating time to meditation is a valuable way to spend one’s time?
8. What are the advantages of meditation training for sportsmen and the military? 

8.1 The subject of twins

Potential resources for the project

Methods for gathering information

A possible project presentation

Anything else you think is important
1. Do you know somebody who is a twin?
2. Would you like to have a twin?
3. What difficulties could parents of twins encounter?
4. Do you think identical twins should be separated into different classes?
5. Are you willing to raise twins in the future?
6. What benefits do you think having a twin provides?
7. If you were identical twins, do you believe you would dress alike?
8. What features of twins attract your interest?

8.2 Student behaviour on social media

Ensuring a positive online image on social media is essential. 

What behaviours are suitable for social media? 

There are additional concerns regarding social media usage among young individuals. 

Anything else you think is important

1. Do you post images on social media?
2. What types of images do you post on social media?
3. Do you like scrutinising other people’s photos?
4. Which types of images should you refrain from sharing with friends on social media?
5. Do you have any objections if someone tags you without your permission?
6. Do young people feel pressured to use social media?
7. Do you think social media usage should be monitored?
8. Do your perceptions of individuals vary from those you encounter on social media?

8.3 bicycle safety in Hong Kong 


Recommend the two gadgets listed in the handbook to your group.
The advantages and disadvantages of the available devices. 

Recommend two devices

Anything else you think is important

1. Do you cycle?
2. Do you think it is safe to ride a bicycle in Hong Kong?
3. Why do you think there are few cyclists in Hong Kong?
4. Is biking becoming increasingly prevalent in Hong Kong?
5. Should Hong Kong have additional bike lanes, in your opinion?
6. Is wearing a helmet mandatory for all cyclists?
7. Do you think bikers should be allowed to ride their bikes on the MIR?
8. How can the government encourage cycling among the Hong Kong public? 

9.1 techniques for boosting literary reading

whether there is a drop in the number of individuals who read literature

if vending machines that sell short tales stimulate people to read more books
more techniques to encourage reading literature

Anything else you think is important

1. Do you enjoy reading narratives?
2. Which novels are your favourites?
3. Would you use a vending machine for short stories?
4. When you’re waiting, what do you generally do?
5. Should tales from vending machines cost readers money?
6. Will vending machines with short tales take on the role of electronic reading devices?
7. Would vending machines containing short tales be well-liked in Hong Kong?
8. What advantages does reading literature offer?

9.2 International Day of Left Handers.

some of the annoyances encountered by left-handed folks

how these issues can be handled.
How to arrange activities for yourself 

Anything else you think is important

1. Are there any left-handed folks you know?
2. To what degree is your left hand proficient?
3. Are both hands and feet equally valuable to you?
4. Do you feel that having an International Left-Hands Day would be a good idea?
5. Do you feel that athletes who are left-handed have an advantage?
6. Are left-handers, in your perspective, more creative than right-handers?
7. Do you feel that youngsters who are left-handed should be pushed to transition to becoming right-handed?
8. Do you feel that early teaching in the right use of both hands should be offered to all children?

9.3 ideas to spread the news about walking while texting

the challenges emerging from walking and using cellphones

Texting lanes can aid in resolving these concerns.
Further methods to improve awareness of the hazards connected with texting and walking

Anything else you think is important

1. Do you ever use your phone while strolling?
2. Should one stroll past a texting lane?
3. What is the cause of individuals using their cellphones while strolling?
4. When using your smartphone, are you attentive to your surroundings?
5. Do you feel Hong Kong should adopt texting lanes?
6. If someone doesn’t use the texting lanes, should they be penalised?
7. Do you feel that the issue of texting and walking will worsen?
8. If using a smartphone while walking were outlawed, how would your phone usage patterns change?

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