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DSE - 皇牌考試技巧班



  • 六大範疇全方位提升學生的英文水平
  • 自備過千頁獨家精讀筆記
  • 教授獨門考試技巧口訣

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2015年DSE Speaking 將要來臨,快用下列的題目去做練習​

1.1 Methods to Enhance Your Self-Portraits 

What is the reason for the popularity of selfies among young individuals? 
Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the available equipment. Which two gadgets do you recommend? Are there any other significant factors to consider? 

1. How often do you take selfies? 
2. Do you post self-portraits on social media platforms? 
3. Do you prefer having a buddy take a picture of you or taking a selfie? 
4. Do you have a preferred self-portrait? 
When taking a selfie, do you prefer to take it solo or with companions? 
6. What motivates certain individuals to derive pleasure from shooting selfies? 
7. What factors do you believe contribute to the preference of younger individuals for taking selfies compared to older individuals? 

8. Do you consider the selfie to be a form of artistic expression or self-affirmation? 

1.2 Digital memory box  

Discuss the concept or topic of your memory box, suggest artefacts that might be included from your school, provide strategies to include a wide range of teachers and students, and mention any other pertinent details. 

1. What recollections do you have of your primary school? 
2. What are the most memorable primary school experiences for you? 
3. Do you possess a nostalgic photograph that brings you back to a happy moment? 
4. What items would you include in your own memory box if you were sending it to the moon? 
5. What is your budget for sending a digital memory box to the moon—1,000 Hong Kong dollars? 
6. What items do you believe should be included in the lunar time capsule for the general public? 
7. What is your earliest childhood memory? 
8. Do you think the Internet is changing how we save information? 

1.3 The young Olympic Games are beneficial. 

Which of the exercises described do you think would be most effective for pupils in schools? 
What additional events aligning with the Youth Olympic Game’s objectives may be organised to increase community participation? 
Any more pertinent information? 

1. Do you enjoy watching sports? 
2. Have you participated in any sports? 
3. Who is your favourite athlete, male or female? 
4. What motivates certain athletes to prioritise victory above everything else? 
5. Which has greater significance: sportsmanship or winning the game? 
Should athletes be considered role models for youth? 

7. Do you think it is advisable to pursue a professional sports career in Hong Kong? 
8. What is the importance of promoting sports culture in Hong Kong? 

2.1 A doll hospital 


motives for desiring to repair their antiquated toys 

Would a doll hospital business in Hong Kong be profitable? 

Strategies for promoting a doll hospital 

Any more pertinent information? 

1. Which toys did you play with? 

2. Do you retain possession of your childhood toys? 

3. What toys are now popular with small children? 

4. Is it beneficial to invest in repairing obsolete toys? 

5. What factors contribute to adults’ enjoyment of collecting toys? 

6. Are toys essential for children’s survival? 

7. Can computer games replace traditional toys? 

8. Do you think toys are essential for a child’s growth and development? 

2.2 Introduce a new curriculum to senior students. 


Ways in which students might gain from the four courses 

What problems may potentially arise from offering these courses? 

Which subject would be the most popular among students? 

Any more pertinent information? 


1. What subject do you enjoy studying the most? 

2. Which subject do you find most unpleasant? 

3. Are you content with the courses provided by your school? 

4. Do you believe that core subjects are less complex than electives? 

5. What criteria do you consider while choosing an elective? 

6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of requiring students to study core subjects? 

7. Which elective do you believe should be mandatory? 

Have electives enhanced the scope of your educational experience? 

2.3 Carson Alyssa


motives for desiring to extend an invitation Alyssa 

What subject would you like Alyssa to address? 

Any more activities planned for Alyssa’s visit? 

Any more pertinent information? 


1. Are you interested in pursuing a career as an astronaut? 

2. Are you interested in visiting Mars? 

3. Do you believe Alyssa Carson is too young to undergo training for a trip to Mars? 

4. What are your future goals? 

5. What do you think you would find on Mars if you journeyed there? 

6. Are you interested in travelling to space on a new passenger spacecraft? 

7. What challenges do you anticipate facing if you were to travel to Mars? 

Do you think space travel will become more popular? 

3.1 The “Bring Your Own Device” policy 


the benefits and drawbacks of this programme 

How to prevent such situations 

Which topics would students derive the most advantage from by using mobile devices? 

Any more pertinent information? 


1. Do you have a mobile device? 

2. Do you carry a smartphone to class? 

3. Do you do your homework on a mobile device? 

4. Do your pupils use their mobile devices for instructional purposes? 

If your school offered to buy you a smartphone, which model would you choose? 

6. Do you think that owning a mobile device facilitates learning? 

7. Can utilising a mobile device help improve your English skills? 

8. What impact will mobile gadgets have on people’s learning? 

3.2 workshop with five job tasks 


Identify the necessary abilities for each of the five roles. 

If you think students might find these occupations attractive, 

How to enhance the workshop’s appeal 

Any more pertinent information? 


1. Define your preferred role. 

2. Are you interested in pursuing a career in the IT industry? 

3. Are you interested in pursuing a career in the medical field? 

4. Do you prefer working solo or in a team? 

5. Is interest the most critical factor when choosing a job? 

6. Does a college degree pertain to your potential professional trajectory? 

7. Do you think individuals in Hong Kong prioritise their salaries excessively? 

8. Would you choose a career solely based on its ease of finding employment? 

3.3 Eternal metropolis 


What further facilities should be included in the Endless City? 

Pros and cons of living in Endless City 

If Hong Kong were to approve such a proposition, 

Any more pertinent information? 


1. Do you appreciate living in a high-rise apartment? 

2. Do you think there is an excessive number of towering buildings in Hong Kong? 

3. Do you prefer residing in a vibrant metropolis or a tranquil village? 

4. What if you could reside in a structure without ever having to depart from it? 

5. Do you consider having a picturesque view from your residence to be significant? 

6. How can we handle the scarcity of land? 

7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a city comprised mostly of tall buildings? 

8. Do you think a city’s architectural design mirrors its culture? 

4.1 Writing for the Internet 


The advantages of online writing 

challenges encountered by online authors 

Should internet content be subject to censorship? 

Any more pertinent information? 


1. Do you like reading online? 

2. Have you ever perused any narratives on the internet? 

3. Have you ever published any of your articles online? 

4. Do you think that unrestricted access to posting content exists on the internet? 

5. What attracts young individuals to internet narratives? 

6. Can internet literature replace print fiction? 

7. What are your thoughts on posting comments on websites? 

8. Is it necessary for online fiction to be provided at no cost? 


4.2 A lecture targeting Generation Y high school dropouts 


If you agree with the characterization of Generation Y in Question 1, 

Which of the Question 2 employer-implemented actions would younger workers prefer?

How to enhance the workshop’s appeal 

Any more pertinent information? 


1. Do you prefer being self-employed or working for an employer? 

2. Do you think it is suitable to wear jeans to work? 

3. Do you think you have the potential to excel as an employee? 

4. What attributes define an effective leader? 

5. Do you think it is essential to constantly follow your boss’s instructions? 

6. How do you handle a situation if you have a differing opinion from your boss? 

7. Do you exhibit any characteristics typical of Generation Y? 

8. Which is more crucial: improved employment opportunities or job loyalty? 


4.3 The opportunity to travel to Antarctica 


if Antarctica is a suitable site. 

What obstacles may students face when travelling to Antarctica? 

Selection process for study tour participants 

Any more pertinent information? 


1. Do you like participating in study tours? 

2. Would you enjoy leading your pupils on an overseas excursion? 

3. How would you feel if you were separated from your family for three weeks? 

4. How would your parents respond if you expressed a desire to visit Antarctica? 

If money were available, would you like to visit Antarctica? 

6. Would you want an enjoyable or instructional school tour? 

7. Should educational institutions organise excursions to remote locations? 

8. What advantages may Hong Kong get from a research trip to Antarctica? 

5.1 Implementing compulsory military service is advisable. 


Reasons for supporting compulsory military service 
Arguments opposing compulsory military service 
Should women be mandated to serve in the military? Any further considerations you find significant? 

1. Are you interested in joining the military? 
2. Would you prefer working with the elderly or serving as a soldier? 
3. What would be your greatest loss as a soldier? 
4. What attributes do you think a soldier should have? 
5. What motivates individuals to willingly join the military in certain countries? 
6. If you were to enrol in the armed forces, which branch would you choose: the Army, Navy, or Air Force? 
7. Which option is more beneficial for individuals: compulsory social service or compulsory military duty? 
8. Do you think those who opt out of military service should be held accountable?  


5.2 The impact of robots on the services industry


Advantages of using robots for tasks 

Reasons for opposition to the deployment of robots 

additional industries where utilising robots might be beneficial 

Any more pertinent information? 

1. Are you interested in collaborating with robots? 

2. Would you be interested in dining at a robot-run restaurant?

3. Do you believe that robots can take the place of instructors?

4. Do you believe that robots will replace humans in the majority of jobs?

5. Do you think your high school may gain from utilising robots? 

6. Do you prefer receiving assistance from a human server or a robot one? 

7. What features do you desire in a robot? 

8. Do you think investing $50,000 in a restaurant robot is a good idea?


5.3 The essential essentials for daily existence in Hong Kong  


Which things may deviate from the British survey’s list? 

How Hong Kong might have a distinct structure 

How the preferences of several generations may differ 

Is there any other pertinent information you believe is crucial? 

1. What necessary items do you carry to school? 

2. How often do you browse the internet? 

What are the three items you always have with you? 

How long could you go without using your phone? 

5. How long could you refrain from watching TV? 

6. Do you believe technology has dominated your life? 

7. Which could you endure for a longer period: abstaining from using your phone or from visiting your friends? 

8. Is access to the Internet considered a luxury? 

6.1 A yearly Personal Development Programme camp 

6.1 Which of the aforementioned camps is most suitable for students?

The measures used to select

which pupils will attend the camp
What concerns involving the camp deserve consideration?
Anything else you think is important

1. Do you love attending camps?
2. Have you ever taken part in a camp for training?
3. How do you characterise a good leader?
4. Are you more of an outdoor or interior camper?
5. Other than boot camps, what other options are available for personal growth and development?
6. Do you appreciate leading a team or being a member of one?
7. Is being a leader a required life skill?
8. Is it feasible to train for leadership?


6.2 campaign for upcycling 

What item should be recycled, and why?
hurdles you could experience
How to promote the product you’ve upcycled
Anything else you think is important

1. Do you recycle the products you purchase?
2. How do you dispose of your used clothing?
3. How do you get rid of books you no longer need?
4. How practical do you find upcycling to be?
5. How can we persuade more individuals to upcycle?
6. How effectively does your school do repurposing?
7. Do you agree that businesses ought to stock recycled goods?
8. Do you feel that Hong Kong recycles garbage enough?


6.3 STEM area

the factors contributing to females’ lesser interest in STEM disciplines and occupations than that of guys
What methods may educational institutions adopt to boost ladies’ interest in STEM fields?
How to convince parents to allow their daughters to study STEM subjects
Anything else you think is important

1. Are you fond of math?
2. Do you find scientific classes enjoyable?
3. Do you think that girls favor particular academic courses over those that boys take?
4. Did your parents pressure you to major in certain topics in school?
5. Do you wish to work in the field of technology?
6. Do you agree that boys and girls should attend different schools?
7. Do you agree that all STEM courses need to be required in schools?
8. Do you agree that all forms should require IT as a subject? 

7.1 calendar of events

the advantages of each event
Whatever more information you would want to have about each
the event you would select.
Anything else you think is important

1. Do you love the darkness?
2. Did you used to feel terrified of the dark as a child?
3. What challenges do you believe the blind experience?
4. Would you want to have a gloomy birthday party?
5. What would you find tough to do if you were blind for a day?
6. How can your school support people who are blind or visually impaired?
7. What problems do you believe learning-blind individuals face?
8. Do you feel Hong Kong would be interested in a dark museum?

7.2 The HK Open Photography Competition

advantages of competing in the competition
Which theme would you advise for your school?
What types of items might you photograph?
Anything else you think is important

Do you love shooting pictures?
2. Have you previously competed in any events?
3. What sorts of photographs are your favourites to look at?
4. Which do you like to snap photos of—people or places?
5. Do you agree that schools ought to teach photography?
6. Why do individuals shoot pictures?
7. How do you feel about images that are black and white?
8. What qualifications do you feel a competent photographer should have?

7.3 chat with Tam Pok-man

What Pok-Man can teach students
more parts of his life that you would like to understand about
methods to add interest to the article
Anything else you think is important

1. Do you find school enjoyable?
2. Do you love engaging in athletic events?
3. Are extracurricular activities good or destructive to students?
4. Do you feel that a subject’s interest is crucial?
5. How much time do you dedicate to studying versus extracurricular activities?
6. Would you like to be friends with Pok-man or someone else similar?
7. Should Form Six children not be permitted to participate in extracurricular activities?
8. Do you believe rewards are important? 

8.1 Celebrities and criminal conduct

If you favour the sanctions meted out to celebrities
Why do well-known people who breach the law occasionally receive different treatment?
If you could continue to endorse a prominent person who has breached the law,
Anything else you think is important

1. Which pop star is your favourite?
2. Who among the prominent personalities is a suitable role model?
3. Is it useful or damaging for teenagers to have an idol?
4. Why do some people revere celebrities?
5. If one of your friends wished to be a superstar, what advice would you give them?
6. Should celebrities who breach the law face heavier punishments?
7. Do you feel that prominent individuals should always conduct themselves appropriately?
8. Does celebrity status improve a person’s character?

8.2 Sending kids to school before they are six produces more damage than benefit for them.

reasons for the idea
arguments opposed to the plan
Whatever posture you would want to adopt
Anything else you think is important

1. Did you like your time in elementary school?
2. What talents must young kids acquire?
3. Do you feel that youngsters enjoy attending school before they are six?
4. Do you think that for young children, playing is more essential than studying?
5. What are your recollections from your school debut?
6. What is the cause behind some Hong Kong parents enrolling their young children in school?
7. Do you feel that a head start in school is necessary for success in the future?
8. Should the government or parents choose when children should report to school? 

8.3 Sargent, William

Which hobby do you love best, and why?
How would you market the activity you have picked at your school?
Queries for William Sargent
Anything else you think is important

1. Do you have a snake phobia?
2. In Hong Kong, have you ever seen a snake?
3. Would you like to have a pet snake?
4. How would you respond to seeing a snake?
5. Do you feel that lectures or field excursions teach students more? 

6. Do you suppose it would be tough to snap images of snakes?
7. Do you agree that the wildlife of Hong Kong deserves to be taught in schools?
8. Do individuals learn to fear snakes, or is it something they are born with? 

9.1 Get in touch with a YouTube celebrity 


pros and downsides of every choice 

what themes you want the YouTube celebrity to discuss 

anything further that can be done during the visit 

anything else you think is important 

1. Do you and your mates watch videos on YouTube? 

2. What type of YouTube videos is Hong Kong watching popular? 

3. Do you feel that kids spend too much time watching videos on YouTube? 

4. In your perspective, what makes YouTube stars so well-liked? 

5. Do you think YouTube to be a teaching tool? 

6. Which YouTube videos would you create? 

7. Do you feel that eventually, YouTube will exceed television in popularity? 

8. In your perspective, what makes a lot of youngsters select YouTube stars over movie stars? 


9.2 Set up standing workstations 


benefits of standing workstations 

downsides with standing desks 

strategies to add interest to the presentation 

anything else you think is important 

1. Do you think a standing desk would be nice? 

2. Do you spend a lot of time sitting down while you’re not in class? 

3. Do you consider that you have too much time spent sitting down? 

4. If your profession required a lot of sitting or standing, which would you prefer? 

5. Do you feel Hong Kong would be a suitable match for the notion of a standing restaurant? 

6. Is it preferable to stand or sit during a musical performance? 

7. Do you agree that making individuals stand up during meetings at work is a good idea? 

8. Do you concur that working at a standing desk would not damage your ability to concentrate? 


9.3 a campaign named Adopt-A-Grandparent 


what and why the grandparents were able to do 

the advantages of this sort of program for both the students and the institution 

How you may put up the timetable 

anything else you think is important 

1. Do you love engaging with older citizens? 

2. Which older relative is your favorite? 

3. What provides you delight are the activities of your senior family members? 

4. What beneficial lessons can you draw from your older relatives? 

5. Do you believe teachers that are older make better ones? 

6. What further contributions do you think older persons can make to society? 

7. Do you feel that the younger generation is getting distant from the elder one? 

8. How did your grandparents’ life vary from yours when they were younger? 

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