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DSE - 皇牌考試技巧班



  • 六大範疇全方位提升學生的英文水平
  • 自備過千頁獨家精讀筆記
  • 教授獨門考試技巧口訣

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2024年DSE Speaking 將要來臨,快用下列的題目去做練習​

1.1 Upon leaving school, regardless of the frequency of emails sent by young individuals,.

challenges faced by young individuals while writing formal emails

The advantages of email communication compared to other mediums

Anything else you think is important 

1. What is the frequency of your email correspondence?

2. How effortless or challenging do you find writing emails?

Which kind of communication is most prevalent among young people?

4. Do you prefer writing a letter or an email?

5. Which part of drafting an official email is the most challenging?

6. What sorts of letters are not suitable for email communication?

7. Why do you think emails have replaced letters?

8. Do you believe that using email is a sign of being older?


1.2 The Airport Ambassador Initiative


Ambassadors are required at the airport.

Would it be difficult for young individuals to work as airport ambassadors?

What qualities, skills, and characteristics are necessary to be a successful airport ambassador?

Anything else you think is important 

1. Have you ever been to an airport?

2. What about working as an ambassador at an airport?

3. What advantage may an ambassador at an airport provide?

4. Do you think young individuals would be interested in the Airport Ambassador Programme?

5. How can the airport promote its ambassador programme?

6. Is it suitable to designate elderly individuals as airport ambassadors?

7. Do you think the Airport Ambassador Programme enhances Hong Kong’s image?

8. In what way do you think becoming an airport ambassador will benefit you?


1.3 The overprotective parent

Examining the traits of competent parents

evaluating the benefits of helicopter parenting.

more complaints that teens have about their relationship with their parents.

Anything else you think is important 

1. Do you have the ultimate authority in decision-making within your family?

2. Do you seek help from your parents or friends when needed?

3. Is it advantageous for parents to regularly inquire about their children’s intellectual progress?

4. What motivates some parents to control every aspect of their child’s upbringing?

Is helicopter parenting common nowadays?

Must parents allow their children to make mistakes?

7. How can parents effectively monitor their child’s development?

8. How might communication between parents and children be enhanced?

2.1 A blog focusing on food

What is the reason behind certain individuals’ strong inclination towards photographing food?

Are there any disadvantages to taking photos of food?

How to establish a food photography blog

Anything else you think is important 

1. Do you like analysing photographs of food?

Do your friends like photographing their meals?

3. How do you feel when your friends take photos of your food?

4. Have you ever reprimanded someone for taking photos of food?

5. Do you consider it rude to photograph food?

6. Should dining places prohibit clients from photographing their food?

Social media has enhanced the appeal of food photography.

8. Are images of food considered “works of art”?

2.2 Hong Kong street culture 

Why do some people perceive street culture as negative?

The factors contributing to the increasing popularity of street culture

How to shape public opinions of street culture

Anything else you think is important 

1. Do you like engaging in street dancing with your friends?

2. Do your parents permit you to socialise with friends in the evenings?

3. What is your opinion on people who skateboard on public streets?

Should schools promote street culture?

5. Should teenagers be encouraged to participate in street culture?

6. What obstacles may street performers encounter?

7. What is your opinion on those who engage in graffiti writing?

8. Do you think street culture encourages creativity?

2.3. The relationship between Hong Kong and Switzerland 

Compare the four specified points between Hong Kong and Switzerland.

why Hong Kong should be ranked higher.

Strategies for increasing Hong Kong’s happiness index

Anything else you think is important 

1. What makes you happy?

2. What causes your unhappiness?

3. Do you feel more satisfied than your friends?

4. Do you think that the youth in Hong Kong are more satisfied than their parents?

5. What causes someone to possess high physical health yet experience unhappiness?

6. Does a poor Internet connection upset you?

7. Is there a correlation between happiness and education?

8. Does your location impact your happiness?

3.1 Teenagers often use an English dictionary.

Useful resources for lexicons often used by adolescents.

Methods for selecting terms to include in your dictionary

How to enhance the visual attractiveness of content in the dictionary

Anything else you think is important 

1. Do you like acquiring new vocabulary in English?

2. How often do you use a dictionary?

Can dictionaries aid in language acquisition?

4. Do you like learning new languages from rap and pop songs?

Should the Urban Dictionary be promoted for use in schools?

6. Do you consider the Urban Dictionary to be a reliable source of information?

7. Is familiarity with slang crucial for language acquisition?

8. Should entries from the Urban Dictionary be included in mainstream dictionaries?

3.2 The education system

The strengths of the Finnish educational system

The advantages of the educational system in Hong Kong

What features of the Finnish educational system are not applicable in Hong Kong?

Anything else you think is important 

1. Did you like primary school?

2. Does homework enhance your learning?

Is starting school at the age of seven considered too late?

4. Would you find attending a Finnish-style school enjoyable?

5. Should students with different ability levels be segregated into separate groups?

6. Do assessments motivate you to engage in academic pursuits?

7. If you had studied in Finland, would you have acquired more knowledge?

8. Are all Hong Kong pupils provided with equitable access to education?

3.3 The Central waterfront includes a ferris wheel.

if Hong Kong requires a waterfront tourist destination

If a ferris wheel would make the perfect kind of tourist attraction

How the land might be used for different kinds of development

Anything else you think is important 

1. Would you like to go on a Ferris wheel?

2. Do you love riding a Ferris wheel?

3. At which time of day or night would you want to ride a ferris wheel?

4. Would you pay HK$100 to ride a ferris wheel to view Hong Kong’s harbour?

5. Do you think a Ferris wheel will thrive in Hong Kong?

6. Do you agree that Hong Kong’s harbour is the primary tourist attraction in the city?

7. Do you think the Ferris wheel should be a temporary or permanent attraction?

8. Do you believe that Hong Kong frequently replicates other cities?

4.1 Utilising social media for engaging with parents

Should parents have access to their children’s social media accounts?

Why do parents monitor their children’s internet activities?

Why would some children be reluctant to have their parents as “friends” on Facebook?

Anything else you think is important

1. Do your parents use Facebook?

2. Do you use social media to communicate with your parents?

3. Do you agree with having your parents as “friends” on Facebook?

4. Should parents allow their young children to use Facebook?

5. How would you react if your parents prohibited you from using a Facebook account?

6. Would you share your social media login and password with your parents?

7. How would you feel if your parents created accounts to monitor your internet activity?

8. Is it permissible for parents to supervise their children’s online behaviour?

4.2 Utilising coupons regularly

Types of coupons commonly used by students

the reasons behind their enjoyment of utilising coupons.

Potential disadvantages of utilising coupons

Anything else you think is important

1. Do you use coupons?

2. Where can coupons be obtained?

3. Besides utilising coupons, what other methods may you employ to achieve financial savings?

4. Do you find couponing enjoyable?

5. Are you willing to allocate time to use coupons?

6. What impact do discounts have on a company’s growing popularity?

7. Can individuals develop an addiction to using coupons?

8. Does the practice of utilising coupons impact people’s shopping behaviour?

4.3 A newly formed superhero organisation

Which superhero best represents society?

How to get new users to register

What types of events could society organise?

Anything else you think is important

1. What is your favourite superhero?

2. Are you a fan of superhero movies?

Which superpower do you wish to gain?

4. Which gender is more attracted to superheroes, boys or girls?

5. Can you establish a superhero society at your school?

6. Are superheroes good role models?

7. What is the enduring appeal of superheroes in contemporary society?

8. If you had a superpower, would you reveal it to others?

5.1 International Film Day

whether pupils will find foreign films intriguing.

What is the purpose of having an International Film Day?

Which of the three films should be selected as the opening film?

Anything else you think is important

1. Do you watch films alone or with friends?

2. Which movie genres do you like to watch?

3. Do you frequently read movie reviews?

4. Do young individuals like watching films at home or in cinemas?

5. Do you prefer seeing a foreign or local movie?

If you had to organise a film festival at your school, what potential challenges could you encounter?

7. How many films do you estimate were created expressly for your demographic?

8. What factors contribute to a movie’s popularity?

5.2 Study of Dinosaurs

things about his life and work that the public would find interesting.

inquiries for Dr. Xu

anything more that can be done during Dr. Xu’s visit

Anything else you think is important

1. Do you find dinosaurs intriguing?

2. Do you consider dinosaurs to be scary?

3. Are you interested in visiting a museum that showcases dinosaurs?

4. What advice would your loved ones offer if you expressed interest in becoming a dinosaur hunter?

5. Would you want to accompany us on a field trip to hunt for fossils?

6. What makes the study of dinosaurs intriguing?

7. What is the significance of studying dinosaurs?

8. Do you support the idea of cloning dinosaurs?

5.3 Common Health Mistakes

What is the prevalence of these health mistakes in Hong Kong?

The three most crucial “errors” to choose for the workshop

How to enhance the workshop’s appeal

Anything else you think is important

1. Do you consistently consume breakfast?

2. What is the duration of your daily sleep?

3. Do you believe that breakfast is important?

4. How can schools tackle the problem of heavy backpacks?

5. Which health-related “error” caught you off guard the most?

6. Is excessive exercise more harmful than little exercise?

7. Should we trust health information found online?

8. Do perspectives on healthy lifestyle decisions change with time?

6.1 Sports Teams

Advantages of team sports versus solo sports

Drawbacks of team sports compared to solo sports

How can Hong Kong encourage the development of team sports?

Anything else you think is important

1. Do you participate in team sports?

2. Would you like to participate in solo sports or team sports?

3. Do you prefer watching solo or team sports?

4. Would your parents back you if you wanted to pursue a career in professional sports?

5. What are the difficulties in motivating individuals to engage in sports?

6. Is investing additional funds in constructing team sports facilities in Hong Kong justified?

7. Do you believe that engaging in team sports reduces violence?

8. Is it more challenging to accept defeat in solo or team sports?

6.2 Should printed books replace computerised textbooks?

The advantages of online learning

The advantages of conventional textbooks

Impact of e-textbooks on education delivery

Anything else you think is important

1. Do you prefer conventionally printed textbooks or electronic ones?

2. Do you think the cost of textbooks is too high?

Do you think Hong Kong citizens will increasingly adopt e-textbooks?

4. Do you think e-textbooks will eventually replace printed textbooks?

5. Do you believe that using an electronic textbook on your iPhone is beneficial?

6. What would be your reaction if e-textbooks were not used in your school?

7. Should the government provide funding for e-textbooks?

8. Do you think students who use electronic textbooks will get better academic results than those who do not?

6.3 The difficulties with money that university students face

Tertiary students must pay

the issues relating to loans

if a degree is worthwhile to pursue.

Anything else you think is important

1. Would you lend money to your friends?

2. Would you consider taking a part-time job if you were a university student?

3. Would you consider applying for loans to fund your education?

4. Is it advisable for students to begin saving money and working prior to enrolling in college?

Must parents cover the costs of their children’s post-secondary education?

6. Is it more advantageous to register for a part-time study if finances are limited?

7. Is tuition-free higher education beneficial?

8. Does the cost impact your choice of study?

7.1 Mandatory etiquette courses

whether mandatory etiquette lessons should be implemented.

What topics are often included in lessons on courtesy?

Which age group of students will benefit the most?

Anything else you think is important

1. Do you display civility towards others?

2. Is there a culture of politeness on the MTR?

3. What behaviours do you consider impolite?

4. Which is a more suitable environment for learning manners: home or school?

5. How can educational institutions entice pupils to attend etiquette classes?

6. How would you react if someone was impolite to you?

7. What is the significance of courteous behaviour?

8. Does being courteous indicate moral virtue?

7.2. The impact of LEGO on youngsters

Exploring the appeal of LEGO among young individuals

reasons for its popularity compared to other toys.

the pros and cons of utilising LEGO models with different facial expressions.

Anything else you think is important

1. Which toys did you play with as a child?

2. Do you love playing with LEGO?

3. What are your thoughts on engaging with war-themed LEGO sets?

4. Do you think guys have a greater preference for LEGOs than girls?

5. What are the factors that make LEGO attractive to both children and adults?

6. Is it possible to utilise LEGO in an educational setting?

7. Is there a minimum age limit for LEGO war-themed figures?

8. What challenges do you think LEGO is now encountering?

7.3 Advertising has a more positive impact on society than a negative one.

Advantages of advertising to society

detrimental impacts of advertising on the community

Which goods should not be endorsed?

Anything else you think is important

1. What type of advertisements do you prefer?

2. Do you think that television is excessively commercialised?

3. Do you find advertising humorous?

4. Do you think product marketing on buses and the MTR is effective?

5. Are there any adverse consequences of advertising to young children?

6. What do you think about residing in a society without advertisements?

7. Which is more effective in attracting clients: a high-quality product or a compelling advertisement?

8. What defines an impactful television advertisement?

8.1 Oversized meals

If Hong Kong people are beginning to like large meals,

the advantages and disadvantages of offering supersized meals to attract customers.

Which dish might your organisation expand to attract more people to your booth?

Anything else you think is important

1. Would you eat a huge lunch alone?

2. Would you order a supersized meal if restaurants in your neighbourhood offered them?

3. Would you still order a supersized dinner if you were aware that you wouldn’t be able to complete it?

4. Do you take home leftover food from a restaurant?

5. What is more significant to you about food?

6. Do you consider it disrespectful to leave uneaten food on your plate?

7. Is there an increase in food consumption compared to previous years?

8. Should restaurants promote oversized meals to attract customers?

8.2 Workshop

tasks to complete in the workshop

queries to pose Jeremy Lin

What Jeremy Lin could teach students

Anything else you think is important

1. Do you like watching films with a teenage theme?

2. Do you prefer watching domestic or international films?

3. Are you interested in pursuing a career in film production?

4. How would you react if your script was selected for a Hollywood production?

5. Which Hong Kong films have international appeal?

6. Would a documentary on life at your school be engaging?

7. How can students achieve their aspirations?

8. Do adolescents universally face the same challenges?

8.3 Technology Addiction

Why do some Hong Kong youths excessively depend on technology?

Indicators of a potential technology addiction

Do you have any suggestions for overcoming a digital addiction?

Anything else you think is important

1. How do you use the computer?

2. Should parents restrict their children’s computer usage?

3. How would you react if you were prohibited from using a computer for a week?

4. Which is more detrimental, lacking a phone or a computer?

If you were limited to just one hour every day on the internet, what actions would you take?

6. Is it detrimental to use a computer for seven and a half hours daily?

7. Do you consider digital addiction to be a significant problem?

8. Who is responsible for the overdependence on technology?

9.1 Police Force of Hong Kong

Factors motivating some youngsters to join the Hong Kong Police Force

What specific activities does your group want to do during the public relations internship?

What are the benefits of a public relations internship compared to other positions?

Anything else you think is important

1. Are you aspiring to become a police officer in the future?

2. Do you think becoming a police officer involves risk?

3. If you chose to become a police officer, what would your parents’ opinion be?

4. Do you believe the Police Summer Internship Programme is a beneficial initiative?

5. Is fluency in English required for a job in law enforcement?

6. How can the police force attract more female applicants?

7. Do you have any respect for a police officer?

8. What is the significance of public communication by the police force?

9.2 Customer service in Hong Kong 

The importance of delivering exceptional customer service

the progress of customer service in Hong Kong

strategies to improve customer service.

Anything else you think is important

1. What about working at a restaurant?

2. Which is more essential: delivering exceptional customer service at a restaurant or a clothing store?

3. Would you lodge a complaint if you experienced inadequate customer service?

4. How can shop associates in Hong Kong create a favourable impression on visitors?

5. Would you suggest a restaurant with terrible customer service?

6. Do you believe you would be able to manage difficult clients if you were employed in a store?

Should workers in the service industry be given more respect?

8. How can employees be motivated to improve their treatment of customers?

9.3 hours of studying

The benefits of studying in Hong Kong

Negative impacts of study time

Is it feasible to implement study time in Hong Kong?

Anything else you think is important

1. When is your optimal study time?

2. Do you prefer studying independently or in a group?

3. Is it advantageous to study nightly from 7 to 9 p.m.?

4. Would you be more inclined to study if there was a HK$100 penalty?

5. Does parental supervision enhance your studying efficiency?

What additional motivations are there for pupils to study aside from the threat of getting fined?

7. Which group of pupils, those with higher or lower academic abilities, would gain most from study time?

8. Do study guidelines hinder students’ motivation to learn?

10.1 Disciplining children

If children in Hong Kong have too much power

consequences of child discipline that are favourable

The adverse consequences of child discipline

Anything else you think is important

1. Do your parents pay attention to you?

2. Do your parents allow you to decide when to come back home?

3. Which form of punishment—not having a phone or a TV—do you find more severe?

4. Are children in Hong Kong overly protected?

5. Which options are suitable for children to decide on?

6. Did you feel you had sufficient independence as a child?

7. Should parents adopt a friendship dynamic with their children?

8. Can a family operate in a democratic manner?

10.2 Youth Dance Group from Hong Kong

Do Hong Kong teens like dancing?

Dance imparts significant lessons to teenagers.

What activities may be organised to enhance the group’s visibility?

Anything else you think is important

1. Do you enjoy seeing dancing performances?

2. Can you do a dance on stage?

3. How would your parents feel about you joining a dancing group?

4. Should your school incorporate dancing as an educational tool?

5. Do you prefer dancing in a group or alone?

6. What insights may be gleaned from live performances?

7. Do individuals dance to attract attention?

8. Is the popularity of traditional dance declining?

10.3 Periodical

Pros and cons of choosing each magazine

The selected periodical

extra periodicals for the library to subscribe to.

Anything else you think is important

1. Do you like reading magazines?

2. What is the appeal of magazines for teenagers?

3. Do you prefer reading publications online or buying physical copies?

4. Do your parents support or promote your acquisition of teen magazines?

5. Why do instructors recommend students read newspapers instead of magazines?

6. Are adolescent magazines affordable?

7. What is the impact of adolescent publications on teen fashion?

8. Is it preferable for a magazine to entertain or educate?

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