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DSE - 皇牌考試技巧班



  • 六大範疇全方位提升學生的英文水平
  • 自備過千頁獨家精讀筆記
  • 教授獨門考試技巧口訣

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2024年DSE Speaking 將要來臨,快用下列的題目去做練習

1.1 Learn English beyond the confines of the classroom.

Utilizing social networking platforms such as YouTube and similar sites for English language learning.
What additional techniques for studying English outside of the classroom do you consider?
those who lack prior experience in self-studying English
Anything else you think is important 

1. What is your preferred method of learning English?
2. Do you think studying English on YouTube is beneficial?
3. How else might English-language learners make use of YouTube?
4. Do you think it is better to learn English with an instructor or independently?
5. What are the disadvantages of utilizing YouTube for learning English?
What factors do you believe contribute to the popularity of posting comments on YouTube?
The most difficult component of independent language acquisition is…
8. Is it possible to replace in-person language instruction with online training?


1.2 Compulsory culinary instruction


Utilizing YouTube and other social networking platforms for English language acquisition
What additional techniques for studying English outside of the classroom do you consider?
those who lack prior experience in self-studying English
Anything else you think is important 

1. What is your preferred method of learning English?
2. Do you think studying English on YouTube is beneficial?
3. What other methods exist for acquiring English skills using YouTube?
4. Do you think it is better to learn English with an instructor or independently?
5. What are the disadvantages of utilizing YouTube for learning English?
6. Why do you think leaving comments on YouTube is so prevalent?
7. What is the most difficult part of self-directed language learning?
8. Is it possible to replace in-person language instruction with online training?


1.3 achieving longevity


Which four aspects should you prioritize in your speech out of the eight and provide reasons for your choice?
Which rule is the most essential for longevity?
Activities available during the Live Well Week
Anything else you think is important 

1. What do you usually have for breakfast?
2. Do you usually sleep for eight hours daily?
3. Do you eat three regular meals daily?
4. What additional activities may older people participate in to prolong their lifespan?
What factors do you believe contribute to women having a longer lifespan than men?
6. Would you like to live to the age of 100?
7. Do you think you have the self-discipline to follow the four rules?
8. What causes certain individuals to be reluctant to live for an extended period of time?

2.1 Implementing apprenticeship programmes

The differences between conventional schooling and apprenticeships
How open parents and students in Hong Kong would be to the concept of apprenticeship programmes
How to garner employer support for participation in apprenticeship programmes
Anything else you think is important  

1. Do you find studying practical topics enjoyable?
2. Are you proficient at creating things?
3. Do you think a job apprenticeship would be boring?
4. Do you believe that on-the-job training is more favourable than attending school?
5. Should more job training be offered to pupils in Hong Kong schools?
What traits would you look for in a trainee as an employer?
7. Do you think pupils are adequately prepared for the workforce in schools?
8. Do you think Hong Kong’s educational system adequately meets society’s needs?

2.2 community meetings

Analysis of vacant retail spaces in Hong Kong: benefits and obstacles
Which events would be most advantageous for the Hong Kong empty retail projects?
How to convince companies and organisations in Hong Kong to start empty-shop campaigns
Anything else you think is important  

1. What are your preferred activities at malls?
2. Which specific mall activities do you like to attend?
3. Which activities do you frequently attend in your district?
4. Do you think it’s beneficial to hold social gatherings at retail venues?
5. Do you consider youth involvement in the community to be significant?
6. Where do you believe empty-shop initiatives should be located in Hong Kong?
Should community activities be held in designated areas or retail centres?
How can we cultivate a more robust sense of community in Hong Kong, in your view?

 2.3 distinct types of food in Hong Kong.

Include more unique Hong Kong food dishes in the brochure.
Why certain local cuisines may appear unfamiliar to tourists
How to enhance the presentation of these items in the brochure
Anything else you think is important  

1. What is your favourite food?
2. Which foods depicted do you like to eat?
3. Do you like eating food from various countries?
4. Do you think it is essential to try food from different cultures?
5. Enumerate items you would categorically avoid and provide reasons for your choice.
6. How adventurous is your approach to eating?
7. How can you convince a guest to try chicken feet?
Is a nation’s food a crucial element of its culture?

3.1 unique activities that promote physical exercise

Which activity mentioned in the excerpt would be most suitable for a health awareness event focused on enjoyment?
Potential challenges in organising the Fun Day

Additional distinctive activities to include

Anything else you think is important

1. Do you find it easy to determine your location?
2. Do you ever tidy up the house?
3. Is exercising outside or in a gym more favourable?
What is the optimal domestic chore for preserving physical fitness?
5. Are you interested in participating in a photo-racing competition?
Is lion dance a suitable physical education activity for schools?
7. What additional advantages can exercise offer beyond its health benefits?
Does technology enhance or hinder our endeavours to sustain our physical fitness?

3.2 webpage

Information that teenagers need and require when moving to a different location, namely the specifics outlined in the aforementioned handbook.
How to enhance the visual appeal of the website
Anything else you think is important

1. What parts of your life in Hong Kong do you find enjoyable?
2. What are the most straightforward ways to meet new individuals in Hong Kong?
3. Are you interested in studying abroad for a year?
4. What is the most challenging aspect of moving to a different country?
5. Are you interested in befriending people who were born and raised in a foreign country?
6. What would be your most missed aspect if you and your family relocated from Hong Kong?
7. Should parents compel their adolescents to relocate to another country?
8. Does the government adequately recognise the needs of teenagers?

3.3 cybercrimes

What causes cybercrime?
The importance of protecting against cybercrimes
Strategies to protect against cybercrimes
Anything else you think is important

1. What is the frequency at which you alter your password?
Do you create distinct passwords for each of your email accounts?
3. Do you struggle to remember your passwords?
4. Have you ever disclosed your passwords to anyone?
5. Would you share your email account password with your parents?
6. Do you consider internet shopping to be secure?
7. Should educational institutions allocate more funds towards enhancing robust IT security measures?
8. Is cybercrime considered a severe offence, in your opinion?

4.1 Avoid consuming food from animals who have been subjected to maltreatment.

Some foods obtained from animals are subjected to cruelty. 
Arguments supporting the proposal. 

Reasons against the move.
Anything else you think is important 

1. Do you think it is inappropriate to consume shark fin?
Should meat be eliminated from school cafeteria menus?
Should shark fins be banned from restaurants, in your opinion?
4. Do you consider it necessary to know the origin of your food?
When considering food, do you prioritise flavour or source?
Should the government ban goods made from animals who have been exposed to inhumane treatment?
7. Should those who consume “cruel foods” be criticised?
Should animal rights be respected?

4.2: Should full-contact child sports be permitted?

Arguments against full-contact sports
The benefits of full-contact sports for teenagers
The problems of introducing full-contact sports into classrooms
Anything else you think is important

1. What are your least favourite sports?
2. Do you favour full-contact sports or non-contact sports?
3. Do your parents allow you to participate in sports involving full contact?
4. Are you willing to participate in a sport that involves full contact?
5. Have you had any sports-related injuries in the past?
6. Do you think girls can engage in full-contact sports?
7. Should full-contact sports be banned?
8. Do you think Hong Kong will eventually embrace full-contact sports on a major scale?

4.3 a month-long course on minimalistic living

Will This course instruct pupils on the skills it offers?
the advantages and difficulties associated with the strategy.
Which supplementary exercises should be included in the curriculum?
Anything else you think is important 

1. Do you enjoy spending time in rural areas?
2. Are you interested in living a simple life in a rural area?
3. Must Hong Kong inhabitants possess knowledge of the natural world?
4. Do you think everyone would have more happiness residing in a rural area?
5. If you could possess just one piece of electrical household equipment, which one would you choose?
6. Can a person be pleased without money?
7. Do you think everyone could live as modestly as Mok Ho-kwong?
8. Do you agree with the saying, “The more money you make, the more you want”?


5.1 The impact of smartphones and tablets on Hong Kong’s youth

The impact of exploiting people’s brains
How their use influences people’s conduct 
how their use impacts people’s interpersonal relationships.
Anything else you think is important

1. Do you like utilising mobile phones?
2. What is the most effective approach for individuals to occupy themselves while taking public transportation?
3. What is the allure of smartphone usage for individuals?
4. Do you think Hong Kong citizens use their smartphones excessively?
5. Are smartphones the most significant technical product at present?
6. Do you think cellphones support or impede education?
7. What impact do smartphones have on society, in your view?
8. Do cellphones hinder creativity?

5.2 Effects of excessive clutter in the household

Reasons for individuals’ reluctance to dispose of possessions
The repercussions of having clutter in the household 

How to dispose of unneeded items.
Anything else you think is important 

1. What is the frequency of cleaning in your bedroom?
2. Is your bedroom in a state of disarray?
3. Is it easy to keep your space tidy?
4. How would you feel if your room were neat?
5. Do you struggle with disposing of outdated items?
6. Are you comfortable in a cluttered environment?
7. Do you believe antique goods hold sentimental value?
8. Does simplifying improve your life?

5.3 Trends in Premium Brand Buying in Hong Kong

What attracts international corporations to establish operations in Hong Kong?
The advantages and challenges that this situation brings
What other details should I provide for the project?
Anything else you think is important 

1. What are your preferred items or brands?
2. Are you interested in buying luxury brands?
3. Do you think that luxury brands are too expensive?
4. Do high-end brands surpass common ones in quality?
5. Do you think that young individuals overspend on luxury brands?
6. What products epitomise Hong Kong?
7. Can localised brands effectively compete with multinational brands?
8. What does Hong Kong’s focus on premium brands suggest about its residents?


6.1 The use of robots in households

Services provided by robots to humans
Disadvantages of introducing robots into the household
What sorts of robots do you envision in the future?
Anything else you think is important 

1. What are your thoughts on having robots in your home?
2. What are your thoughts on having a robot as a pet?
Which robots do you think would be popular in Hong Kong?
4. Which jobs are most suited for completion by robots?
5. Do you believe that residing with robots will be an improvement?
6. If a robot had the capability to perform any task, what specific function would you like it to fulfil?
7. What is the reason for the fascination certain individuals have with robots?
8. What capabilities do you think robots will never acquire?

6.2 people living in various worlds

Assessing the merits and drawbacks of Mars’s ideas One task
What additional factors must be considered when people colonise another planet?
The reasons behind people’s inclination to move to another planet
Anything else you think is important 

1. What do you think about residing on another planet?
Which two objects would you choose to bring with you to a foreign planet?
3. What is the popularity of reality TV programmes in Hong Kong?
4. What kind of people should be selected as astronauts?
5. What would be the primary concern for you as an astronaut on the Mars One project?
6. As an astronaut involved in the Mars One mission, what would be your greatest source of excitement?
7. Do you think Mars One will succeed?
8. Should private firms or the government fund space travel?

6.3 Playing computer games is advantageous for young individuals.

Why Video Games Are Regarded as Art
What are the benefits of playing video games on a computer?
How do you plan to counter the opposition team’s ideas?
Anything else you think is important 

1. What emotions do you get when playing video games?
2. Is playing video games alone or with others more enjoyable?
3. What are the reasons behind the popularity of video games?
4. Is it appropriate for parents to engage in prolonged video gaming sessions?
5. Do you think a character in a video game is more intriguing than one in a movie?
Do video games promote social contact or create distance between individuals?
7. Can video games truly provoke players’ emotions?
8. Do you consider paintings and video games to be equally creative?

7.1 The increasing importance of fogs as domestic animals in Hong Kong

The reasons behind the significant value that many dog owners attribute to their pets
Activities Hong Kong residents engage in with their dogs and the advantages and drawbacks of investing significant time with their pets.
Anything else you think is important 

1. How can you engage in meaningful activities with your pet?
2. Are you interested in a profession that involves caring for dogs?
3. What are the life lessons that a pet may offer you?
4. Do you think students should have a classroom pet?
5. Do you think that some individuals excessively spend money on their pets?
6. Are there any parallels between caring for a young child and looking after a pet?
7. Do you think dogs should be anthropomorphized?
8. Do you think pets can serve as substitutes for children?

7.2 Utilising Cantopop for Educational Purposes An optional course in English focusing on popular culture at school

The reasons Cantopop is a suitable option for the school assignment.
Components to include in the proposal
Whether cantopop is prevalent in today’s society? 

Anything else you think is important 

1. Who is your favourite Hong Kong Cantopop star?
2. Do you enjoy singing Cantopop during karaoke nights?
3. Do you enjoy Cantopop music?
4. What characteristics of Cantopop do you find appealing?
5. Are you aspiring to become a renowned Cantopop singer?
6. What factors contribute to Hong Kong’s strong interest in K- and J-pop music?
7. Do you think music sharing on the Internet should be free?
Do you think the subjects of Cantopop songs are relevant to the lives of Hong Kong’s youth?

7.3 Peer pressure experiences among Hong Kong youths

Various forms of peer pressure are encountered by adolescents in Hong Kong.
The benefits and drawbacks of peer pressure
How teens should respond to peer pressure
Anything else you think is important 

1. Do you feel pressured in school?
2. What demands do parents impose on their children?
3. Do you think it is important to conform to your friends’ behaviour?
4. Have you experienced peer pressure at school?
5. Can peer pressure have academic benefits?
6. Do you think males and girls respond differently to peer pressure?
7. Can one entirely evade peer pressure?
Has peer pressure had a beneficial influence on your life?

8.1 class blog

Pros and cons of maintaining a class blog
Which topics do you want to address in your class blog?
Which survey data would you use to persuade your teacher?
Anything else you think is important 

1. What do you peruse online?
2. Do you know of any bloggers?
3. What type of content would you publish on a blog?
4. Do you think teens may get advantages from blogs?
5. Do you trust the advice provided by a blog?
6. In your view, what makes certain individuals derive pleasure from reading other people’s blogs?
7. What motivates individuals to dedicate a significant amount of time to blogging?
8. How do you predict the future development of blogs?

8.2 Engaging in teamwork and settling conflicts

Challenges faced by individuals while working together in a team and methods for resolving conflicts or averting disagreements.
The advantages of efficient teamwork. 

Anything else you think is important 

1. Do you prefer working independently or in a team?
2. How do you react to a buddy who has angered you?
Should students or teachers choose the group members for group projects?
4. What positive memories do you have of collaborating in a group?
5. How do you address a group member exhibiting laziness?
6. Do you like all your assignments to be completed in groups?
7. How easy is it for you to liberate yourself from emotional constraints?
8. Would you rather maintain a friendship or emerge victorious in a debate?

8.3: Whether Western beauty standards should be considered the norm

Common conceptions of appearance in men and women often revolve around the importance of having lovely eyes. 

If having beautiful eyes is a necessary condition for being deemed nice-gazing

whether or not Western definitions of beauty are the ideal
Anything else you think is important 

1. Do you appreciate the colour of your eyes?
2. Would you want to use purple or green-coloured contact lenses?
3. Do you want to change the colour of your eyes?
4. How would you counsel a buddy contemplating changing the colour of their eyes?
5. How would your family react if you permanently altered the colour of your eyes to blue?
6. Is it considered inappropriate for Asians to strive for a more Westernised appearance?
7. Do you think that changing one’s eye colour would be a frequent practice in Asia?
8. Do you feel pressured to conform to Western beauty standards?

9.1 Hong Kong customs and identity

Which ideas from the article would you like to integrate into your presentation?
What more rituals and traditions exist in Hong Kong culture?
How to communicate these concepts in a cheerful and pleasant way. 
anything else you think is important 

1. Do you like going to the wet markets in your vicinity?
2. Do you attend exhibitions?
Which aspects of Hong Kong culture’s traditions are changing?
4. Do you think wet markets will still exist in fifty years?
5. What further methods may be employed to uphold a city’s traditions?
6. Is it necessary for individuals to appreciate their culture?
7. Is adhering to tradition consistently beneficial?
Which Hong Kong cultural practices do you wish to remain eternal?

9.2 Prohibiting the use of motion calculators in primary classrooms is not suitable.

Advantages of using calculators in primary classrooms
Challenges of including calculators in elementary education
Should elementary schools prohibit the use of calculators 

anything else you think is important 

1. Do you find pleasure in studying maths?
2. Do you perform elementary arithmetic with a calculator?
3. Are you able to execute mathematical operations without using a calculator?
4. Are elementary school kids allowed to use calculators at home?
5. Do math abilities provide advantages in your everyday life?
6. Do you think that those who excel in mathematics are more intellectual than those who do not?
7. Is there an overemphasis on mental maths in Hong Kong schools?
Do you think that below-average maths achievement can be linked to a dependence on calculators?

9.3 School Reading Club
If “Hero on a Bicycle” were selected for the Reading Club 

What other genres of literature would you choose?
Advantages and challenges of reading fiction 

anything else you think is important  

1. What are your favourite books?
2. Do you think young individuals derive pleasure from reading fiction?
3. Do you prefer reading Chinese or English fiction?
4. Would you rather read tales about Hong Kong or an other country?
5. Do you prefer seeing the movie adaption or reading the book?
6. How do you select the books you wish to read?
7. Do you find reading book reviews beneficial?
Which is more crucial: reading fiction or non-fiction?

10.1 Organise a society for Chindogu.

What would the aims of your society be?
What sets your society apart from other clubs?
Which of the suggested technologies would you implement to progress your community?
Anything else you think is important 

1. Among the three innovations depicted in the images, which one do you prefer?
2. Are you interested in pursuing a career as an inventor?
What leads you to conclude that some individuals are attracted to these innovations?
4. Do you think the target audience for these inventions would be younger or older?
Would the people in Hong Kong utilise these advancements if they were marketed here?
6. How can Hong Kong schools promote creativity in their students?
7. Is being an innovator a simple task?
8. Which innovation do you wish had never been created?

10.2 Dinner and Table Manners Workshop

Some activities that may be considered disrespectful when seated at the dinner table
Some traditional and contemporary rules regarding table etiquette
Which rule is the most critical, and for what reason?
Anything else you think is important 

1. Do you watch TV in the evenings?
2. Do you prefer using a knife and fork while using utensils?
3. Do you use your phone during dinner?
4. Do you think table etiquette is important?
5. Is it appropriate for schools to instruct students on proper dining etiquette?
6. What are your thoughts on people using their phones during meals?
7. Are there cultural differences in table etiquette between Western and Asian cultures?
8. How strictly should table etiquette be followed?

10.3 Fostering Children’s Achievement

Approaches employed by Hong Kong parents to maximise their children’s likelihood of success
What motivates youngsters in Hong Kong to succeed? 

Suggestions for parents
Anything else you think is important 

1. Did you like elementary school?
2. Do you think students should have more leisure time?
3. Do you think children in Hong Kong lead balanced lives?
4. What motivates you to achieve?
5. Do you believe children should be encouraged to reach their full potential?
6. Are external rewards, such as money or gifts, motivating to you?
7. Do you think parents in Hong Kong prioritise achievement outside the household excessively?
8. How do you define success?

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