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DSE - 皇牌考試技巧班



  • 六大範疇全方位提升學生的英文水平
  • 自備過千頁獨家精讀筆記
  • 教授獨門考試技巧口訣

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  1. 1.1 Hong Kong Professional Internships

    Why an unpaid internship may be useful.
    What problems may a summer intern face?
    Qualities that a good intern should have
    Anything else you think is important  

    1. What type of employment do you want to pursue in the future?
    2. Do you wish to apply for a summer internship?
    3. In what type of business would you prefer to intern?
    4. From your perspective, what might make some students hesitant to serve as summer interns?
    5. How would you persuade your parents to approve of your internship?
    6. Should unpaid internships be required for all students?
    7. Do you feel that students who have participated in internships are more likely to get good jobs?
    8. Which is more important for your professional success: experience or credentials?

    1.2 The practice of delivering mooncakes

    Is it wasteful to continue the mooncake tradition? Should non-traditional mooncakes replace traditional ones?
    How to enjoy the event in a more environmentally friendly way 
    Anything else you think is important  

    1. What is your Mid-Autumn Festival celebration?
    2. Does everyone in your family eat mooncakes?
    3. Do you think buying mooncakes is a crucial component of celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival?
    4. What are your opinions on the present selection of atypical mooncakes?
    5. Do you think that less costly mooncakes in simpler wrapping still make wonderful gifts?
    6. Do you think firms that package mooncakes excessively should be penalized?
    7. Do you believe that people in Hong Kong are getting less interested in offering mooncakes?
    8. Do you feel that traditions such as mooncake distribution should be preserved?

    1.3 Hong Kong’s Cosplay Culture

    Does cosplay have a fan base in Hong Kong?
    How Hong Kong society views cosplayers.
    How can experienced cosplayers help prospective cosplayers? 

    Anything else you think is important  

    1. What motivates specific people to read comic books?
    2. Do you have any relatives or friends that enjoy dressing up as manga characters?
    3. Would you dress up as a comic book character?
    4. Do you think girls or guys are more interested in cosplay?
    5. How would your parents react to you dressing up as a character?
    6. How do you feel about people who like cosplay?
    7. Why do you believe some young people find the cosplay culture appealing?
    8. What other ways do teenagers express themselves?

2.1 Plan a Stephen Chow celebration.

People would be curious about certain aspects of his life and career 

how to find out more about Stephen Chow  

Things that you could plan 

anything else you think is important 

1. Do you want to be a well-known actor?
2. Which sorts of films do you prefer: serious or comedic?
3. Should well-known actors get high salaries?
4. Do you think well-known actors are content?
5. What academic topics might help someone advance their profession as an actor?
6. What attributes do you believe an actor should possess?
7. Is comedy an appropriate method to deliver a serious message?
8. Do you think it’s simpler to create outstanding drama or comedy?

2.2 Electronic Devices

Why do customers appreciate using technology?

What are the benefits of technology in our lives?

Is all technology beneficial?

anything else you think is important 

1. Which technical device would you most like to own?
2. What technology tools do you use at home and in school?
3. Do you think younger generations love using the latest electronic devices more than older generations?
4. Do males and girls have distinct preferences for technological items?
5. Do you believe that technological advancements have made life better?
6. Do you believe that technology has badly altered our lives?
7. What item of technology is vital in your life?
8. Why do you believe certain individuals appreciate using new technology?

2.3 The Journaling Process

Why is maintaining a journal beneficial?
How to make a journal interesting and memorable
What writing tips do you find most useful?
anything else you think is important 

1. Have you ever kept a journal?
2. Do you prefer writing in a diary online or on paper?
3. What consequences may result from misplacing your journal?
4. When maintaining a journal, do you prefer to write in your native language or in English?
5. How would you feel if someone read yours?
6. Is it proper for parents to view their children’s diaries?
7. If you found a journal, would you read it?
8. If you went back over your journal 10 years later, what fresh insights would you learn about yourself?

3.1 Hong Kong’s cross-harbor race 

Consider the race’s benefits for both contestants and Hong Kong,

the popularity of swimming in Hong Kong

the hazards of crossing the bay

anything else you think is important   

1. Would you like to swim in the ocean or in a swimming pool?
2. Why do you think some people might like swimming across Victoria Harbour?
3. From your perspective, how difficult would it be to swim across Victoria Harbour?
4. What are the reasons why some individuals prefer swimming in the sea or ocean over pools?
5. Where else in Hong Kong is a suitable location for a swimming race?
6. Why do you believe water quality is crucial to swimmers?
7. What safety precautions should race organizers put in place?
8. Do you believe making the cross-harbour race an annual event will help Hong Kong? 

3.2 Study Tour.

What skills or information may be learned through study tours?
What challenges may arise during a study tour?

Would you suggest the above curriculum for your school?

Anything else you think is important  

1. How about going on a study tour?
2. Which country would you most want to visit on a study abroad program?
3. On a study tour, would you prefer to stay in a hotel or with a host family?
4. What are your main worries about staying with a host family?
5. Why do you believe Hong Kong schools are beginning to employ study excursions more frequently?
6. Do you think it would be difficult to interact with international students while on a study tour?
7. How might a study tour help you improve your social skills?
8. What attributes define a wonderful host family?

3.3 A joyous event. 

What else do you believe is important?
Which activity would be ideal for attracting new members?
How could the event be advertised?
Anything else you think is important  

1. Would you like to work at a sushi restaurant?
2. Would you be interested in attending a culinary class?
3. Why do you believe Hong Kong people appreciate Japanese food so much?
4. What is more important: meal appearance or flavor?
5. What are the key differences between Chinese and Japanese cuisines?
6. Do you feel that eating raw fish causes health risks?
7. If someone has never gone to a sushi bar on a conveyor belt, would you recommend one?
8. Do you think the health advantages of Japanese food are firmly established?

4.1 Hong Kong’s space limits

How a lack of space affects Hong Kong residents’ lives
What additional points do you believe are important?
How do the residents of Hong Kong cope with their shortage of space?
Anything else that you believe is significant

1. Where do you go when you need extra space?
2. Do you believe the city of Hong Kong is overcrowded?
3. How does living in close quarters affect you?
4. What are the downsides of sharing a room with a family member?
5. Do you think there is adequate space for people in Hong Kong’s public areas?
6. How can the government expand the quantity of accessible space?
7. What advice would you give someone if they were to live in a crowded environment?
8. How may a lack of space affect a person’s mental health?

4.2. Encourage involvement.

What are the advantages of this type of plan?
What else do you think is important?

How might such a system be promoted?

Anything else you think is important  

1. Why do some individuals want to own a car?
2. Would you be interested in participating as a “young ambassador”?
3. Do you think having a car is needed in Hong Kong?
4. In Hong Kong, what are the disadvantages of owning a car?
5. What are the advantages of using transportation other than a car?

6. Is it possible to ban private cars totally from Hong Kong’s roads?
7. What actions could the government take to reduce the number of vehicles on the road?
8. Do you feel enacting such a strategy will benefit the environment?

4.3 3D films.

Reasons for the increase in popularity of 3D films in Hong Kong
What are your thoughts on converting all films to 3D

Adding realism to the watching experience

Anything else you think is important  

1. Do you like to see a 2D or 3D film?
2. Are you interested in getting a 3D television at home?
3. Do younger or older individuals like 3D movies?
4. Why don’t some individuals find 3D movies enjoyable to watch?
5. Do you think spectators should bring their own 3D glasses, or should cinemas give them?
6. Is it a good idea to re-release films in 3D with the goal of attracting younger audiences?
7. In a film, which is more important: a captivating story or spectacular special effects?
8. Which movie makes the best use of 3D effects?

5.1 The Society of Heritage Conservation

Reasons for saving certain buildings
What efforts should be made to help preserve such buildings? How can we strike a balance between urban growth and historical conservation?
Anything else you think is important  

1. Which historic buildings in Hong Kong are your favorites?
2. Do you believe Hong Kong citizens would choose to build new structures or maintain the present ones?
3. In what ways might heritage protection benefit tourism?
4. Who is more concerned with maintaining cultural heritage: the younger or older generations?
5. How might heritage conservation help people learn about history?
6. When is it okay to destroy historically significant structures?
7. Aside from historic structures, what additional objects should be preserved to maintain Hong Kong’s cultural heritage?
8. What elements should be considered while deciding whether to maintain a building?

5.2 white dolphins in China.

Reasons for Increased Dolphin Protection
How can the public be made aware of the threat to dolphins?
Is protecting dolphin habitats more essential than building infrastructure?

Anything else you think is important  

1. Would you want to witness Chinese white dolphins in their natural environment?
2. How would you aid the dolphins by showing your support?
3. Does the destiny of the Chinese white dolphins matter to the people of Hong Kong?
4. Are you interested in working for a firm that protects animals from extinction?
5. How might environmental groups help dolphin conservation efforts?
6. Can tourism help dolphin conservation?
7. How could the media be used to increase awareness about the problems that dolphins face?
8. Do we strive to conserve endangered creatures using too many resources?

5.3 Financial management skills

Why is it vital to teach appropriate money-management techniques?
What more activities may be added? Is watching cartoons the best approach?
Anything else you think is important  

1. Do you have a large amount of money saved?
2. What financial practices do Hong Kong teens follow?
3. Have your parents ever advised you on how to handle money?
4. Do you feel that financial management should be taught in schools?
5. Should teenagers labor for their pocket money or be handed it?
6. Do you feel that making gifts is an essential aspect of good money management?
7. Can adolescents discriminate between necessities and wants?
8. Which of the four basic money management principles—earn, save, spend, and donate—do you struggle with the most?

6.1 Eating establishments

Hong Kong’s many culinary traditions
What distinguishes an excellent restaurant?
What constitutes an excellent restaurant review?
Anything else you think is important  

1. What is your favorite eatery?
2. Do you have any memories of bad eating experiences?
3. When choosing a restaurant, which component is more important to you—the cuisine or the décor?
4. What is worse: bad food or subpar service?
5. Would you believe a friend’s advice or a restaurant review?
6. Do you trust restaurant reviews?
7. Are dining places required to respond to negative reviews?
8. How can restaurants gather client feedback?

6.2 Popular TV Shows in Hong Kong

The way that various generations experience reality shows
The kind of reality shows that people like 
What types of reality shows are popular, and why? 

Anything else you think is important  

1. Do you like reality TV?
2. Would you be interested in taking part in a reality TV show?
3. Do you like drama or reality TV shows?
4. Which do you prefer watching: comedy or reality shows?
5. Would Hong Kong audiences be interested in a reality program featuring well-known celebrities?
6. What impact does winning a reality program have on the winner’s life?
7. What impact do you suppose reality television has on society, favorable or negative?
8. Some reality television critics refer to it as “Humiliation TV.” Are you in agreement?

6.3 Blog

Any good or unenjoyable English classes you’ve attended at school
Benefits of Including Video Games in English Instruction
The disadvantages of integrating video games into English education
Anything else you think is important  

1. Would you find it fun to learn English using video games?
2. Does it matter whether English teachers make their lessons enjoyable?
3. Can video games be used to educate other subjects?
4. Will teachers who teach English using video games be well-liked?
5. How successful is technology in English language instruction?
6. Do you feel that using songs would help pupils improve their English skills?
7. In addition to the use of video games, what additional tactics might educators utilize to spark students’ interest in learning English?
8. Do you think there should be a good mix of work and play in the classroom?

7.1 Moving residences

What are the advantages and disadvantages of house switching?
What are the risks of house swapping? 
Is it a good way to immerse oneself in the local culture?

Anything else you think is important  

1. When on vacation, would you rather stay at someone else’s house?
2. If you could choose between staying in a hotel or someone’s home, which would you prefer?
3. What details should you be aware of before selecting an appropriate house swap?
4. Do you think house swapping will catch on in Asia, especially Hong Kong?
5. If you were to relocate, what would be your main concern?
6. If you could live in any house for a day, which one would it be?
7. What elements of a Hong Kong residence might outsiders find objectionable?
8. What do you think a guest would learn about Hong Kong living if they stayed in your home?

7.2 Hong Kong’s evolving toy and gaming trends

whether people still enjoy playing classic games and toys.

the benefits of non-traditional games and toys over conventional ones 

What games and toys will be popular in the future?

Anything else you think is important  

1. As a youngster, what was your favorite game or toy?
2. Do you still have any games or toys from your childhood?
3. Do you think a toy museum should open in Hong Kong?
4. What features do you look for when selecting a game or toy?
5. Do you think youngsters should spend more time with games and toys?
6. Are there any games or toys that parents would prefer not to allow their children to play with?
7. Do you feel that high-tech toys are causing children to mature faster than in the past?
8. Do you feel Hong Kong-based toy firms deserve greater credit?

7.3 Issues with choosing a profession

What challenges do young people face while choosing a career? What aspects should they consider?
What advice would you provide to someone? 

Who is unclear about their professional goals?
Anything else you think is important  

1. Do you know anyone who has a job they don’t enjoy?
2. What type of employment would you undertake if money were no object?
3. Are you willing to relocate from Hong Kong to seek your desired career?
4. What do you value more: money or a rewarding job?
5. Do you plan to work one or several jobs during your career?
6. How important is job security to you?
7. Do you feel that young people nowadays have greater career chances than their parents did?
8. Would your family’s expectations influence your professional choice?

8.1 Festival of Outdoor Music

If Hong Kong residents want to attend outdoor music festivals, what are the genuine noise complaints?

What new activities should be created in the West Kowloon Cultural District?
Anything else you think is important  

Would you be interested in attending a musical event outside?
2. Would you prefer to witness a music performance indoors or outside?
3. Do you suppose Hong Kong residents would welcome additional outdoor music festivals?
4. Do you feel that only famous performers and bands should perform at music festivals?
5. Would you want to help design an outdoor music festival?
6. Aside from noise concerns, what other challenges may an outdoor music festival’s organizers encounter?
7. Do you feel these events increase people’s interest in the arts?
8. Do you feel the government provides adequate assistance for regional musicians and artists?

8.2 Surgery with plastics

Which males would have plastic surgery?
the explanations for its rising appeal 
any drawbacks to having plastic surgery
Anything else you think is important  

1. Does physical attractiveness matter?
2. Do you think plastic surgery is widespread among guys in Hong Kong?
3. What are your thoughts on the necessity of plastic surgery?
4. How would you react if you discovered a fellow student had received cosmetic surgery?
5. Are there any other ways guys can improve their looks?
6. Is plastic surgery more popular among young or elderly men?
7. Do you think that in the future, more men than women will seek plastic surgery?
8. What advice would you give a member of your family considering cosmetic surgery?

8.3 Training for Memory

the advantages of practicing memory techniques 

Methods for training someone to memorize 

the kinds of people who might gain from enhanced memory 

Anything else you think is important  

1. How effectively or poorly do you recall information?
2. Which is simpler for you to remember—names, numbers, or faces?
3. Is a good memory vital these days?
4. How do you learn stuff by heart?
5. Do you feel that memory skills may be improved in elderly adults?
6. What disciplines would benefit the most from improved memory skills?
7. Should educational institutions teach students how to become better memorizers?
8. Which is more important: inventiveness or a keen memory?

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