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Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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2024 dse speaking 題目

12/3是2023 dse English speaking開考的日子。

從上年2023,dse speaking重出江湖,相信不少同學都為此感到既期待又擔憂。

為了幫助同學更好的準備speaking考試,小編 經過觀察新聞時事, 為大家帶來幾個熱門話題,並附上高分答題範例讓大家參考。

1.1  It makes sense to assign a domestic assistant to every elderly person living alone in public housing. 

  • Why the idea was proposed by the government 
  • the benefits and drawbacks of the concept 
  • any additional strategies to support senior citizens living alone 
  • anything else you think is important 

 Individual responses 

  1. Do you want to work with senior citizens? 
  2. Is Hong Kong a suitable location for senior citizens? 
  3. What kinds of activities could bring joy to the days of the elderly?  
  4. Does Hong Kong provide enough assistance to the elderly? 
  5. Do senior citizens belong in the family unit? 
  6. Does Hong Kong have a high rate of loneliness?  
  7. Which is preferable for senior citizens: living alone or in a care facility? 
  8. What is the hardest thing for senior citizens to handle? 

1.2 You are working on a TVB project for class. We would like your group to talk about the decline in viewers. You might want to discuss:

  • the reasons behind TVB’s previous success in Hong Kong 
  • why the number of viewers is declining 
  • whether TVB will ever be able to achieve success again 
  • anything else you think is important 


 Individual responses 

  1. Are you a fan of TVB?  
  2. Do you like to watch dramas on TVB?  
  3. Which TVB shows are your favourites to watch?  
  4. Which do you prefer: foreign or local television shows?  
  5. Which do you prefer: watching TV shows on TV or online?  
  6. Is there anything the government can do to help out free TV stations? 
  7. What would you think if TVB shut down?  
  8. What role does TVB play in Hong Kong culture? 

1.3 The principal of your school is concerned about the rise in text messaging usage there.

  • reasons for parents’ and students’ desire to text teachers 
  • the benefits and drawbacks of teachers and students texting one another 
  • What steps can schools take to enhance other channels of student communication 
  • anything else you think is important 

 Individual response

  1. Do you enjoy texting people? 
  2. Do Hong Kong residents text too much?  
  3. Which would you prefer: in-person meetings or texts with your teachers?  
  4. Is it appropriate for students to text teachers at any time?  
  5. Should schools impose texting-related rules?  
  6. What benefits and drawbacks do group chats have? 
  7. Is it impolite when someone responds to a text message slowly?  
  8. In what ways do you think individuals should draw boundaries between their personal and work lives? 

2.1 Your economics instructor requests that you talk about companies that provide sharing services.

  • the benefits of services that share bikes 
  • the issues with bike-sharing programmes and potential fixes 
  • additional sharing services that Hong Kong may get 
  • anything else you think is important 


 Individual response 

  1. Do you ride a bike?  
  2. How did you get your bike riding skills?  
  3. If you could rent a bike, would you use it? 
  4. Why might it be risky to cycle in Hong Kong?  
  5. Which would you rather take—public transport or a bike to school? 
  6. What steps can the government take to increase cyclist safety?  
  7. Do you believe that carsharing could succeed?  
  8. In the future, will there be additional sharing services? 

2.2 assist your school with an OCamp for incoming S1 students.

  • the benefits and drawbacks of hosting an OCamp 
  • activities to facilitate the acquainting of new students with one another 
  • How to set up the events 
  • anything else you think is important 

 Individual response 

  1. Do you want to participate in an OCamp? 
  2. Do you believe that making new friends at an OCamp is a good idea?  
  3. Why is it crucial that students at an OCamp form new friendships?  
  4. What issues arise for students who are unable to attend OCamp?  
  5. Would you find it enjoyable to dance in front of a large crowd? 
  6. In what other ways can colleges assist incoming students in adjusting to college life? 
  7. Is it better for students or teachers to plan the OCamp?  
  8. Is it a good idea to have an OCamp at work? 

2.3 Students are being consulted by the Li Ka Shing Foundation regarding whether the programme ought to be accessible to all students in Hong Kong.

  • The benefits and drawbacks of the plan 
  • whether the students will make prudent use of the funds 
  • whether all Hong Kong students should have access to it 
  • anything else you think is important 


 Individual response 

  1. Do you want to take this money? 
  2. Do you believe that giving students $5,000 is excessive? 
  3. Should you be Li Ka Shing, which charitable organisation would you donate the funds to? 
  4. Is having money necessary for a good education?  
  5. Which other categories of people would gain the most from such a donation?  
  6. Are financial management skills imparted to students enough? 
  7. What other assistance might be provided to students? 
  8. Why do rich people enjoy making charitable donations? 

3.1 Your principal has requested that your group prepare a speech explaining the benefits of letting students do nothing for the upcoming Parent-Teacher Association meeting.

  • if there is adequate free time for students 
  • the benefits and drawbacks of students taking no action 
  • How will you convey to parents the importance of allowing their kids to be idle
  • anything else you think is important 


 Individual response 


  1. When do you get tired of something?  
  2. Which things are boring to you? 
  3. How do you deal with boredom? 
  4. Do you like to be idle?  
  5. Do pupils participate in too many extracurricular activities?  
  6. Are school holidays boring to you?  
  7. Do you believe that staying occupied is important?  
  8. Do you believe that having been around technology has limited your creativity? 

3.2 The computer club at school has you as members. You would like to host an interschool e-sports competition at your institution.

  • benefits of hosting an interschool e-sports competition at your institution 
  • potential issues that could arise 
  • strategies for promoting the festival 
  • anything else you think is important 

 Individual response 

  1. Do you want to attend an event featuring e-sports?  
  2. Do you believe that e-sports will continue to grow in popularity? 
  3. If you were to become a professional in e-sports, would your parents be pleased?  
  4. What abilities are necessary for success in e-sports?  
  5. Should PE classes in schools include e-sports instruction?  
  6. Why do some people prefer to watch TV over playing video games on their computers?  
  7. Could a person excel both academically and as a gamer? 
  8. Does the government support events featuring e-sports? 

3.3 The class is to present on various careers and jobs available in Hong Kong, per your careers adviser's request. It has been requested that your group present on what it takes to be a firefighter.

  • what abilities and characteristics make someone a good firefighter 
  • the benefits and drawbacks of being a firefighter 
  • You could plan events to teach students about the field of work 
  • anything else you think is important 


 Individual response 


  1. Do you want to work as a firefighter? 
  2. Do your parents wish you to pursue a career in firefighting? 
  3. In your opinion, what aspect of being a firefighter is the worst?  
  4. Do you believe that becoming a firefighter requires a strong academic background? 
  5. What do you believe would be the most fulfilling aspect of working for the Department of Fire Services?  
  6. Do you believe that being a firefighter is a fulfilling job?  
  7. Should male and female firefighters have different duties? 
  8. Is there gratitude in Hong Kong society for firefighters? 

4.1 Several well-known Hong Kong residents, including Mark Lui, have recently criticised the younger generation.

  • why the elder generation is criticised by the younger one 
  • if you believe the criticism is warranted 
  • What is the greatest issue facing today’s youth 
  • anything else you think is important 


Individual response


  1. Do you believe that youth work hard? 
  2. Do you believe that youth have an easy life?  
  3. Is too much help given to young people today? 
  4. Do you believe there is talent among the younger generation? 
  5. Why is it so difficult for the older generation to comprehend the younger generation? 
  6. Do parents and educators recognise the difficulties that younger people face? 
  7. Which would you rather be: a teenager in the past or one in the present?  
  8. How can the elder generation help the younger generation more effectively? 

4.2 Two of your classmates recently moved to Taiwan and stopped attending school.

  • the distinctions between Taiwan and Hong Kong 
  • the benefits and drawbacks of relocating to Taiwan 
  • the primary consideration when choosing whether to relocate to Taiwan 
  • anything else you think is important 


Individual response


  1. Do you want to travel to Taiwan?  
  2. Do you want to reside in Taiwan?  
  3. Do you anticipate moving abroad to live at some point? 
  4. What do you suppose individuals miss from Hong Kong when they relocate? 
  5. What issues do young people encounter when they relocate abroad?  
  6. Why do you suppose the majority of Hongkongers put in long workdays?  
  7. Would you continue to communicate with friends who relocate abroad?  
  8. Does emigration become easier with modern communication? 

4.3 You have been asked to talk about school attendance policies by your career advisor.

  • the benefits and drawbacks of HKBU’s attendance regulations 
  • if you believe the policy will be effective 
  • whether or not secondary schools could use it 
  • anything else you think is important 


Individual response


  1. Do you enjoy taking online courses?  
  2. Do students need to attend all of their classes?  
  3. What would parents think of a laxer attendance rule?  
  4. Do absentee students still need to pass the course? 
  5. Are in-person and video instruction identical?  
  6. Why can in-person instruction occasionally be beneficial?  
  7. Can students make an informed decision about whether or not to attend class? 
  8. Is it true that some classes value attendance more than others? 

5.1 Your career advisor has asked you to speak about school attendance policies.

  • the advantages and disadvantages of HKBU’s attendance policies 
  • if you think the policy will work as intended 
  • if it would be useful in secondary schools 
  • anything else you think is important 


Individual response


  1. Are you enjoying your online education?  
  2. Do pupils have to show up to class every day?  
  3. Would parents approve of a more lenient attendance policy?  
  4. Do students who miss class still have to pass it? 
  5. Are video and in-person training the same?  
  6. Why is face-to-face instruction sometimes advantageous?  
  7. Can students decide for themselves whether or not to come to class? 
  8. Does attendance matter more in some classes than in others? 

5.2 TVB has inquired about potential student participation in a new talent show.

  • the popularity of talent shows 
  • the benefits and drawbacks of participating in talent shows 
  • if parents ought to permit their kids to participate in talent shows 
  • anything else you think is important 


Individual response 


  1. Do you enjoy viewing talent shows?  
  2. Do you want to participate in a talent show?  
  3. Do schools need to host talent events for their students?  
  4. What lessons might kids take away from participating in talent shows?  
  5. If a small child were to enter a talent show, what guidance would you give them?  
  6. Do you believe that talent shows will always be well-liked? 
  7. What about participating in a talent show would be stressful? 
  8. What makes someone aspire to fame? 

5.3 We have requested that you suggest improvements to Victoria Harbour. More locals should visit the harbour as a result of the facilities.

  • activities that people might like to do near Victoria Harbour 
  • which amenities Victoria Harbour front might find appropriate 
  • how to best market the new facilities 
  • anything else you think is important 


Individual response  


  1. Do you visit Victoria Harbour frequently?  
  2. When you go to Victoria Harbour, what is your favourite part?  
  3. What would entice teenagers to come to Victoria Harbour?  
  4. Is there anything more the government can do to enhance Victoria Harbour?  
  5. Is the harbour better used for leisure or for business purposes?  
  6. What kinds of amenities appeal to families with kids at the harbour? Is it appropriate for the government to increase public access to Victoria Harbour? 
  7. Do you believe that Hong Kong’s symbol is Victoria Harbour? 

6.1 Members of your science group are meeting with you to talk about a drone project.

  • the benefits and popularity of drones 
  • What issues could drones raise 
  • What regulations should be in place regarding drone flying in Hong Kong 
  • anything else you think is important 


Individual response 


  1. Do you want to own a drone? 
  2. Is there a drone culture in Hong Kong?  
  3. Where in Hong Kong is a good place to fly a drone?  
  4. In what areas would flying a drone be dangerous?  
  5. Why are drones useful for photography?  
  6. What potential uses do you see for drones in the future? 
  7. How might some people abuse drones?  
  8. How might drone usage by the police lower crime rates? 

6.2 Your group is required to prepare a debate on the following topic: "Internet censorship is necessary because it promotes false information."

  • justifications for the proposal 
  • reasons opposed to the proposal 
  • which position would be simpler to dispute 
  • anything else you think is important 


Individual response 


  1. How do you utilise the internet? 
  2. Do you use the internet or television to watch news? 
  3. Why do individuals spend so much time online? 
  4. Do you believe anything you read online? 
  5. Which sources of information—a newspaper or the internet—do you trust more?  
  6. What issues are brought on by fake news?  
  7. How can the public’s awareness of fake news be increased? 
  8. Should the content on the internet be regulated by governments? 

6.3 A parent has brought up his child dating another student with the principal of your school. We would like your class to debate whether dating policies should be established.

  • whether or not you support China’s ban on dating 
  • the benefits and drawbacks of dating among high school students 
  • School policies or guidance on dating should be provided to students 
  • anything else you think is important 


Individual response 


  1. What are parents’ thoughts on dating among students? 
  2. Do secondary school students often date? 
  3. Do students prioritise their social lives over their academics too much? 
  4. Has dating been viewed differently since your parents were younger?  
  5. Does dating help people improve their social skills?  
  6. If a student is dating someone, should they tell their parents?  
  7. If dating was prohibited at your school, how would that make you feel?  
  8. Are dating attitudes in China and Hong Kong different? 

7.1 A room at your school will be used for music therapy. We would like your group to recommend an appropriate music therapy exercise that we can introduce to the room.

  • if taking a gong bath would be appropriate 
  • additional music therapy exercises that could be appropriate 
  • ways to encourage music therapy in the classroom 
  • anything else you think is important 


Individual response 


  1. Do you want to give a gong bath a try? 
  2. Do you believe that gong baths will catch on?  
  3. How do you typically unwind?  
  4. Should schools play music and make noises to aid in stress relief for students?  
  5. Are adults and students under more stress?  
  6. What do you think is Hong Kong’s main source of stress? 
  7. Is it possible for stress to be productive?  
  8. Do you believe that encouraging more conventional methods of stress relief is a good idea? 

7.2 There are plans to implement paperless classrooms at your school. The principal of the school has consulted with the students regarding this idea.

  • How to make schools paperless 
  • what obstacles lie ahead 
  • whether you anticipate it succeeding 
  • anything else you think is important 


Individual response  


  1. How much paper do you use in the classroom? 
  2. How often do you receive handouts from your teachers?  
  3. Which do you prefer: using a laptop or paper? 
  4. Do your teachers allow you to complete assignments online?  
  5. After an exam, do you save your textbooks and course materials?  
  6. Does the use of laptops and other modern technology enhance instruction and learning? 
  7. Are there certain subjects that are better completed on paper than online?  
  8. Does utilising IT contribute to a better environment? 

7.3 The career advisor at the school has asked you to help plan an event that will help spread awareness about the employment traps that students may fall into when they apply for summer jobs.

  • the benefits and drawbacks of summer employment 
  • ways to educate students about employment traps 
  • summer employment that would be appropriate for learners 
  • anything else you think is important 


Individual response 


  1. Do you want to work during the summer?  
  2. What lessons can a summer job teach students?  
  3. Which summer employment wouldn’t you enjoy?  
  4. Do today’s youth know these traps better than they did in the past? 
  5. Which age group is easier to defraud—younger or older?  
  6. What age is appropriate to begin working during the summer?  
  7. Do parents want their kids to work summer jobs?  
  8. Should schools give their students summer employment? 

8.1 The principal of your school is in favour of pet ownership because he feels that students benefit from animal therapy. He's asked you to talk about the concept.

  • the benefits and drawbacks of using animals for therapy 
  • Which animal species would be best suited for a school 
  • how the students could benefit from and the animals could be cared for 
  • anything else you think is important 


Individual response  


  1. Do you enjoy engaging in animal play? 
  2. Do you think there should be a pet at your school? 
  3. Do you believe that students could properly care for a school pet?  
  4. Is Hong Kong an appropriate location for veterinary therapy?  
  5. Do hospitals need to accept animals?  
  6. Which animals are good for senior citizens?  
  7. What can people learn from taking care of a pet? 
  8. How can people receive emotional support from their pets? 

8.2 We're talking in your Liberal Studies class about how technology is affecting society. A 'cashless' society is the topic of discussion for your group.

  • Why do many stores prefer that customers pay over the phone 
  • what issues might arise in a society without cash 
  • if cash should be banned in Hong Kong anytime soon 
  • anything else you think is important 


Individual response 


  1. Which payment method—cash or Octopus card—do you prefer? 
  2. For what items do you require cash payment? 
  3. Why do some individuals favour using cash? 
  4. Should you keep cash on you at all times?  
  5. What issues might carrying cash cause?  
  6. What would an ageing population think of a society without cash? 
  7. Are technological advancements always beneficial? 
  8. Does a society without cash indicate that a nation is developed? 

8.3 The teacher in your class is considering renting a small plot of land close to your school. He's invited your group to talk about the subject.

  • The advantages of leasing an agricultural land 
  • if having a class farm would be appealing to the students in your class 
  • methods for setting up a class farm 
  • anything else you think is important 


Individual response 


  1. Do you want to cultivate your own food? 
  2. Do you want to know how to cultivate food?  
  3. Is farming something that younger or older people would be more interested in? 
  4. Why is farmland rentals growing in popularity?  
  5. Do you believe you could succeed as a farmer? 
  6. Should students learn more about farming and the natural world in schools?  
  7. Why does Hong Kong have so few farms?  
  8. Do you believe that growing your own food improves its flavour? 

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