【DSE 2023】DSE English 2023 paper 2 sample part A

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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  • 六大範疇全方位提升學生的英文水平
  • 自備過千頁獨家精讀筆記
  • 教授獨門考試技巧口訣

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還記得2023 part A 嘅題目?


Pop-up store Application 

Company Name: Plant smart 

A. Company Profile 

B. Best-selling Product 

C. In-store Event 


Example 1 

A.Company Profile  

  Established in 2020, amidstthe darkness of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Planet Smart’s aim is to raise awareness on the topic of eco-friendliness. In fact, Planet Smart was founded by the famous Hong Kong Philanthropist Dr. Chris Wong who dedicated his life to researching how using eco-friendly products benefits our daily life as well as the planet as a whole. Being the only company in Hong Kong that has entered the “ Top 50 Must-Visit Eco-Friendly Shops” published by “Global Earth”, Planet Smart has gained recognition across the globe. Our products range from biodegradable trousers and vegan food collections to electronics products and gadgets that use sunlight to generate electricity. All our products echo our mission to remind people that there is always a way to help out the planet by using eco-friendly products even during devastating times like a pandemic. An extra bonus for the people who are using our products is that they might be able to lower the cost of their electricity bills as our gadgets are generated by natural sunlight, not by electricity suppliers like Hong Kong Light which uses an excessive amount of fossil fuel to generate energy. 


  1. Best-selling Product


  One of our best-sellers is definitely the Vegan food collection. Our collection includes a wide variety of snacks and drinks, ranging from Planet-based meat, like impossible beef, and bite-sized vegetable biscuits, to Oatmilk, which is completely free of any animal by-products. It is universally acknowledged that cows produce a huge amount of methane, which intensifies global warming and worsens our environment. Our product Impossible Beef is made of soy, bean, and wheat gluten which tastes the same as actual beef. Our vegan food collection is suitable for everyone from all age groups, that is perhaps why customers love it so much. For children, trying out chewy impossible beef would be a novel and new experience for term. Whereas for adults and the elderly, oat milk is healthy for their bodies as it is low in fat and sugar. This without a shadow of a doubt improves their physical well-being. 


  1. In-store Event


An event we are planning to hold is inviting celebrities to come to our store to promote our eco-friendly products. We would invite celebrities who have endorsed in green and humble living. A perfect candidate would be Fat Gor——Chow Yun Fat as he is on a warren-buffet level on green and humble living. By doing a taste test for our oat milk, we would introduce how it tastes to actual milk. Gazing at our light bulb which is powered by sunlight, we would point out how everyone should try out eco-friendly products powered by clean energy. Collaborating with Chow, we would put on banners of his face with the slogan, “Be-Eco-Friendly, Make Change Happen” The customers can also take selfies with Chow Yun Fat and upload them on social media platforms like Instagram with the hashtag # PlanetSmart X Fat Gor. In this way, a wider range of customers can be accessed and more teenagers would also be attracted to purchase our products and try out an eco-friendly living habit. 


Example 2 

  1. Plan for our Planet – this is motto of our company. Founded in 2000, we aim to provide a variety of eco-friendly product while being harmless to the natural environment. All of our products, including the packages, uses natural materials such as bamboo and biodegradable plastics. We prioritize minizizing environmental impacts throughout our business. Not only are we the pioneer of the Hong Kong Business Sustainable Development Project held by the United Nation, but also the winner of The Best Company award in the Business Go Green Competition held by the UNESCO in 2022.We are proud of fulfilling the sustainable Development Goals and gain high recognition regarding our authentic attitude towards environmental protection. We would like to set a pop-up shop to promote our products. 
  2. We offered a myriad of eco-friendly products, ranging from containers to drinks. The best-selling one is our cold-brewed Gold Garden Boba green Tea. Customers love the chewy Boba and the taste of the green tea. The Boba is all from Taiwan. The straw is made of bamboo and the container, either cup or bottle is made of biodegradable plastic. Customers are free to ask for extra Boba and adjustment of the sweetness. Our well -trained staffs will prepare the drink instantly after they ordered. Customers will just have to wait for a short time to get it. Even superstars like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and IU have posted our Cold-brewed Gold Garden Boba Green Tea on their Tweeters and Instagram, praising the drink as a must-try when visiting Hong Kong.
  3. We will invite Mirror members to our pop-up shop for a day. Surely, their fans will be attracted. They will have the chance to get signatures form them after they buy our drinks. If customers donate more than HKD20 to our funding for Green Peace, they will have the chance to shake hands and take photos with Mirror members. We believe the high popularity of Mirror in Hong Kong will contribute a lot to attracting the customers. Once the customers tried our drinks, they will be amazed by its taste and call out their friends and family to visit our pop-up shop. 

The shopping centre will gain benefits from the event. The attracted customers may consume other shops in the centre, boosting the sales. The reputation of your shopping centre will soar within one day. We will have tremendous advantages during this cooperation. 

Example 3 

Company Name Planet Smart 

1. Company Profile ( Introduce your company): 

Planet smart is a start-up founded in 2021 by two partners, Chris Wong and Mr. Smith. With a view to alleviating the alarming problem of global warming that a surging number is paying attention to, our company is now launching a scheme called ‘Care and Contribute’, which strives to encourage HongKongers holding conventional belief that eco-friendly products are expensive to come and purchase affordable products unlike conglomerates, we put much emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), such as promoting anti-discrimination and anti-harassment, whereas help reduce carbon footprint on a social basis at the same time. It is also noteworthy that we are now adopting a hybrid working model, which is to allow employees to work from home for two days per week, holding a fervent belief that it would be deemed effective in reducing occupational burnout. We would appreciate it id you could support us in adopting such meaningful policies. 


2. Best-selling Product (Describe one of your products that customers love): 

According to our statistics from the Operation Department, the best-selling product undoubtedly belongs to the ‘Belgium soymilk chocolate’, its sales volume is approximately 25% of our total sales volume. What makes this product so compelling is the origin and the ingredients. As many may know, the most famous and trustworthy place for producing chocolate id Belgium. Not only is the special, but also for the producing practice. There is an escalating number of advocates supporting organic farming, in which no adverse end considerable consequence will be produced. Therefore, it is the eco-friendly production method that makes our products appealing to like-minded HognKongers who echo to our company’s aim. Another crucial point is that the ‘Belgium Soy Milk Chocolate’ appeals to flexitarians, not to mention vegetarian. There seem to be an upcoming trend of eating healthier, highlighted by the advent of vegan apps and vegan products. Conceivably, that the product fits the expectations and preference of HongKongers endues if ranking the top of our sales chart. 


3. In-store Event (Describe one event you will hold in your shop to attar customers): 

A Hashtag Challenge will be held for a certain period in the po-up store, in which customers are required to purchase more than $200 Hong Kong dollars, then hashtag #CareAndContribute on Instagram and write an encouraging caption mentioning the importance of being eco-friendly with a receipt photo attached, they will be qualified in the lucky draw competition. A total of ten competitions will be randomly selected at the end of the promotion period too get a signed poster of our promotor- Keung To and a photo-session with him. So as to spark the interest of HongKongers in eco-friendly products, it is hoped that this ‘word-of-mouth’ method will be deemed remedial. 

Example 4 

Planet Smart, which sells eco-friendly products, was established by Mr Peter Smith in 2021. Mr Smith has witnessed the ruins after the tropical cyclone compass struck Hong Kong and felt deeply devastated that a place he calls home was destroyed. He felt the need to promote the values of protecting the environment ever since and started the company. Our motto, “Preserve and Shine”, which matches the initials of our companys name demonstrates the fact that we are dedicated of and committed to promoting the importance of eco-friendiness to the public. Since the establishment, developing products whose process of production brings minimised harm to the environment has been the essence of our job and our top priority. 

Of all our successful products ranging from packaged food to fresh groceries, from a/a mode clothes to stylish home furnitures, the skincare product ‘Euphoric Life’ as been most intensely endorsed by our customers. Artificial chemicals, though low in price because of the ease of mass production, are nowhere to be found in our products. Instead, avocados that are organically grown in Bhutan are chosen to provide a pleasant scent in our products. From packaging to ingredients, every step of the production of ‘Euphoric Life’ complies with environmentally friendly principles. ‘Euphoric Life’ has won, proudly and triumphantly, the Best-selling Eco-friendly Products of the Year Award for 3 years in a row. These are the sound and concrete evidence to illustrate the customers’ endorsement of our eco-friendly product. 

There is no other better option than utilising latest technology to attract customers. ‘Planet Smart-Live  Smart’ is a proposed event. In the event, customers can play a VR game, which is to identify parts that are not eco-friendly in a virtual house. They may then post their scores on their social media platform with the tag ‘#LiveSmartWithPlanetSmart’ to win shopping coupons and trial products. With the implementatioin of the social media clement, it is not difficult for our brand and store to be widespread on the Internet thanks to the algorithms that are used. Users with interests in environment protection are likely to be exposed to the posts and therefor visit our shop, creating a long-term effect. With the help of this event, we hold firm to our belief that more customers can be attracted and create a ripple effect to benefit your shopping centre. 

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