November 15, 2023

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【面試提問英文】面試提問大滿貫:讓你獲得 Dream Job 的機會

在interview 中提問有多重要? 它顯示了您的興趣和參與度,展示您的研究,溝通技巧,突出您解決問題的能力,建立融洽的關係並提供有價值的資訊. 在不同職位的面試,應該提問什麼問題?小編在這裏說明一下 Customer service job: Inquire about The customer service rules and processes. The sorts of client requests and difficulties that the firm regularly gets. The company’s approach to customer satisfaction and how it monitors success. A sales job: Inquire about The sales strategy and procedure. The company’s products or services, as well as the market it serves. The company’s business completion strategy and how it helps its sales staff. A software development job: Ask about The steps and methods used to make the program. The kinds of jobs the company does and what tools they use. The tests and quality control are done. A finance job: Inquire about the financial objectives and the criteria used to assess achievement. Request information regarding the


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