2023 dse english paper 2 sample




所以以下會提供 2023 DSE english paper 2題目 


DSE 2023 english paper 2題目


Question 1 (200 words)

You are an employee for Planet Smart, a company selling eco-friendly goods.

Your team wants to bid for a pop-up space in a shopping mall for 5 months for the purpose of promotion.

Complete the form –

Company Profile (introduction) :

Bestseller (outline a product that your consumers love) :

Promotional Events (describe a marketing event that will be held in store to bring customers) :

2023 dse english paper 2 sample


A.Company Profile 

  Established in 2020, amidst the darkness of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Planet Smart’s aim is to raise awareness on the topic of eco-friendliness.

Planet Smart 成立於 2020 年,正值新冠肺炎 (COVID-19) 大流行的黑暗時期,其目標是提高人們對環保主題的認識。

In fact, Planet Smart was founded by the famous Hong Kong Philanthropist Dr. Chris Wong who dedicated his life to researching how using eco-friendly products benefits our daily life as well as the planet as a whole.

事實上,Planet Smart 是由香港著名慈善家 Chris Wong 博士創立的,他一生致力於研究使用環保產品如何造福我們的日常生活以及整個地球。

Being the only company in Hong Kong that has entered the “ Top 50 Must-Visit Eco-Friendly Shops” published by “Global Earth”, Planet Smart has gained recognition across the globe.

作為香港唯一進入《環球地球》評選的「必去的50家環保商店」的公司,Planet Smart獲得了全球的認可。

Our products range from biodegradable trousers and vegan food collections to electronics products and gadgets that use sunlight to generate electricity.


All our products echo our mission to remind people that there is always a way to help out the planet by using eco-friendly products even during devastating times like a pandemic.


An extra bonus for the people who are using our products is that they might be able to lower the cost of their electricity bills as our gadgets are generated by natural sunlight, not by electricity suppliers like Hong Kong Light which uses an excessive amount of fossil fuel to generate energy.



B. Best-selling Product

One of our best-sellers is definitely the Vegan food collection. Our collection includes a wide variety of snacks and drinks, ranging from Planet-based meat, like impossible beef, and bite-sized vegetable biscuits, to Oatmilk, which is completely free of any animal by-products.

我們最暢銷的產品之一絕對是純素食品系列。 我們的產品系列包括各種各樣的零食和飲料,從地球肉類(如素牛肉)和一口大小的蔬菜餅乾,到完全不含任何動物副產品的燕麥奶。

It is universally acknowledged that cows produce a huge amount of methane, which intensifies global warming and worsens our environment. Our product Impossible Beef is made of soy, bean, and wheat gluten which tastes the same as actual beef.

所周知,乳牛產生大量甲烷,加劇了全球暖化,使我們的環境惡化。 我們的產品 Impossible Beef 由大豆、豆類和小麥麩質製成,味道與真正的牛肉相同。

Our vegan food collection is suitable for everyone from all age groups, that is perhaps why customers love it so much. For children, trying out chewy impossible beef would be a novel and new experience for term.

我們的純素食品系列適合所有年齡層的每個人,這也許就是顧客如此喜愛它的原因。 對於孩子們來說,嘗試難嚼的不可能的牛肉對他們來說將是一種新奇的體驗。

Whereas for adults and the elderly, oat milk is healthy for their bodies as it is low in fat and sugar. This without a shadow of a doubt improves their physical well-being.

而對於成年人和老年人來說,燕麥奶對他們的身體健康有益,因為它的脂肪和糖含量低。 毫無疑問,這改善了他們的身體健康。


C. In-store Event

An event we are planning to hold is inviting celebrities to come to our store to promote our eco-friendly products. We would invite celebrities who have endorsed in green and humble living.

我們計劃舉辦的一項活動是邀請名人來到我們的商店推廣我們的環保產品。 我們會邀請那些倡導綠色簡樸生活的名人。

A perfect candidate would be Fat Gor——Chow Yun Fat as he is on a warren-buffet level on green and humble living. By doing a taste test for our oat milk, we would introduce how it tastes to actual milk.

一個完美的候選人是發哥——周潤發,因為他在綠色和簡單的生活中達到了自助餐的水平。 透過對燕麥奶進行味道測試,我們將介紹其與實際牛奶的味道。

Gazing at our light bulb which is powered by sunlight, we would point out how everyone should try out eco-friendly products powered by clean energy.


Collaborating with Chow, we would put on banners of his face with the slogan, “Be-Eco-Friendly, Make Change Happen” The customers can also take selfies with Chow Yun Fat and upload them on social media platforms like Instagram with the hashtag # PlanetSmart X Fat Gor.

我們與周潤發合作,貼上周潤發頭像的橫幅,上面寫著“環保,讓改變發生”。顧客還可以與周潤發自拍,並上傳到Instagram等社交媒體平台,並加上#標籤# PlanetSmart X 發哥。

In this way, a wider range of customers can be accessed and more teenagers would also be attracted to purchase our products and try out an eco-friendly living habit.



正向強化是一種教育心理學中的策略,旨在通過獎勵和肯定來增強學生的正面行為和學習成果。這種方法強調正面的反饋和鼓勵,以建立學生的自信心、動機和學習興趣。以下將探討正向強化在教育中的力量以及實踐該方法的一些有效策略。 1.正向強化的基礎概念 解釋正向強化的定義和原則,包括獎勵、讚美和鼓勵的重要性。 提供正向強化的優點,例如增加學生的自信心、改善學習動機和表現。

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在孩子的教育旅程中,閱讀是一項至關重要的技能。 掌握良好的閱讀能力可以為孩子帶來無限的機會和成就感。 而Phonics(音標)是一種被廣泛使用的教學方法,可以幫助孩子建立起對字母和聲音之間關係的理解。 在本篇文章中,我們將深入探討Phonics的重要性,以及如何在孩子的學習過程中有效地應用它。

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