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“As” 是一個多功能的單字,在不同的語境中可以有多種用法。以下是幾種常見的用法:

  1. “As” 作為介係詞:
  • He works as a doctor in a hospital.(他在醫院當醫生。)
  • I recognized her as the famous actress from the movie.(我認出她是那個電影中的著名女演員。)
  1. “As” 作為比較級的副詞:
  • He doesn’t sing as well as his sister.(他唱歌不如他姐姐好。)
  • This phone is not as expensive as that one.(這個手機不像那個那麼貴。)
  1. “As” 作為連結詞:
  • As it was getting late, she decided to leave.(由於時間已晚,她決定離開。)
  • Do it as I instructed you.(按照我指示的那樣去做。)
  • As an artist, she prefers to work with oil paints.(作為一個藝術家,她更喜歡用油畫顏料。)
  1. “As” 作為連接詞:
  • He acted as if he didn’t care, but deep down he was hurt.(他表現得好像他不在乎,但內心深處他受傷了。)
  • She sings as beautifully as a nightingale.(她唱得像夜鶯一樣動聽。)
  1. “As” 作為引導狀語從句:
  • I’ll go as long as you promise to come back soon.(只要你答應很快回來,我就會去。)
  • As soon as he saw the cake, he couldn’t resist eating it.(他一看見蛋糕就忍不住吃了。)
  • Do it as I say, and everything will be fine.(按照我說的去做,一切都會好的。)


  • 以下是一些常見由「as」組成的連接詞和片語:

    1. As a result(結果):As a result of the heavy rain, the game was postponed.

    2. As well as(以及):She speaks Spanish as well as French.

    3. As if(彷彿):He acted as if nothing had happened.

    4. As long as(只要):You can borrow my car as long as you bring it back by tomorrow.

    5. As soon as(一…就…):I will call you as soon as I arrive home.

    6. As far as(就…而言):As far as I know, he is not coming to the party.

    7. As for(關於):As for your question, I need some time to think about it.

    8. As it is(事實上):As it is raining heavily, we should stay indoors.

    9. As of(截至):As of today, the new policy is in effect.

    10. As far as I’m concerned(就我而言):As far as I’m concerned, the project is a success.

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