July 8, 2023


【Due to 用法】 “Due to” 同 “because of” 有啲咩唔同? 一文幫你搞清楚!

Due to 用法 你係咪唔肯定due to 嘅用法? 好似識用,但又唔知係咪真係用得啱? 呢篇文章收錄了due to 嘅用法,並且配上日常生活嘅實質例句,幫助你更好咁理解,保證你可以學識! Due to 定義 “due to” 係英文中常用的介系詞之一,用嚟表示因果關係。通常用嚟表示某事物嘅結果或影響嘅原因。一般嚟講,“due to” 後面接名詞或名詞性短語。 Due to 用法 以下是一些日常生活的例句: The flight was delayed due to bad weather.(飛機因惡劣天氣而延誤。) Her success is due to hard work and determination.(她的成功歸因於努力工作和堅定的決心。) The store had to close down due to lack of customers.(由於缺少顧客,商店不得不關閉。) The concert was canceled due to the singer’s illness.(由於歌手生病,音樂會取消了。) The increase in pollution is due to the rapid industrialization of the area.(該地區污染的增加是由於該地區的工業化迅速發展。) Many accidents are due to careless driving.(許多事故是由於駕駛不小心造成的。) The plants died due to lack of water and sunlight.(植物因缺乏水分和陽光而死亡。) The company’s financial difficulties are due to poor management decisions.(公司的財務困難是由於管理決策不善造成的。) The bridge collapsed due to structural defects.  (由於結構缺陷,橋樑倒塌了。) The team’s victory was due to their excellent teamwork and strong determination.(該隊的勝利歸因於他們出色的團隊合作和堅定的決心。)   這些例句展示了”due to” 如何用於各種情境,表示一個事件是由於另一個原因引起的。 而且”due to”


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