January 21, 2023


【小六 英文】一文秒殺 小六英文所有topics!【全攻略】

小六 英文 全攻略 本文將為小六年級學生提供英文學習的基本知識和技能。 我們將從基本語法開始,講解如何組織句子、使用不同的單詞和短語,並提供實用的溝通技巧。 通過不斷的練習和實踐,學生將能夠提高英文水平,並為未來的學習和交流做好準備。 小六 英文課程 這篇文章會提供大家小六 應該要涉獵的英文詞彙以及文法。 有別於之前的文章,這次我們在介紹詞彙時會選擇提供英文解釋,讓同學熟習一下查英文字典的感覺! 小六英文範圍 英文主題學習 Jobs Adjectives for describing people Natural disasters Charity work Films Festival traditions Common festival 英文 Grammar Conditional sentences Type 0,1,2,3 Connectives: so, so that Infinitives Very few / very little / enough Too / very / very much Either or Neither nor Phrasal verbs Adjectives (-ed/-ing)Passive voice 小六英文自學 Jobs Carpenter – a skilled worker who makes and repairs wooden structures Doctor – a medical professional who diagnoses and treats illnesses Engineer – a professional who designs and develops systems and structures Lawyer – a professional who practices law and provides legal advice Teacher – a person who educates students in a school or other learning environment Adjectives for describing people Ambitious –


【小五 英文】一文秒殺 小五英文所有topics!【全攻略】

小五 英文 全攻略 學習英文是一個重要的技能,它可以幫助我們與世界更好地溝通。 在今天的全球化環境中,英文是一種必備的語言,不僅在工作上有用,還可以拓展國際視野和了解不同文化。 透過不斷的學習和實踐,我們能夠獲得更好的英文能力,擁有更多機會。 小五 英文課程 這篇文章會提供大家小五 應該要涉獵的英文詞彙以及文法。 有別於之前的文章,這次我們在介紹詞彙時會選擇提供英文解釋,讓同學熟習一下查英文字典的感覺! 小五英文範圍 英文主題學習 Good behaviours Plays Clothing items Accessories Places in Hong Kong Activities in Hong Kong 英文 Grammar Adverbs of manner Modal verbs: should shouldn’t Pronoun: each other, one another Relative clause Question word: whose Possessive pronoun Present perfect tense Simple past tense 小五英文自學 Good behaviours Respectful: showing consideration and courtesy towards others Honest: being truthful and sincere Responsible: being accountable for one’s actions and decisions Cooperative: working well with others towards a common goal Courteous: being polite and well-mannered Plays Comedy: a play or performance that is meant to make the audience laugh Tragedy: a play or performance that deals with serious or sad subject matter and often ends in disaster Musical: a


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