2015 DSE English Paper 2題目 【一文看清】

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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2015 英文作文題目

2015 DSE English Paper 2題目

這篇文章會提供齊全的2015 DSE English Paper 2題目,囊括Part A和Part B。




A recent article in the Young Post suggested that an 8:00 am start to the school day makes students feel tired and sleepy. Write to the editor of the Young Posi expressing your views on the following:

  • why students feel tired; and
  • whether or not a 9:00 am start will solve the problem.

Some parts of the letter have been given to you.

Dear Editor,


Q2 Learning English through Sports Communication

A number of your classmates have expressed their disappointment about physical education (PE) lessons at school, saying that the lessons are not interesting, As the chairperson of the Class Association, you have decided to reflect your classmates: opinions about this to your principals Ms Chan.

Write a letter to Ms Chan explaining why your classmates are unhappy about existing PE lessons. You should then suggest two new activities that could be introduced in future PE lessons and explain why students would prefer such activities,

Q3 Learning English through Drama

The Hong Kong Drama Association is planning to organise a drama competition for secondary school students. The theme is c You are never too old to live your dreams’. Students are invited to submit stories. The winning story will later be turned into a play by the Association. Your story should be about the elderly realising their dreams

Write your story.

Q4 Learning English through Social Issues

Many parents in Hong Kong are sending their children to other countries to complete their schooling. Write an article for your school magazine examining two reasons for this phenomenon. You should also discuss the impact of this on local schools and on children who leave to study overseas.

Q5 Learning English through Debating

Many parts of Hong Kong’s harbour front are still undeveloped. Some suggest using these areas for housing and commercial use, while others argue that such areas should be left as open space for public use. Write to the editor of the Hong Kong Daily stating your opinion either for or against leaving these areas open for public use. Justify your point of view with three reasons.

Q6 Learning English through Workplace Communication

You are a summer intern working in Hong Kong Mobile’s customer services departrnent. Your job is to handle complaints about your company’s products and services. As part of your duties, you are required to inform your manager about complaints received and outline possible solutions. Write an email to Jackie Lees the manager of the customer services department, summarising details of a recent complaint and suggesting three possible actions that could be taken to deal with this complaint.

Q7 Learning English through Popular Culture

You are working on a project entitled ‘Cinemas in Hong Kong’ for the Learning English through Popular Culture module and have found that fewer people go to cinemas than before. Write a report to explain why this is happening and to suggest what could be done to increase the number of moviegoers. Give reasons to support your suggestions.

Q8 Learning English through Poems and Songs

The Hong Kong Central Library is holding a language arts festival during the summer break to enhance students’ interest in learning English. Secondary schools have been asked to submit their suggestions for activities at the festival.

As the chaixperson of the school’s Poetry Club, your teacher has asked you to write a letter to the Central Library suggesting two interesting activities. You should also explain how these activities would increase students’ interest in learning English.

Q9 Learning English through Short Stories

The Reading Club at your school is planning to hold a reading week to promote students’ interest in reading and to improve their English. One planned event is a ‘Meet the Author’ evening, when students get to meet a famous author.

As the chairperson of the Club, you have been asked to choose one author to invite for the event. Write an email to Ms Li, the English teacher in charge of the Reading Club, mentioning your choice of author. Explain why you have selected that author, and suggest activities the author can lead or help with.

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