2014 DSE English Paper 2題目 【一文看清】

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DSE - 皇牌考試技巧班



  • 六大範疇全方位提升學生的英文水平
  • 自備過千頁獨家精讀筆記
  • 教授獨門考試技巧口訣

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2014 英文作文題目

2014 DSE English Paper 2題目

這篇文章會提供齊全的2014 DSE English Paper 2題目,囊括Part A和Part B。



1. The Local History Newsletter is a newsletter about the history of Hong Kong. Every month, it prints short articles about special places in Hong Kong. You have been asked to write an article about an old village called Lucky Village. Write your article using the three headings provided. You can use the headings in any order.

  • Life in Lucky Village 40 years ago
  • An event that changed Lucky Village
  • What Lucky Village is famous for


Q2 Learning English through Sports Communication

A local fitness centre is being renovated. As the chairperson of your school’s Sports Club, write a letter to ask the fitness centre to donate some of their old equipment to your school. In your letter, describe how the donation could benefit your school and the fitness centre.

Q3 Learning English through Drama

Your school has received a complaint from City Hall about the poor behaviour of a group of your Drama Club members who attended a drama performance last week. You are the chairperson of your school’s Drama Club and you have been asked by your teacher to write an email to your Club members regarding the complaint. Write the email to your Club members.

Q4 Learning English through Social Issues

Some people believe that filming movies in the city centre should not be allowed. Others support it. Write a letter to the editor of the Hong Kong Daily giving your opinions. Provide three reasons to support your point of view.

Q5 Learning English through Debating

Currently, only a small number of students in your school have access to school lockers. As the chairperson of the Student Union of your school, you have collected the views of students from different classes on this issue. Write a letter to Ms Lee, your school Principal, to persuade her to change the policy on lockers.

Q6 Learning English through Workplace Communication

The Hong Kong Daily is asking students to submit an article about their summer job experiences. You were employed as a costumed character performer in one of the local theme parks last summer. In your article, write about your typical working day, and the good things and bad things about your job. Write the article.

Q7 Learning English through Popular Culture

You recently attended a stand-up comedy show and you were impressed by the performance. Write an article for your school magazine describing the show, discussing the challenges such performers might face and how students at school can benefit from watching such a performance.

Q8 Learning English through Poems and Songs

You took part in the Hong Kong Schools Poetry Festival. You have been asked by your teacher to write an article for your school magazine about how you prepared for the competition and what you learned from this experience

Q9 Learning English through Short Stories

You are taking a creative writing workshop and you have to submit the following assignment:

2014 DSE Writing Part B Q9

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