January 9, 2023


2021 DSE English Paper 2題目 【一文看清】

2021 英文作文題目 2021 DSE English Paper 2題目 這篇文章會提供齊全的2021 DSE English Paper 2題目,囊括Part A和Part B。 對2021年作文題目或其他年份作文題目的5**範文有興趣的同學,也可以去看看我們的真跡系列。 2021 DSE PART A For Question 1, write about 200 words. 1. You are helping your school organize the annual school fair. You have been ask to make an announcement about the event during the morning assembly. Use the poster below to help you write your announcement. In your announcement: Introduce the event. Describe some of the activities that will take place. Let students know how they can help out. 免費試堂 2021 DSE PART B Q2 Learning English through Social Issues Although studies show electric cars are more environmentally friendly than petrol cars, less than 3% of all vehicles sold in 2020 worldwide were electric. Write a letter to editor


【DSE Reading 練習 推薦】試卷數量比你想像的多!【操卷指南】

DSE 英文 閱讀練習推薦 DSE Reading 練習 可以操以下三種卷: HKCCE PP HKDSE PP HKALE PP (UE Section C: Reading Comprehension + Summary Cloze) 若果大家要練grammar,HKCEE/HKALE 的language system + proofreading都是非常值得嘗試的! DSE Reading 操卷指南 小編建議大家可以先把readind 問題分題型做,然後再全份reading paper 一齊做。 其實reading 卷題目很有規律,只要知道當中規律,其實找出答案的方法都是萬變不離其宗! 所以學生不應該全份卷從第一題開始慢慢做到最後一題,而是分好題型再跟題型這麼做,找出規律才能針對性地確實提高答題命中率! 以下舉幾個例子: 字詞/片語的意思 What is the meaning of “XX”? Find a word that means “XX”? 同義詞 / 相反詞 Find a word in the text that means “XXX” Find an expression in the text that means “XXX”. Write one word in each space. Which words mean the same as the following: Find words in lines 1-8 which could be replaced by the following: Look for words or expressions which are the opposite in meaning to: Reference What does ‘it’ refer to? Who are ‘these people’? ‘here’ refers to… ‘which’ refers to…


【UE writing 題目巨集】囊括21年Section B題目!【懶人集】

HKALE UE Section B Writing 題目巨集 UE writing 大匯集 以前的HKALE Use Of English(UE) Section B 就是Writing卷。 UE Writing 每年都有4條,所以這篇題目巨集有21年x4條=84條 HKDSE有不少卷都是參考UE的作文題目 所以UE Writing 題目都是有參考價值! 2013 HKALE Writing Topics Does fame bring people a happy life? Write an essay stating your views and support these views with three reasons. Give your essay an appropriate title. There is a common saying in English, ‘Honesty is the best policy’. Do you believe this statement is correct at all times and under all circumstances? Write an essay giving your opinion and supporting it with three reasons. Provide a title for your essay. Most redevelopment in Hong Kong is concerned with providing new homes and offices. You strongly believe that more space in redevelopment projects should be given to sports facilities.


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