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Two-sided argumentative essay
中文 詳解

Two-sided argumentative essay 大全

  • 你係唔係為寫two-sided argumentative essay感到煩惱?
  • 唔知有啲咩句式可以背?
  • 想有範文參考?

唔緊要!因為小編今天為大家整理了two-sided argumentative essay 攻略,內裡包含可以使用的句式以及範文參考!

Two sided argumentative

Two sided argumentative格式

Two-sided argumentative essay 是一種文體,如果要說它的格式,那麼就要知道題目要求我們根據哪一種實用格式書寫。


Title (標題)



Introduction + Aim of Writing (背景介紹 + 寫作目的)


Body (內文)

段落 2 (好處1)

  標題句 + 詳細解釋 (普遍情況 + 個別例子)


段落 3 (好處2)

  標題句 + 詳細解釋 (普遍情況 + 個別例子)


段落 4 (過渡段)



段落 5 (壞處1)

  標題句 + 詳細解釋 (普遍情況 + 個別例子)


段落 6 (壞處2)

  標題句 + 詳細解釋 (普遍情況 + 個別例子)


Conclusion (總結 + 對未來的期望)

Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir/Madam,



Introduction + Aim of Writing (背景介紹 + 寫作目的)


Body (內文)

段落 2 (好處1)

²  標題句 + 詳細解釋 (普遍情況 + 個別例子)


段落 3 (好處2)

²  標題句 + 詳細解釋 (普遍情況 + 個別例子)


段落 4 (過渡段)

²  承上啟下


段落 5 (壞處1)

²  標題句 + 詳細解釋 (普遍情況 + 個別例子)


段落 6 (壞處2)

²  標題句 + 詳細解釋 (普遍情況 + 個別例子)



Conclusion (總結 + 對未來的期望)


Yours faithfully,

Chris Wong

Chris Wong

Two sided argumentative essay


the viewpoints and arguments of the different parties

the rights and wrongs

providing arguments for and against

the benefits and drawbacks

the advantages and disadvantages

the pros and cons

06 UE Q2

Your school principal has told the tuck shop to stop selling “junk food”, such as fish balls and soft drinks, in response to the government’s campaign to promote healthy eating. However, this policy has evoked a strong reaction from some students who insist on their right to exercise freedom of choice. You are a reporter for the school newspaper and have just attended a meeting between the principal and representatives of parents, teachers and students. Write an article for the school newspaper describing the viewpoints and arguments of the different parties. Give your article a title.

06 UE Q3

The government has successfully convicted a person of infringing copyright. The person had used internet technology to upload movies and allow other users to download them. You are a computer enthusiast and you often download music and movies. Write a letter to the editor of the Young Post commenting on the rights and wrongs of downloading entertainment from the Internet and whether you think people will continue to break the law when they risk being prosecuted. Sign your letter “Chris Wong”. Do not write any address.

Two sided argumentative essay


1.     According to / Based on  + n., + SVO (根據)

Example: According to government statistics, the suicide rate of Hong Kong has increased in recent years.

Example: Based on newspaper reports, China has the largest number of smokers in the world.


2.     In recent years, + SVO (最近幾年)

Nowadays, + SVO (今時今日)

Example: In recent years, the living standard of many Chinese people has improved.

Example: Nowadays, many children are spoilt by their parents.


3.     A recent report / study / survey +

shows / suggests / reveals / demonstrates + that + SVO

(報導 / 研究 / 調查  顯示…)

Example: A recent report shows that smartphones have penetrated our lives.

Example: A recent study suggests that Asian people are more prone to diabetes.

Example: A recent report reveals that more and more Hong Kong people are considering migrating to other countries.

Example: A recent survey demonstrates that high property prices are the most pressing concern of Hong Kong people.


4.     n. +  is no exception (…也不例外)

Example: The problem of air pollution exists in many places. Hong Kong is no exception.



1.     n. + has (have) raised concerns about + n. (引起關注)

Example: The incident involving Lam Wai-sze has raised concerns about the moral standard of our teachers.

Example: The serious traffic accidents in the past few weeks have raised concerns about the road safety in Hong Kong.


2.     n. + has (have) raised + sounded alarm bells about + n. (敲響警鐘)

Example: The ferry disaster on Lamma Island last year has raised alarm bells about navigation safety in Hong Kong.

Example: The recent suicide by a 15-year-old secondary schoolboy has sounded alarm bells about the mental health of our next generation.


3.     n. + is an alarming problem (令人擔憂的問題)

Example: Obesity is an alarming problem in our society.


4.     n. + has (have) caused / sparked + debate/controversy + in our society


Example: The Occupy Central Movement has caused debate in our society.

Example: The expansion of landfills in Tsueng Kwan O, Tuen Mun and Ta Ku Ling has sparked controversy in our society.


5.     n. is a controversial issue in our society(是社會爭議的話題)

Example: Homosexuality is a controversial issue in our society.


6.     A problem/issue/phenomenon/trend + arises /exists (問題/現象/趨勢仍然存在)

Example: The problem of wealth gap arises in every society.

Example: Traditionally, men have enjoyed superiority over women. In many parts of the world, this phenomenon still exists.

Example: Nowadays, more women have chosen to get married when they are older. This trend also exists in Hong Kong.


1.     I am writing to + v. (我寫作的目的是)

Example: I am writing to express my concerns about (表達關注)animal cruelty in Hong Kong.

Example: I am writing to explain (解釋) the reasons for the popularity of smartphones.

Example: I am writing to analyze (分析) the problem of waste disposal and provide some recommendations (提供建議) for the government.


2.     In this article (letter), I aim to + v. (在這篇文章中,我的目的是…)

Example: In this article, I aim to explain the advantages of building casinos in Hong Kong.

Example: In this letter, I aim to express my opposition to build mental hospitals in Shatin.


3.     This article (letter) aims to + v. (這篇文章的目的是…)

Example: This article aims to introduce the activities of the Science Club and persuade students to become our members.

Example: This letter aims to point out that heritage preservation can co-exist with economic development.

Two-sided argumentative essay



1.     承上

It is crystal clear that posting messages and videos online brings blessings to our society.

2.     啟下

Nonetheless, we need to recognize that the possible curses of the phenomenon should by no means be underestimated.

之前小編有些一篇argumentative essay文章,裡面有詳細講述有什麼句式好用。

Two-sided argumentative essay topics

Two-sided argumentative essay 的主題大多都是一些社會議題


  • Should social media platforms be banned from collecting their users’ data?
  • Should companies have to hire human workers overusing autonomous machines?
  • Should cell phones be banned from vehicles?
  • Should parents educate their children at home?
  • Should parents limit screen time for kids?

Two-sided argumentative essay sample


Learning English through Social Issues

More and more young people are making friends on the Internet. Meanwhile, many parents and teachers have expressed concern about this trend.

Write an article for the school newspaper to explain both the advantages and disadvantages of internet friendships. Give the article a title.


Online friendship – a blessing or a curse?

Paragraph 1 介紹

1.     背景介紹

Nowadays, meeting new friends is not confined to schools, workplaces and churches. It takes place on the Internet as well. Teenagers are especially enthusiastic about making friends online, probably due to their passion for socializing, desire for excitement, and familiarity with information technology. With the increasing popularity of social networking websites such as Facebook and Myspace, it can be foreseen that there will be more and more chances for young people to meet random strangers online.


2.     帶出題目

Nevertheless, while a lot of students consider Internet friendship as a form of leisure activity, many parents and teachers have expressed grave concern over this phenomenon. To explore the issue, this article will first discuss the benefits before investigating the drawbacks of cyber friendship.

Paragraph 2 好處一

1.     標題句

To commence with, internet friendships can widen our horizons.

2.     詳細解釋 — 普遍情況

It is worth noting that there are hundreds of millions of Internet users around the world. Many nice, smart people are out there for us to meet. Young people can make use of the Internet to discuss various issues, including global current affairs, their favourite pop idols as well as the latest fashion trends and share their opinions with one another.

3.        總結句

Through establishing cyber friendships can we enrich our knowledge and enhance our critical thinking and logical thinking

Paragraph 3 好處二

1.     標題句

Apart from broadening our horizons, young people can meet friends with similar interests and hobbies online, forging new friendships and widening their social circle.

2.     詳細解釋 — 普遍情況

In bygone days, international communication was restricted by geographical barriers. Nonetheless, the pendulum has swung the other way. Thanks to the advent of the Internet, the world has become flatter and geographical constraints have been eliminated. Cyberspace has allowed teens to meet people of different nationalities on the Internet, ranging from the ebullient Brazilians to the meticulous and methodical Germans.


3.        總結句

Evidently, internet friendships can broaden our horizons, helping us learn more about the kaleidoscope of world cultures.

Paragraph 4 過渡段

1.     承上

It is crystal clear that internet friendships bring blessings to youngsters.

2.     啟下

Nonetheless, we need to recognize that the possible curses of the phenomenon should by no means be underestimated.

Paragraph 5 壞處一

1.     標題句

First and foremost, it is extremely difficult for adolescents to develop deep, solid friendships on the Internet.

2.     詳細解釋 — 普遍情況

Due to the lack of face-to-face interaction, cyber friendships often have shaky foundations, lacking the warmth and intimacy of traditional friendships among classmates or colleagues. Chatting online with people you have never met through such platforms as Yahoo Messengers, Weibo or online forums may sometimes feel just like making friends with a robot or a machine without a face or emotions.

Paragraph 6 壞處二

1.     標題句

Worse still, students are likely to encounter bad influences while making friends online.

2.     詳細解釋 — 普遍情況1

As young people are often immature, they may lack the judgment to distinguish right from wrong. Since youngsters are impressionable, online friendship may brainwash them with corrupt ideas and lead them astray.

3.        詳細解釋 – 個別例子1

The global proliferation of ISIS, which is a terrorist group advocating hatred and bloodshed, is a case in point. Captivated by the utopic world portrayed by the members of ISIS on the Internet, teenagers from different parts of the world have fled to Syria and Iraq to join the ISIS and participate in gruesome terrorist attacks, slaughtering hundreds of innocent people.

4.     詳細解釋 — 普遍情況2

Equally alarming is that some ill-intentioned people, such as perverts, gangsters may resort to the Internet as a means to approach young people and entice them to engage in criminal offences.

5.        詳細解釋 – 個別例子1

Glance through the newspapers in recent months and you are bound to see the news of teenagers being arrested by the police as they had trafficked drugs. Not only will they incarcerated for several years, their future will be ruined due to their criminal records.

6.     總結句

Evidently, with the multitude of unscrupulous terrorists and criminals disseminating their evil thoughts, internet friendships can become a curse haunting the adolescents forever.

Paragraph 7 總結

1.     總結全文

As shown above, while internet friendships can be a blessing benefitting the teenagers, it can easily metamorphose into a curse jeopardizing their future.

2.     展望將來 – 盡量減低網上資訊的壞處

Thus, youngsters must be careful and alert whenever they want to meet new people online. Never should they disclose personal information to any strangers. Otherwise, it will be too late to feel regret when tragedies occur.

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