2022 DSE English Paper 2題目 Part A Q1 拆解 【附5**範文】

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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2022 DSE English paper 2 Part A Q1


For question 1, write about 200 words in the space provided on pages 2-4.

  1. You work at the Visitor Centre at Hong Kong Adventure Famr. Use the map and headings below to help you complete a guide for first-time visitors.
2022 DSE English paper 2 Part A

2022 DSE English paper 2 Part A Q1 拆解

2022 DSE English paper 2 Part A

Part A 是一篇短文寫作

在2022年的試卷中,考生的職業為Hong Kong Adventure Farm的工作人員。

考生需根據題目提供的地圖去寫一份遊覽指南予第一次到Hong Kong Adventure Farm遊玩的顧客。


1. 介紹基本資料 (general background)

2. 頭3位一定要看/做的事 (top three things to see and do)



在遊覽指南的第一部分,一些考生選擇寫關於Hong Kong Adventure Farm的真實資訊,(例如它的 位置,開放時間,如何到達等)。

其他考生則選擇寫Hong Kong Adventure Farm的歷史創立目的

較強的考生能夠以一小段總結Hong Kong Adventure Farm的重要資訊。




在描述Hong Kong Adventure Farm的景點時,以更客氣隨和的語氣會更為適合。

表現較好的考生能夠利用一系列能描述Hong Kong Adventure Farm的特點以及遊客可以做什麼的詞彙。

題目要求考生以大約 50 字寫關於Hong Kong Adventure Farm的基本資訊,然後用三段(約 150 字)寫三個景點,大多數考生都有做到。




總的來說,大多數考生都能滿足題目要求,可以利用題目提示來寫出他們的想法並描述不同景點從而吸引更多遊客到訪Hong Kong Adventure Farm。

有些考生在audience awareness方面仍然有待加強。

2022 DSE English paper 2 Part A Q1 5**真跡

2022 DSE English paper 2 Part A



It is the biggest farm that is open to the public in Hong Kong. Renowned globally for its diversified activities and organic farming method, our Adventure farm is a place where visitors could get rid of the life of bustle and buster in this cosmopolitan city! With our traditional team-engineered train empoisoned with a vintage-styled locomotive being, at the main station waiting for our visitors, people can explore this ‘utopia’ thoroughly by following the round-the-farm route. If you are struggling with where to go on following weekends, or simply craving for blowing off some steams, this is a tailor-made destination for you! So what are you writing for?


You may probably wonder what exactly the wide range of activities is at this moment. Given there are countless places inside the farm, 3 must-visited places and must-do events are recommended as follows:

Topping the list of advice is to visit the “Happy Dim Sum House” located in the farmer’s market station. According to our online survey conducted last month, 70% of visitors claimed that even the Michelin restaurants pale in comparison with our restaurant after savoring the freshly fried cauliflower, mouth-watering lua siu Rice and the soul-invading scrambled egg with tomatoes in our restaurant. Common and plain. As it may sound, all of our ingredients come from our organic farm which avoids using fertilizers and using the feces of our farm animals instead, in an attempt to minimize the environmental harm framing may bring and achieve sustainable development. Therefore, you are highly recommended to try out our fresh and healthy cuisines at the Happy Dim Sum House!

Following a scrumptious meal, you will be taken by train to the Lakeside station, rumor is the second-famous place. Unlike other lakeside activities in which you can solely stroll along the path or take some photos of the “admirable’ scenery, our lake side path station enables you to borrow equipment for various kinds of activities!

If you are sporty and outgoing, you must go canoeing on this beautiful lake surrounded by Mangrove trees. If you are on nonary, it would also be advisable to camp on our ‘camping site’ near the lake, enjoying a family gathering or a sweet dating with couples or spouses;

If you are an introverted person, you could drink a cup of coffee while enjoying the tram quality of nature!
No matter which preference you have, you could survey have a nice day at adventure farm!
Apart from the above, it is also motivating that you can go hiking on our farm. It is widely recognized that our round-the-farm trails are designated for everyone, regardless of children or the elderly, it is a level 1 route that enables all people to give it a try. The peak of the scenery of the Sai Kung coast will come into your view! If you are lucky enough, you may even see the white-faced spoonbills which are on the verge of extinction! What’s a specious opportunity! So come and join us! We cannot wait to see you posting photos of the stunning views at Adventure Farm on Instagram!

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唔使客氣英文 大家好啊,小編喺呢篇專欄入面就會教大家點樣用25種各式各樣嘅方式講英文嘅「唔使客氣」。 都知道大家可能已經識講”You’re welcome”,但係如果我哋能夠用到更多元化嘅表達方式,咁就可以令我哋嘅英文更有貼地,更能夠融入各種不同嘅討論環境。

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