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【Gerund Infinitive 用法】原來有6個動詞有古怪!【文法全攻略】

Infinitive and Gerund 大全 你係咪係對幾時用Infinitive and Gerund感到困擾? go 後面用 to infinitive 定 gerund? stop 後面用 to infinitive 定 gerund? 有見及此,小編為大家整理了這篇Infinitive and Gerund 攻略,並附上大量例子! Infinitive and Gerund Gerund 中文是動名詞 Infinitive 中文是不定式 我們常在動詞後使用動名詞和不定式。 Gerund是用作名詞的動詞的-ing 形式。 to infinitive 是 to + 動詞的基本形式。 Gerund Infinitive 例子 有些動詞後面只能跟Gerund,不能跟to-infinitive。 例如: I suggest making the picture bigger.  Shall we consider using a different colour too? 相反,有些動詞後面只能跟to-infinitive,不能跟Gerund。 例如: We need to change the design. Yes, but we promised to finish this today. 有些動詞後面可以跟to-infinitive,又可以跟Gerund。 例如: I like working / to work with other people, but I prefer being / to be in a team. Gerund 文法 我們使用動名詞 Gerund像名詞一樣。 Gerund 用法 用作主語 例如: Smoking is bad for you. Buying books costs a lot of money. 用作賓語 例如: I really enjoy reading. We do not allow bullying.  verb to be 後面使用 My favourite hobby is playing basketball. Dan’s only interests are watching TV and playing chess. Preposition 後面使用 We use a search engine for finding websites. How about going for a swim? 名詞片語中使用 a travelling company a shopping mall 變相有點像adj. To infinitive 文法 與不同的時態不同,to-infinitive不給我們任何關於行動或事件時間的信息。 相反,我們使用它們以更general的方式談論動作和事件。 To infinitive 用法 為什麼某人做某事 例如: I’m going to buy some stamps.    Jane is coming to help with the cleaning. 某事/物用作…… 例如: Tom needs glasses to read.  The purpose of a fire door is to stop a fire spreading. wh-word (除了why)之後使用 例如: I don’t know who to ask for help.  We can’t decide which teachers to ask to the party. To infinitive Gerund 有些動詞會根據其後跟的是Gerund還是To infinitive來改變它們的含義。 Forget forget about + 動名詞來談論我們做過但不記得的事情。 It’s Carmen! Have you forgotten about meeting her at Leo’s party last week? forget + to infinitive來談論我們想做但沒有做的事情。 Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera with me. Go go + gerund來談論一些運動和活動。 Amy and Tom go wind-surfing every weekend. go + to-infinitive表示去某處的原因。 Alex goes to change his library books every Tuesday. Regret regret + gerund表示我們對我們所做的事情感到抱歉。 Almost immediately, I regretted speaking so angrily. regret + to-infinitive談論壞消息。 We regret to announce that flight CX123 is delayed because of fog. Remember remember + gerund 談論我們做過和沒有忘記的事情。 I still remember being in a typhoon for the first time. remember + to-infinitive談論我們還要做的事情。 I must remember to switch off the lights before I leave! Stop stop + gerund 來指代我們停止之前正在做的事情。 Alan stopped playing computer games when his dinner was ready. stop + to infinitive 表示我們為什麼停下來。 Alan was playing computer games, but stopped to have his dinner. Try try + gerund 當我們做某事時看看結果會是什麼。 This computer isn’t working very well. Let’s try restarting it. try + to 不定式 當我們努力做某事時。 I tried to move the wardrobe yesterday but it was too heavy for me. To Infinitive Gerund list 後面用gerund的動詞 Verb Example admit avoid consider deny dislike enjoy finish imagine keep mention She admitted copying the idea from Susan. We can’t avoid working late tonight. Have you ever considered working in advertising? Felix denied eating all the biscuits. I really dislike sitting on a crowded bus. Sam enjoys playing tennis. I’ll soon finish working on this advert. Imagine being a famous pop star! Sue keeps making mistakes. William mentioned playing tennis at the weekend. 後面用to-infinitive的動詞 Verb Example afford agree appear ask


【Argumentative Essay 攻略】議論文寫唔掂嘅解決辦法?【範文參考】

argumentative essay怎樣寫 argumentative essay 大全 你係唔係為寫argumentative essay感到煩惱? 唔知有啲咩句式可以背? 想有範文參考? 唔緊要!因為小編今天為大家整理了argumentative essay 攻略,內裡包含可以使用的句式以及範文參考! argumentative essay中文 詳解 Argumentative Essay 中文 議論文 是一篇在某個問題上表明立場的文章。 在一篇好的議論文中,作者試圖通過陳述推理並提供支持證據的證據,來說服讀者理解和支持他們對某個主題的觀點。 在DSE/IELTS考試中,這種文體經常出現! Argumentative Essay 種類 主要有兩種: One-sided argumentative essay Two-sided argumentative essay 題目例子 2022 DSE Q9 9. Learning English through Debating The School Management is considering a four-day school week. Students would only need to attend school four days a week instead of five, but the length of each day would be increased by one hour. You are a member of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). Write a letter to the President of the PTA stating your opinion either for or against a four-day school week. Give reasons to support your view. argumentative essay格式 One-sided argumentative essay Introduction Reason 1 Reason 2 Reason 3 Counter-argument Rebuttal Two-sided argumentative essay Introduction Positive argument 1 Positive argument 2 Transition Negative argument 1 Negative argument 2 Conclusion argumentative essay點寫 文章內容會分為: 開頭 正文內容 總結 以下會詳細為大家介紹個部分可以使用的argumentative essay 句式! argumentative essay開頭 背景介紹 According to / Based on + n., + SVO (根據) Example: According to Sarah they’re not getting on very well at the moment. Example: The film is based on a short story by Thomas Mann.   In recent years, + SVO (最近幾年) Nowadays, + SVO (今時今日) Example: In the recent years, many researchers conducted laboratory core floods, and several companies carried field tests. Example: Nowadays, I make my own bread rather than buy it.   A recent report / study / survey + shows / suggests / reveals / demonstrates + that + SVO (報導 / 研究 / 調查  顯示…) Example: A report shows that we are also still lacking when it comes to LGBTQI representation. Example: A recent study suggests that Asian people are more prone to diabetes. Example: A recent report reveals that participation is very strongly linked to social class. Example: A recent survey demonstrates that a significant number of these cases involved young, often vulnerable people. 背景介紹 + has (have) raised concerns about + n. (引起關注) Example: Democrats in the Senate has also raised concerns about who would benefit. Example: Critics have raised concerns about a slippery slope leading to eugenics.   + has (have) raised + sounded alarm bells about + n. (敲響警鐘) Example: The name has rung alarm bells in her mind. Example: In my opinion, much more should have been done, and this should have rung genuine alarm bells for the Commission’s activities. 表達觀點 I think that / I believe that + SVO (我相信) Example: I think that internship experience is indispensable. Example: I believe that all children are born with equal intelligence.   It is my belief that / It is my conviction that + SVO (這是我的信念) Example: It is my belief that people should be respected equally. Example: It is my conviction that all rapists should be locked away for life. argumentative essay內文 標題句 First of all,/To start with,/Firstly,/To begin with, + SVO (首先) Example: First of all, I’d like to ask you a few questions. Example: To start with, we’ll need a half cup of sugar, and then we’ll


2022 DSE English Paper 2題目 Part A Q1 拆解 【附5**範文】

2022 DSE English paper 2 Part A Q1 PART A For question 1, write about 200 words in the space provided on pages 2-4. You work at the Visitor Centre at Hong Kong Adventure Famr. Use the map and headings below to help you complete a guide for first-time visitors. 免費試堂 2022 DSE English paper 2 Part A Q1 拆解 Part A 是一篇短文寫作。 在2022年的試卷中,考生的職業為Hong Kong Adventure Farm的工作人員。 考生需根據題目提供的地圖去寫一份遊覽指南予第一次到Hong Kong Adventure Farm遊玩的顧客。 遊覽指南分為兩部分: 1. 介紹基本資料 (general background) 2. 頭3位一定要看/做的事 (top three things to see and do) 遊客應該在看到遊覽指南後就清楚知道有什麼可以做,有什麼地方可以去,所以行文語氣應該有說服力,讓讀者一看就懂,而且被吸引! 大多數考生能夠根據地圖中提供的信息構思自己的想法。 在遊覽指南的第一部分,一些考生選擇寫關於Hong Kong Adventure Farm的真實資訊,(例如它的 位置,開放時間,如何到達等)。 其他考生則選擇寫Hong Kong Adventure Farm的歷史或創立目的。 較強的考生能夠以一小段總結Hong Kong Adventure Farm的重要資訊。 在遊覽指南的第二部分,考生需要描述遊客可在不同地點可以看到或做的事情。 常見的內容包括描寫風景、遊客將會有的反應和實用的遊玩建議,以家庭作例子尤其歡迎。  一些考生能夠使用更具表現力和吸引力的文字來吸引目標受眾的遊玩意欲。 在描述Hong Kong Adventure Farm的景點時,以更客氣隨和的語氣會更為適合。 表現較好的考生能夠利用一系列能描述Hong Kong Adventure Farm的特點以及遊客可以做什麼的詞彙。 題目要求考生以大約 50 字寫關於Hong Kong Adventure Farm的基本資訊,然後用三段(約 150 字)寫三個景點,大多數考生都有做到。 考生普遍能夠先介紹景點,再作延伸,例如如何到達、在那裡可以做什麼以及它具吸引力的原因。 較強的考生能夠在段落內和段與段的連接使用連接詞和其他銜接手段來增強文本的連貫性。 考官想要的是能夠吸引讀者眼球且清晰簡潔的描述,儘管有些考生超出文章的最低字數要求很多,他們的文章內容大多都是重複和無關緊要得資訊。 總的來說,大多數考生都能滿足題目要求,可以利用題目提示來寫出他們的想法並描述不同景點從而吸引更多遊客到訪Hong Kong Adventure Farm。 有些考生在audience awareness方面仍然有待加強。 免費試堂 2022 DSE English paper 2 Part A Q1 5**真跡 (以下真跡經小量更改以提供更好的閱讀體驗。) ABOUT HONG KONG ADVENTURE FARM (WRITE ABOUT 50 WORDS) It is the biggest farm that is open to the public in Hong Kong. Renowned globally for its diversified activities and organic farming method, our Adventure farm is a place where visitors could get rid of the life of bustle and buster in this cosmopolitan city! With our traditional team-engineered train empoisoned with a vintage-styled locomotive being, at the main station waiting for our visitors, people can explore this ‘utopia’ thoroughly by following the round-the-farm route. If you are struggling with where to go on following weekends, or simply craving for blowing off some steams, this is a tailor-made destination for you! So what are you writing for? 免費試堂 TOP THREE THINGS TO SEE AND DO (WRITE ABOUT 150 WORDS) You may probably wonder what exactly the wide range of activities is at this moment. Given there are countless places inside the farm, 3 must-visited places and must-do events are recommended as follows: 免費試堂 Topping the list of advice is to visit the “Happy Dim Sum House” located in the farmer’s market station. According to our online survey conducted last month, 70% of visitors claimed that even the Michelin restaurants pale in comparison with our restaurant after savoring the freshly fried cauliflower, mouth-watering lua siu Rice and the soul-invading scrambled egg with tomatoes in our restaurant. Common and plain. As it may sound, all of our ingredients come from our organic farm which avoids using fertilizers and using the feces of our farm animals instead, in an attempt to minimize the environmental harm framing may bring and achieve sustainable development. Therefore, you are highly recommended to try out our fresh and healthy cuisines at the Happy Dim Sum House! 免費試堂 Following a scrumptious meal, you will be taken by train to the Lakeside station, rumor is the second-famous place. Unlike other lakeside activities in which you can solely stroll along the path or take some photos of the “admirable’ scenery, our lake side path station enables you to borrow equipment for various kinds of activities! If you are sporty and outgoing, you must go canoeing on this beautiful lake surrounded by Mangrove


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