2022 DSE English Paper 2題目 【一文看清】

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DSE - 皇牌考試技巧班



  • 六大範疇全方位提升學生的英文水平
  • 自備過千頁獨家精讀筆記
  • 教授獨門考試技巧口訣

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2022 DSE English Paper 2題目

這篇文章會提供齊全的2022 DSE English Paper 2題目,囊括Part A和Part B。


2022 DSE English Paper 2
Part A

Question 1

2022 dse eng paper 2 題目

For question 1, write about 200 words in the space provided on pages 2-4.

  1. You work at the Visitor Information Centre at Hong Kong Adventure Farm. Use the map and headings below to help you complete a guide for first-time visitors.

2022 DSE English Paper 2 Part B

For questions 2-9, choose ONE question and write about 400 words in the space provided on pages 8-12. Indicate which question you are going to attempt in the question number box on page 8.

Question 2

DSE English paper 2

2. Learning English through Popular Culture

You are the host of ‘Teen Chat’, a YouYube channel that explores a wide range of topics from a teenage perspective. Write an article for Teen Magazine about why you started this channel and what you have learned in the process.

Question 3

3. Learning English through Workplace Communication

You write an advice column for Jobs Online magazine. A reader submitted the following question:

My dream is to open a cafe with a few friends, but I’ve just been offered a promotion at my company. The pay is good, but I’m not that interested in the work. Should I leave now or wait a few years?

–Kam Chai, 25 years old

Write a reply to Kam Chai offering your advice.

Question 4

DSE English paper 2

4. Learning English through Sports Communication

You are the captain of the school’s basketball team. Your team made it to the inter-school championship final but came second.

Write a speech to be delivered to the team at the end-of-season dinner celebration.

Question 5

5. Learning English through Social Issues

The following comment appeared in the editorial of Hong Kong Post:

Young people today lack interest in traditional art forms such as lion dance, calligraphy or the art of tea drinking.

You are the chairperson of your school’s Heritage Club. Express your views by writing a letter to the editor of Hong Kong Post.

Question 6

DSE English paper 2

6. Learning English through Poems and Songs

The musical group Nine Dragons has asked you to help promote them by writing a bio for their website.

The bio should include background information about the group, style and plans for the future.

Question 7

DSE English paper 2

7. Learning English through Drama

As part of your drama class, you played the role of the hero and the villain in different plays.

Write an entry in your drama journal. Reflect on which role you preferred and why.

Question 8

DSE English paper 2

8. Learning English through Short Stories

You entered the ‘Stories of Survival’ short story competition. The theme of this year’s competition is ‘Nature: friend or enemy?’

Write a story about a hiker who gets caught in a storm while hiking in the mountains.

Question 9

DSE English paper 2

9. Learning English through Debating

The School Management is considering a four-day school week. Students would only need to attend school four days a week instead of five, but the length of each day would be increased by one hour.

You are a member of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). Write a letter to the President of the PTA stating your opinion either for or against a four-day school week. Give reasons to support your view.

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