【Adjective Pattern 用法】唔一定用”It”開頭!【文法全攻略】

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Adjective Pattern 中文 教學

Adjective Pattern

Adjective Pattern 用法 大全

Adjective Pattern成日用錯

of 定 for 定 that成日撈亂?

小編為大家整理了Adjective Pattern 用法 大全,並附上大量例子!

Adjective Pattern

Adjective Pattern

Adjective Pattern 是以形容詞為主軸的句型。


it is / it’s + adjective + to-infinitive

it is / it’s + adjective + for + pronoun / noun / noun phrase + to-infinitive

−subject + to be + adjective + to-infinitive

Adjective Pattern 例子

Adjective Pattern example

It’s important to arrive at the airport early for your flight.

It’s obvious that you can’t cook — this fried rice tastes horrible!

Sarah is happy to help us clean up the beach.

The instructions were easy enough to understand. I set up the bookcase in half an hour.

Adjective Pattern 用法

Adjective Pattern 用法

Adjective Pattern 有5用法:

  1. 描述人們的反應、感受和意見
  2. 對具體行動發表意見
  3. 說出我們對某人行為的看法
  4. 發表我們對某事的看法
  5. 談談主語的感受和看法




Amy is excited to visit Australia for the first time.




On a clear day, it’s possible to get a good view of Victoria Harbour from The Peak.

It’s healthy to have a balanced diet.  




It’s useful for all new students to have a tour of the school.



Lily is wise enough to save some pocket money every month.

Adjective Pattern

Adjective Pattern 構成方式

Adjective Pattern 主要有兩種:

  1. Patterns with it
  2. Patterns with other subjects

Patterns with it

it is / it’s + adjective + to-infinitive

It’s boring to stay at home all day.

it is / it’s + adjective + for + pronoun / noun / noun phrase + to-infinitive

It’s helpful for me to know all your names.

it is / it’s + adjective + of + pronoun / noun / noun phrase + to-infinitive

It’s thoughtful of those teenagers to help the blind man cross the road.

it is / it’s + adjective + that

It’s obvious that this shop charged us too much for the MP3 player.

Patterns with other subjects

Patterns with other subjects

−subject + to be + adjective + to-infinitive

We are delighted to meet you.

−subject + to be + adjective + enough + to-infinitive

This table is simple enough to set up. Let’s do it now.

−subject + to be + too + adjective + for + pronoun / noun / noun phrase + to-infinitive

These Maths problems are too complicated for me to solve.

Adjective Pattern 伏位

Adjective Pattern 伏位

我們還可以通過在形容詞前添加 not 來使Adjective Pattern 變成否定。

It isn’t easy to find clothes that suit me.

The restaurant’s not difficult to find.

Adjective Pattern Exercise

Adjective Pattern Exercise
  1. It’s ____ possible to get a seat on the MTR at peak times, when most people use it.
    A. none B. never C. not D. no


  1. It would be foolish ____ this. It’s so cheap!
    A. not to buy B. to buy C. not buying D. buying


  1. It’s surprising ____ it’s raining today. The Observatory said it would be sunny.
    A. that B. for C. to D. of


  1. It’s difficult ____ foreigners to learn Chinese.
    A. to B. that C. of D. for


  1. Ugh! This tea is much ___ strong for anyone to drink!
    A. too B. enough C. for D. to


  1. I don’t think your computer is fast ___ to do the science project — use mine.
    A. too B. to C. enough D. for


  1. The speaker’s voice was ___ quiet for students at the back of the hall to hear.
    A. enough B. to C. for D. too


  1. Places like Temple Street are interesting ___ visit once in a while.
    A. for B. too C. to D. enough


  1. C
  2. A
  3. A
  4. D
  5. A
  6. C
  7. D
  8. C

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