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【WH question】六何法構成方式【文法全攻略】

Wh question 中文 詳解 Wh question 用法 Wh question成日用錯? 俾老師打交叉❌? who, whose, which 成日撈亂? 唔緊要! 小編為大家整理了Wh question 用法大全,並附上大量例子! Wh question 是什麼 Wh question words Wh question以 wh question words開頭(what, when, where, which, who, whose, why and how)。 當我們不想要Yes No answer,我們便會使用Wh-question。 Wh question and answer What (什麼) What did you do last night?  Some revision. What do you think of the new teacher?  I like her. When (何時) When do you usually have dinner? At 7 p.m. Where (何地) Where is Dorothy going? To the bank. Which (那一樣) Which is my seat?  The one next to Tom. Who (何人) Who broke this window? That boy. Whose (誰人的) Whose sandwiches are these?  Hers Why (為什麼) Why is Diane at the library? She has a test tomorrow. How


【Collocation 中文詳解】3大超實用詞語搭配字典【文法懶人包】

Collocation 中文 詳解 Collocation 詳解 究竟咩係Collocation ? 變道有得背? 想唔想寫出黎嘅英文越自然? 小編為大家整理了Collocation 攻略,並附上3個實用線上字典! Collocation 意思 Collocation是“在一起”的詞語。 中文稱為詞語搭配。 Collocation能夠令到我們的英文變的更自然,更無堆砌的感覺。 可惜的是Collcoation是沒有什麼規則,只能通過多閱讀、查字典來獲得 Collocation 例子 −verb + noun collocations Stella is sick — she caught a cold last night.  −noun + preposition collocations Tim was a witness to the car accident. −verb + preposition collocations They are talking about the class party. −adjective + preposition collocations Nina is responsible for bringing the sausages. Collocation 字典 現在已經是2023年的時代,不少人已經沒有用實體字典。 所以下推薦的都是Collocation網站/線上字典 Oxford Collocation Dictionary Online (牛津線上英語搭配辭典) Oxford Collocation Dictionary Online (牛津線上英語搭配辭典)就是100%集中於collocaiton。 此網站是簡單好用的搭配詞辭典,鍵入單字就可以看到該單字可用的各式搭配詞,如:名詞、動詞、形容詞該如何相互搭配 (e.g. draw conclusions、points to the conclusion) 它會清楚列明,這一部分是verb+搜尋字眼;另一部分是adjective+搜尋字眼。而且,有例句輔助。 對學習collocaiton簡直事半功倍!這是很實用的網站! Longman Dictionary 朗文(Longman)線上辭典操作易上手,介面簡潔舒適。輸入單字後下拉有個 collocation 專區,裡面依詞性差別與片語等分類整理了一系列搭配詞,更貼心的是,每個搭配詞皆附有例句 OZDIC 同樣為牛津字典系列的 OZDIC 相較於上一個字典,除了編排容易閱讀之外,操作起來又更為簡單直觀,非常適合英文初學者。 更多 Collocation 例子 1. ability (能力) cultivate (培養) nurture (培養) possess (擁有) enhance (提升) demonstrate (展示) outstanding (卓越的) athletic (運動的) creative (創意的) acting (演戲的) linguistic (語言的) 2. acceptance


【Phrasal Verb 大全】253個phrasal verb【文法懶人包】

Phrasal Verb 中文 詳解 Phrasal Verb 大全 究竟咩係Phrasal Verb ? 點用? 背後嘅文法係點? 小編為大家整理了Phrasal Verb 大全,並附上大量例子! Phrasal Verb 意思 Phrasal verb (也稱為multi-word verb)是與一個或多個prepositions或adverbs(稱為particles)組合的動詞: Phrasal Verb 例子 verb + adverb Listen! A fire alarm is going off somewhere near here. 聽聽!這附近某處的火災警報正在響起。 verb + preposition I’m looking after my nephew this weekend. My sister has to go on a business trip. 這個週末我要照顧我的侄子。我姐姐必須出差。 verb + adverb + preposition You should never go back on a promise. Otherwise, people will not trust you. 你永遠不應該食言。否則,人們不會信任你。 Phrasal Verb 分類一 Phrasal Verb 在意思上有兩大類: literal phrasal verbs idiomatic phrasal verbs literal phrasal verbs 有時你可以通過單個字來推斷Phrasal Verb含義。這些Phrasal Verb被稱為literal phrasal verbs。 例句: It was busy, but we managed to get on the train. 在這句話中,get on 是一個literal phrasal verbs,意思是進入。 I put up the painting in the living room.


【Determiners 用法】the, my, that, some都有大伏!【文法懶人包】

Determiners 中文 詳解 Determiners 用法 究竟什麼是Determiners? 什麼情況下會用Determiners? this, that, my, her, a few, a little, enough 一係用錯,一係無用? 小編為大家整理了Determiners 大全,並附上大量例子! Determiners 意思 限定詞是與名詞或名詞短語一起使用的單詞、短語或詞綴。 通常用於表達上下文中該名詞或名詞短語的指稱。 Determiners 例子 Determiners 包含以下5種: Articles: a/an, the Demonstratives: this, that, these, those Possessives: my, your, his, her, its, our, their Quantifiers: (a) few, fewer, (a) little, many, much, more, most, some, any, etc. Numbers: one, two, three, etc. Determiners 用法 Determiners 主要有兩個用法: Referring (參考) Qualifying (量化) Referring (參考) The dolphins were so clever. 可能是 (The dolphins in the Ocean Park show.) Dolphins are clever animals. (= All dolphins are clever.) Qualifying (量化) There are some letters here for you. some在這裏發揮了”量化”的作用。 Determiners 文法 解說 以下將會分開各種Determiners作解說! Determiners Articles 眾所週知, article有 a, an ,the 他們的意思都各不相同 Articles:A, An a 同 an 屬於不定冠詞,它們用於「不指定」的情況,你可能會疑問咩係不指定?當你要「泛指」呢個名詞,而你指稱的內容入面包括左這個名詞入面嘅每一個個體,無一例外的話,就叫「不指定」。那要特別注意 a 跟 an 是用在「可數名詞」前面。例如: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.


【Present Participle 用法】用喺Continuous Tense只係冰山一角!【文法終極指南】

Present Participle 中文 詳解 Present Participle 用法 究竟什麼是present participle? 什麼情況下會用present participle? 在continuous tense 底下用只是其中一個用法! 小編為大家整理了Present Participle的用法,並附上大量例子,第二個用法是非常實用的! Past Participle 意思 Present Participle 可能大家會比較陌生,不過如果是-ing大家就一定會知道。 大家都會聯想到以前學tenses時,continuous tense要加-ing。 其實Present Participle 用法不局限於 Past Participle 用法 Continuous Tenses Present Participle Phrase Continuous Tenses Present Continuous Tense & Past Continuous Tense 都會使用Present Participle。 例句: Sarah is talking on the phone right now. At the moment, we’re walking to the MTR. We’re helping at the animal shelter this term. John and Mary are learning Japanese. In this photo, I’m enjoying an ice cream. David’s chatting to my cousin Joanna in this picture. Present Participle Phrase 最後一個就是這篇文章的主角:Present Participle Phrase。 我們還可以用它們來表明兩個動作同時發生或一個接一個發生。 我們也可以用Present Participle Phrase來代替 because、since 和 as。 基本上90%以上的句子結構都可以用Present Participle Phrase 來表達。 Present Participle Phrase 簡單易學,而且可以幫助大家擺脫普通SVO句式以及since because等字眼。 更重要的是,不少DSE 5**文章以及 IELTS Band 9文章都有用! Present Participle Phrase 構成方式 我們以Present Participle(例如


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