2016 DSE English Paper 2 writing 題目【附5**高分真跡】

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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DSE 2016 English Paper 2 題目 答案

2016 DSE English Paper 2題目

2016 DSE English Paper 2 Q1 Part A

Part A Q1 題目

You are the President of the Students’ Union at your school. You are preparing a speech to welcome new students on the first day of school. In order to help new students achieve success and have an enjoyable school life, you want to talk about the following in your speech:

  • importance of following school rules
  • importance of interpersonal relationships

The first part of the speech has been written for you. Finish the speech.

Part A Q1 5**答案

Greeting (打招呼)

Good morning Principal, teachers and fellow students,

Paragraph 1 (Opening)

  1. 自我介紹 + 開啟下文

On behalf of the Students’ Union, I’d like to welcome all of you to our school.

I’m sure we all want to achieve success and have an enjoyable school life, so this morning I’d like to give you some advice.

Paragraph 2 (Contrast primary school life and secondary school life)

  1. 對比小學生活和中學生活

Primary school life and secondary school life are utterly disparate – here, you are going to enjoy a lot more freedom than you did in your primary school. That is delighting, right?

  1. 提醒學生要承擔責任

But at the same time, I hope you will understand that it is equally crucial to conform to our school rules and bear some responsibilities.

Paragraph 3 (the importance of following School rules)

  1. 詳細解釋

Picture this scene: a group of naughty students are eating when the teacher is talking; some classmates are using their phones while others are doing an experiment in the laboratory; several boys are using foul languages when chatting. What do you think? Do you like to study in such a school? Do you want your schoolmates to be one of them? Great, I see that many of you are shaking your heads. Actually, in order to create an environment that is conducive to our growth and learning, everyone has the responsibility to abide by the school rules and develop self-discipline – to do the right thing at the right time. Our school is not a theme park to have entertainment, nor is it a market to chat loudly whenever you want. But don’t be afraid! It is neither a prison where you merely follow orders and instructions.

  1. 總結句

As long as every one of us follows the school rules, we can establish a good image of our school and make our alma mater an oasis of merriment and harmony. Let’s work together. Shall we?

Paragraph 4 (過渡段)

  1. 祝願結識好朋友

Besides talking about rules, I would also like to share with you some tips on developing interpersonal relationships. All of you are newcomers and you may not know each other, right? But don’t be worried! I am sure that you won’t feel solitary here and you will have scores of friends very soon.

Paragraph 5 (interpersonal relationships和achieve success的關係)

  1. 標題句

Why are interpersonal relationships an intrinsic part of the school life?

  1. 詳細解釋

Imagine if you have no faithful and genuine friends. Whenever there is a mass game in PE lessons, no one invites you to their groups. Will you feel down in the dumps? If you have a good rapport with your classmates, you can share your glee and sorrow with them; you can seek help from them when you are perplexed by school work; you can have fun with them like creeping up on them to frighten them on Sports Days or in the graduation dinner! It sounds nice, doesn’t it? Also, you may benefit from peer learning – mutual encouragement, exchange of ideas and constructive comments are vitally important and they will undoubtedly help you with your academic studies!

  1. 總結句

So starting from this moment, wear a congenial smile and always try to talk to your neighbours. I am sure they will become your confidants very soon!

Paragraph 6 ending

  1. 祝願聽眾

I hope that every one of you will make new friends very soon and have a memorable school life! Enjoy yourselves here and you will find that our school is such a cozy home!

  1. 致謝

Thank you!


正向強化是一種教育心理學中的策略,旨在通過獎勵和肯定來增強學生的正面行為和學習成果。這種方法強調正面的反饋和鼓勵,以建立學生的自信心、動機和學習興趣。以下將探討正向強化在教育中的力量以及實踐該方法的一些有效策略。 1.正向強化的基礎概念 解釋正向強化的定義和原則,包括獎勵、讚美和鼓勵的重要性。 提供正向強化的優點,例如增加學生的自信心、改善學習動機和表現。

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在孩子的教育旅程中,閱讀是一項至關重要的技能。 掌握良好的閱讀能力可以為孩子帶來無限的機會和成就感。 而Phonics(音標)是一種被廣泛使用的教學方法,可以幫助孩子建立起對字母和聲音之間關係的理解。 在本篇文章中,我們將深入探討Phonics的重要性,以及如何在孩子的學習過程中有效地應用它。

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無論是在日常生活中還是職業發展中,擁有良好的英文能力都是一個巨大的優勢。成年人學習英文可能會面臨一些挑戰,但這並不意味著我們無法掌握這門語言。這篇博文將提供一些實用的技巧和資源,幫助成年人在日常和商務場景中提高英文能力。 1. 制定明確的目標 在開始學習英文之前,明確你的目標是什麼。

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