December 5, 2022


2016 DSE English Paper 2 writing 題目【附5**高分真跡】

DSE 2016 English Paper 2 題目 答案 2016 DSE English Paper 2 Q1 Part A Part A Q1 題目 You are the President of the Students’ Union at your school. You are preparing a speech to welcome new students on the first day of school. In order to help new students achieve success and have an enjoyable school life, you want to talk about the following in your speech: importance of following school rules importance of interpersonal relationships The first part of the speech has been written for you. Finish the speech. Part A Q1 5**答案 Greeting (打招呼) Good morning Principal, teachers and fellow students, Paragraph 1 (Opening) 自我介紹 + 開啟下文 On behalf of the Students’ Union, I’d like to welcome all of you to


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