December 3, 2022


【9種Sentence Structure】DSE考生必知|助你擺脫“SVO”句式!

Sentence Structure 大全 如果你一直為句式單調乏味感到煩惱, 一直SVO SVO SVO…… 或者and完再and…… 你即使有優良內容,但缺乏漂亮的sentence structure/sentence pattern就等於功虧一簣! 如果你有以上情況 那麼你就一定要看完這篇文章! Sentence Structure例子 Prepositional Clauses 省略句 Noun Clauses Adjective Patterns Cleft Sentences(分裂句) Parallelism(排比句) Rhetorical Questions(反問句) Nominalization(名詞化) Inversion(倒裝句) Prepositional Clauses 大多會使用with/through/by,不過切記preposition不等於conjunction,句子一樣只能有一個verb! 作用1:表示因果關係 With + , + SVO Example: With the the Octopus system, we can complete our payment more conveniently 作用2:表示目的 Through/By + / v.+ing, + SVO SVO + through/by + n. / v.+ing Example: Through the cloud platform, we can upload document online easily. 省略句 省略句主要把兩句句子連結起來,然後把其中一句的動詞換成-ing型態/pp型態。 -ing型態=主動 pp型態=被動 作用1: 句子主語 + ing + v. + n. Example: Enhancing the living environment of the impoverished should be the priority of the government. 作用2: 表示同一時間發生、時間先後 (前後兩句主語必須相同) + ing + n., + SVOp.p. + n., + SVO Example: Watching the dreary movie, the couple fell asleep.


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