2022 DSE English Paper 3 Task 9 拆解 【附5**滿分真跡】

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DSE - 皇牌考試技巧班



  • 六大範疇全方位提升學生的英文水平
  • 自備過千頁獨家精讀筆記
  • 教授獨門考試技巧口訣

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2022 DSE English Paper 3 Task 9 詳解

2022 DSE English paper 3 task 9

這個task要求考生去寫一封email去回應Wan Yuen Estate Residents’s Association的控訴。



同時,要多用 入戲字 去讓marker知道我們熟知此task的語境,詳細可以看看下面的真跡。

值得注意的是,在這個task的背景下,我們所代表的機構(Shiny Diamond Lighting Limited) 並沒有做錯任何事 ,所以應該避免使用 ‘sorry’, ‘fault’, ‘blame’等字眼,而是利用data file所提供的資訊去證明自己的清白。




To: Mr Chan Kat Yi, Eric
Subject: Re: Concerns over Fortune Phoenix Towers Lighting Display

Dear Mr Chan

On behalf of Shiny Diamond Lighting Limited, I am writing to address your concern over the Fortune Phoneix Tower Lighting Display. After a meticulous review of your worries, I am afraid that there might be some misunderstandings.

In response to your concern regarding the light pollution, we understand that the light might cause some sort of disturbance to you. In point of fact, we, the Shiny Diamond Lighting Limited strictly adhere to the Light Emission Guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD). According to the EPD Light Emission Guidelines Section 18.1 which is related to light pollution prevention in Outdoor Lighting Displays, we strictly follow the rule that light emitted must not exceed levels which interfere with human sleep.

With regard to your second concern about the safety of the rotating cube. It is understandable that a bad display would lead to incidents. However, further to the incident in 2015, it is our firm belief that the accident was due to poor maintenance of the lighting display. It had soon been confirmed by Eddie Bong, the leader of an independent team of engineers investigating the incident, that it was true that the original installation had passed all safety checks. Please be noted that by law all outdoor lighting displays had to be dimmed by the building’s management by 11 pm, among other relevant regulations. You can certainly be assured that since this incident, we are now working closely with each building’s management office to ensure that regular maintenance was carried out, preventing similar accidents from happening again.

Having eased your concerns, we would like to enquire if we could meet members of the Wan Yuen Estate Residents’ Association for further discussion. Please understand that our company places an undue emphasis on road safety and cares deeply about residents living near our lighting displays.

It is earnestly hoped that the aforementioned information could address your concerns. Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to receiving your favourable reply.

Yours sincerely
Nico Lin
Shiny Diamond Display Limited

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