November 16, 2022

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2022 DSE English Paper 1 【Marking Scheme】

以下是 2022 DSE English paper 1 marking scheme Part A Part B1 Part B2 都會包含在內! 2022 DSE English paper 1 Part A 1. i) C [67] ii) C [83] iii) D [75] 2. hotly tipped [80] 3. C [54] 4. i) declining book sales [79] ii) (industry) players struggle to make a living/earn a living [71] 5. comic industry will disappear/is dying//(comic industry has) no future [37] 6. juggle [65] 7. i) artist [30] ii) illustrations//artwork//work [14] iii) sidejobs [68] 8. C [71] 9. struggling [66] 10. i) Not Given [82] ii) True [87] iii) False [77] 11. Summary Correction   [25]   [24]   [50]   [52]   [50] i) Elphonso Lam believes that the comic book will continue to gain Lose ii) revenue because original comics can be available at high costs. It is no//zero iii)easy to call yourself a comic artist as long as you have access to a publisher. Website//computer iv) If you get enough readers clicking on your online comics, you may become √ v) a traditional comic artist regardless of the quality of your work famous//successful //popular   12. Yes Evidence: anyone can be a comic artist (all you need is a website)//easier to be popular/famous/access more readers//need not (labour for years to) acquire skills to draw comics and to secure opportunities in the profession. or No Evidence: poor quality//collapse/decline of comic industry [52] 13. (a) toxic storm [38] 14. i) distribution [23] ii) vendors [29] iii) dwindling [20] 15. convenience store chains [25] 16. C [63] 17. a bigger market (if he succeeds)//prospect(s) of greater gains if he succeeds//a smaller/shrinking market in Hong Kong [54] 18. i) (first) as a writer [21] ii) roles [44] iii) licensing digital content//branching out to other sides of the business//digital content//animation//switching to different markets (or mediums) [21] iv) CEO [34] 19. A [63] 20. (to show how) culture and history/culture/history is unappreciated in Hong Kong//(to show) people in Hong Kong do not treasure/appreciate their culture and history/culture/history [61] 21.Lam/Elphonso is pessimistic/unsure/uncertain about the future of the (comic) industry//doesn’t foresee/see/think that there will be any improvement in the (comic) industry anytime soon [20] 22. i) creative//innovative//creative and (more) innovative//diversified//diverse [45] ii) have not updated their kung (-) fu(-) style (comics) [19] iii) connected//globalized//connected and globalized [34] iv) (making) money (but/and not history/culture) [63] 23. C [41] 免費試堂 2022 DSE English paper 1 Part B1 24. D [60] 25. i) JOB A [84]       ii) JOB C [27]       iii) JOB C [81]       iv) JOB B [32] 26.    Design skills Knowledge of property management Social media skills Kitchen skills [26] [78] [87] [28] JOB A √   √   JOB B   √     JOB C       √ JOB D √   √   27. advance [26] 28. JOB A        Evidence: provide(s)/create(s) (creative) designs (for the image of the retail brand)//create(s) graphics (for social media accounts) [62] 29. (a) new group of workers//(a) person with


【Upon 用法】原來有呢4個!點可以唔知!

Upon 用法 一文解決你對upon 用法的煩惱 你是不是對於英文某些詞語的用法都一知半解呢? 那麽今天就不能允許自己這樣做! 因此小編將會分享upon 4大用法,並配上相應例句! 對於preposition而言,in on at大家必然耳熟能詳,不過upon就比較少見,大家可能會對它不太熟悉! 用法一:等同於”on” Upon第一個用法就是作為on的替代品。兩者能夠相互替代!一般表示「在…上」。 用法一例句 Upon her head she wore a black velvet hat.她頭上戴著一頂黑色天鵝絨帽子。 I spilled a few drops ketchup upon her desk.我在她的桌子上灑了幾滴番茄醬。 Based upon a study conducted last year, BIM technology can reduce the cost by 30%.根據去年進行的一項研究,BIM 技術可以將成本降低 30%。 不過,注意有一些phrasal如果用on不能隨意轉成upon 免費試堂 用法二:be upon someone Upon第二個用法就不得不提“be upon someone” 表達“近在咫尺;就要來臨” 用法二例句 Another few days and summer will be upon us. 再過幾天,夏天就要到了。 免費試堂 用法三:一…就… 在這裡,Upon 的中文意思是「一…就…」,表達事情即刻、馬上發生的概念。 用法三例句 Upon leaving the house, someone robbed my home.離開家時,有人搶劫了我的家。 Upon the release of his new film, it became an instant hit.他的新片一經上映,便一炮走紅。 免費試堂 用法四:強調「龐大的數量」 當 Upon 被夾在兩個相同的「名詞」中間,具有加強、誇飾的效果,強調句子中的那個名詞。 用法四例句 Week upon week he waited, but never received a job offer from any company. 他一周又一周地等待,但從未收到任何公司的工作機會。 免費試堂 如果大家有什麼英文問題,如Spencer Lam, 好唔好咁樣學英文呀? 或者IELTS考試,成人英文/商業英文的知識及英文資源,歡迎你可以隨時再跟我多交流一下,可以Follow 「Spencer Lam English Team」 Facebook page同IG得到更多英文資訊,亦都可以上 了解更多!


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