August 10, 2022

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商業英文Email 範例 懶人包 在職場上,商業英文email就是考驗英文寫作能力的最佳部分。 不懂得撰寫商業英文email是非常吃虧的! 所以,這篇文章將會包含大量Email範例供大家參考,甚至抄考。 不想錯過就記得看完整篇文章! 商業英文Email範例 在商業上,email的種類千變萬化,所以沒有可能可以預測所有可能性。 不過,這裏會包含三大方向。 銷售和促銷電郵 商業交易電郵 管理和行政電郵 逐一看看有什麽Email範例 銷售和促銷Email範例 銷售和促銷電郵主要有兩種: 介紹產品和服務電郵 業務推廣跟進函 介紹產品和服務電郵範例 假設你正在向新顧客銷售家居用品 Email範例 Dear Miss Lung, We know what a great pleasure it is to have your own home. But do you find domestic chores tiring and time-consuming? Well, worry no more! XYZ’s Vacuum Cleaners can lift that burden from your shoulders and the dust from your floors! XYZ’s Vacuum Cleaners are the most powerful o the market – they make vacuuming a whole lot easier and faster, leaving your carpet fresh and clean as new! There are many different models to choose from – in a great array of modern and attractive colors – and we’re sure one will suit your particular needs and pocket. As soon as you become one of our valued customers you’ll realize you made a perfect choice! And right now when you purchase XYZ’s Vacuum Cleaner, you can enjoy a substantial discount by using the attached coupon. We’re sure we have just the right model for you! If you would like more information or a demonstration please call us at 12345678 and talk with our friendly staff. We look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Toby Chan XYZ’s Household Appliances 業務推廣跟進函 電郵範例 假設你正在跟進銀行服務 Email範例 Dear Miss Tong, Thank you for opening a current account with ABC Bank. we have sent you a booklet detailing the benefits you will enjoy while banking with us.  Our branch manager, Mr. Peter Sum, will contact you shortly. He will outline our services and answer any of your questions concerning your financial management. If you have any questions, please call 27868228 during office hours. Yours sincerely, Vincy Leung ABC Banking Corporation 商業交易電郵範例 商業交易電郵主要分爲5種: 業務查詢及回復電郵 報價電郵 下單電郵 財務事項電郵 投訴和調整電郵 業務查詢電郵範例 假設你正向其他公司詢問維修事項 Email範例 To whom it may concern The outer wall of our office premises needs to be repaired owing to damage caused by the recent rainstorm. Could you kindly send one of your engineers over early next week to assess the damage and give us a quote on the cost? please call me ASAP at 29872879 for further arrangements. Lam Mei Heng Manager ABC Co Ltd 業務回復電郵範例 假設其他公司曾經查詢合作事宜兒你要回復 Email範例 Dear Mr. Lo, Subsequent to your letter of 14 July 2022 concerning the possibility of business cooperation between us. I have discussed the matter with our Executive Director, Mr. Mok, carefully and we both welcome such an opportunity.  As Mr. Chan wants us to proceed with the discussion of terms and conditions for our agreement, I have enclosed a standard contract that serves as the base of our further discussion. We will be pleased to answer any of your questions arising from the discussion. I will contact you shortly and we will go into the details. Yours sincerely, Jacky Yam Sales Manager XYZ Co Ltd 報價電郵範例 假設你要發送報價表 Email範例 Dear Mr. Leung, We thank you for your enquiry of 13 June 2022 about our Life-Saving Apparatus (LSA). We are pleased to quote as follows: Life jacket HKD220.00 each Life buoy HKD1230.00 each Life


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