【DSE 英文】DSE Listening 長文答題技巧 〔Generalization〕

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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Generalization 概括

原則:  抄錄Data File時,刪去一切專有名詞和詳細例子,只寫事物總類和重點。

Data File


1.        Local newspapers, like the Apple Daily and the Oriental Daily, pollute the mind of teenagers.

1.        Some local newspapers contaminate the mind of teenagers,

2.        A student from SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School, Wong Tai Man, commented, “Regular exercise can release my pressure from studies.”

2.        Students think that they can release their pressure from studies through regular exercise.

3.        Serious injuries have tormented many famous athletes, including Kobe Bryant, Lionel Messi and Rafael Nadal.

3.        Famous athletes have become the victims of serious injuries.

4.        Sammi Cheng and Jackie Chan, who are well known artists, actively participate in philanthropic activities.

4.        Famous artists actively partake in charitable events.

5.        Students at Dyce Secondary Schoolsmanaged to invite two international speakers to give talks at their school.

(2009 AL)

5.        Schools can invite speakers to give talks from different countries. (2009 AL)

6.        I was trying to ask about the price of something and the shop assistant wouldn’t take the time to answer my questions. (2012 DSE T8)

6.        People would not take the time answering other people’s questions.

(2012 DSE T8)

7.        Enrique Ramirez, an estate agent in Kwun Tong, provides a commission-free service to help newcomers to find somewhere to live. (2012 DSE T10)

7.        Some estate agents are willing to provide a commission-free service to help  newcomers find somewhere to live.

(2012 DSE T10)

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