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Spencer Lam
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IELTS Writing 機率條件句

條件句談論一個條件(通常由“if”引入)和可能的結果或後果。 if 子句可以在結果子句之前或之後。 當 if 子句首先出現時,我們在子句之間使用逗號。 任何一個子句都可以是肯定的或否定的。

Zero conditional


If you heat water to 100°C, it boils.


Water boils if you heat it to 100°C.

我們使用Zero conditional句來談論一般事實或事實(如果與每次都具有相似的含義),例如:

If you own a car, you also have to pay for insurance and registration every year.


When I was a child, if I helped my mother, she gave me extra pocket money.


First conditional

If+現在式+will/won’t(might/could/going to)+動詞

If l invest my money, it will grow.

will/won’t(might/could/going to)+動詞+if+現在式

My money will grow if I invest it.

我們使用First conditional句來談論我們認為未來可能出現的結果,例如:

If you leave your money in the bank, you won’t earn any interest and it may lose value over time.

我們可以使用might could, or may而不是will to來暗示某事不太可能,例如:

If I invest it, I might lose it all.

或用 can 表示有時,例如:

If you travel at rush hour, the trains can be very crowded. (這有時會發生)

Second conditional

if + 過去式 + would(n’t) (might/could) + 動詞

If I invested my money, it would grow

would(n’t) (might/could) + 動詞 + if+ 過去式

My money would grow if I invested it.

我們使用Second conditional句來談論現在或未來的想像的、不可能的或不太可能的情況。 過去時不是指過去的時間,例如:

If I went travelling, I wouldn’t have any money left over.

我們可以用動詞 be 和 I/he/she/it 一起使用 was/were,例如:

That’s what I would do if I were/was you.

我們可以使用 was/were + to-infinitive 來指代未來不太可能發生的行為,例如:

If you were to spend a year travelling around the world, you’d probably need an awful lot more money than this!

Third conditional

If + 過去完成式,would(n’t) have + 過去分詞

If you’d asked me, I’d have done it.

would(n’t) have + 過去分詞 + if + 過去完成式

I’d have done it if you’d asked me.

Third conditional句描述了過去的假設情況。 我們使用Third conditional句來想像沒有發生的事情的結果,例如:

If I’d bought a second-hand car, I wouldn’t have taken out this big bank loan. (= 他買了一輛新車,所以他確實從銀行貸款)


If I’d saved more money; I might have gone on that college trip last week.

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