【Grammar小教室】介詞 3大 常犯錯!


介詞 3大 常犯錯

“In, on, at” 成日用錯、唔知邊個打邊個?唔想成日因為 Grammar 而失分?想知點樣可以令你行文更加流暢、更加native? 以下係3個 英文 介詞 常犯錯,快啲嚟記低佢,無論 DSE 、 IELTS 咩試場上都唔會跌入呢啲陷阱啦!

常犯錯 1. 形容詞和名詞後的介詞

部分形容詞後面總是跟一個特定的介詞 (preposition)

  • “At”

例:bad at, good at, surprised at

I was surprised at the number of people who came.

  • “About and with”

例:angry about, pleased about (用於形容事物)

I am pleased about your new job.

例:angry with, pleased with(用於形容人物)

I was really angry with John.

“Disappointed”後需使用“about” 或 “with”;“Worried”後則只能使用“about”:

She was pretty disappointed with / about her exam results.

I am worried about John. They are worried about the test.


  • “In”

例:decrease in, drop in, fall in, increase in, rise in:

There was an increase in attendance at this month’s meeting.

  • “Between”

表達對比兩件事,需使用“the difference between them”:

The main difference between the American and the Canadian accent is in the vowels.

  • “Of”

例:advantage of, disadvantage of, example of, number of, percentage of, use of

The number of people in my class who smoke is incredible.

常犯錯 2. 動詞後的介詞

部分動詞後面必須跟一個特定的介詞。 有時可以使用多於一個介詞,有時根據使用哪個介詞,含義會有所不同:

  • “Agree”

Agree with用於同意人或想法:

I totally agree with the government’s decision.

Agree to用於同意某事:

Both sides in the war have agreed to the ceasefire.

  • “Apologize”

Apologise to用於向某人道歉

apologise for用於為某事道歉

Mum made me go and apologise to our neighbours for breaking their window.

  • “Find out, know, learn, teach, think”


Our teacher is trying to teach us about life in the olden days.

“Think”後亦可以配搭 “about” 或 “of” 表達意見或未來計劃:

What do you think about / of the new computer lab? (意見)

I’m thinking about / of going back to university next year to finish my degree. (未來計劃)

  • “Look”

當表達注視某物時,需使用“look at”,而當表達尋找某物時,則使用“look for”:

Oh, look at the sunset! Isn’t it beautiful?

I’ve looked for my homework everywhere. Have you seen it?

常犯錯 3. 時間和地點的介詞


I came to Australia in 1988. We landed on 1st October, in the afternoon.


Let’s meet at the weekend. Are you free on Sunday at 8:00?


I have lived in Australia for 18years.


I met my husband in London.


I read some interesting new research in this month’s medical journal.


‘Where is dad?’ ‘He’s at work.’

Shall we meet at the cinema? (= meet outside the building)


‘Where are you going?’ ‘I’m just going to the library to do some work.’


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