【Relative clause用法】詳盡分析+多個例句

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Relative clause 中文 詳解

Relative clause 用法

Relative clause的中文是關係從句,可分為:

Defining relative clauses(定義關係從句)

Non-defining relative clauses(非定義關係從句)

Reduced relative pronouns(短縮關係從句)

上面3種relative clauses都會有不同的用法!


Relative clause 用法

relative clause用法
  1. Deining relative clause
  2. Non-defining relative clause
  3. Reduced relative clause

Defining relative clause(定義關係從句)

Relative clauses


The runner who is in the lead is starting to look tired.

領先的短語是定義關係從句(也稱為識別關係從句)。 本條款中的信息是必不可少的; 如果我們刪除它,則不清楚我們在談論哪個跑步者。

Relative pronouns用法

Relative clauses

Relative pronouns(關係代名詞)主要有whowhomwhosewhichthat

Relative pronouns身兼代名詞與連接詞兩種角色。一方面它代替先前出現的先行詞(名詞、代名詞或名詞片語),另一方面它用來引導關係子句,來修飾所替代的先行詞,形成複句。

我們通常用 who 來代替『人』; which 來代替『事物』或『動物』,而 that 有時候可以取代 who 或 which。

Relative pronouns 例句

Relative clauses

Sheela, who is a teacher, also works as a social worker.

The car that was stolen last month was found in a river.

Susan is the girl whom I was talking about.

The boy, whose sister is a renowned orator, is an orator himself.

The girl, who saved the little boy, was appreciated by everyone.

The teacher appreciated the student who solved the math problem.

I love the ukulele that my aunt bought me.

Shanu, who is a doctor by profession, has played the lead role in the new movie.

This is my brother who moved to New York last year.

Sid, who is my brother’s friend, won a lottery.

Teena did not return the white bag that she borrowed.

We had our college reunion dinner in the seafood restaurant, which is now closed.

My mom asked me to clean up the box, which was filled with old clothes we no longer use.

The students like their English teacher, who is from Bangalore.

Have you played the bottle game that is liked by all?

Relative adverbs 用法

Relative clauses

Relative adverbs(關係副詞)(when, where, why) 如同關係代名詞 ,引導關係子句(又稱形容詞子句)修飾先前的名詞或名詞片語。然而,關係代名詞說明「人」、「事」或「物」的關係關係副詞卻是敍述「時間」、「地方」或「原因」的關係

Relative adverbs通常取代介系詞 (in, at, on, for) 和關係代名詞 which 。

Relative adverbs 例句

Relative clauses

This is the restaurant in which we met last week.
This is the restaurant where we met last week.

關係副詞 where 取代 “in which”, 並且連接兩個子句:”This is the restaurant” 和 “we met last week”。

關係副詞 where 代替先前出現過的表示「地方」的先行詞,它所引導的形容詞子句(關係子句)” where we met last week”用來修飾先行詞”the restaurant”。

Please contact the park at which you want to volunteer.
Please contact the park where you want to volunteer. 

關係副詞 where 取代 “at which”, 並且連接兩個子句:”Please contact the park” 和 “you want to volunteer”。

關係副詞 where 代替先前出現過的表示「地方」的先行詞,它所引導的形容詞子句(關係子句)”where you want to volunteer”用來修飾先行詞”the park”。


Sunday is the day on which we usually clean our house.
Sunday is the day when we usually clean our house.

關係副詞 when 取代 “on which” 並且連接兩個子句:”Sunday is the day” 和 “we usually clean our house”。

關係副詞 when 代替先前出現過的表示「時間」的先行詞,它所引導的形容詞子句(關係子句)”when we usually clean our house”用來修飾先行詞”the day”。

Tell me the reason for which you came home late.
Tell me (the reason) why you came home late.

關係副詞 why 取代 “for which” 並且連接兩個子句:”Tell me (the reason)” 和 “you came home late”。”the reason”也可以被省略。

關係副詞 why 代替先前出現過的表示「理由」的先行詞,它所引導的形容詞子句(關係子句)”why you came home late”用來修飾先行詞”the reason”。

Non-defining relative clause(非定義關係從句)

relative clause用法

Non-defining relative clause用法

Relative clauses

我們使用非定義關係從句(也稱為非識別關係從句)來提供附加信息。 與定義關係從句不同,非定義從句中的信息不是必需的; 如果我們刪除它,這句話仍然有意義:

Samuel, who is a really nice person, is the best student in the class.

(= Samuel is the best student in the class, and, by the way, he is a nice person.)

Non-defining relative clause例句

Relative clauses

John’s mother, who lives in Scotland, has 6 grandchildren.

My friend John, who went to the same school as me, has just written a best-selling novel.

My grandmother, who is dead now, came from the North of England.

We stopped at the museum, which we had never visited before.

I’ve just come back from London, where John lives..

Yesterday I met a woman named Susan, whose husband works in London.

Reduced relative clause (短縮關係從句)

Relative clauses

Reduced relative clause用法

Relative clauses

在某些情況下,relative clause中的關係代名詞可以被省略,從而變成reduced relative clause。

Redued relative clause不會令句子原本的意思改變,甚至能更清晰,不累贅的表達句子的意思。

Reduced relative clause例句

Relative clauses

The letter which was sent to you was redirected to me.

上面是關系從句 ( Relative clauses ),但它可縮短至

The letter sent to you was redirected to me.

關系從句 ( Relative clauses )的which was 已被刪除掉了。


1. I had my car repaired yesterday.

原文是:I had my car repaired by the mechanic yesterday.

原文中的by the mechanic已被刪除掉了

2. Please show me the house rented was not meant for illegal activities.

原文是:Please show me the house which was rented was not meant for illegal activities

原文中的which was 已被刪除掉了

3. Any money paid will not be refunded.

原文是: Any money which had been paid will not be refunded.

原文中的which had been 已被刪除掉了

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