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Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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Part B Listening 長文答題技巧

DSE Eng Paper 3 點先攞到5**? 以下係 Part B Listening 長文答題技巧!

Rebutting accusations // Solving problems

Rebutting accusations: 
寫完全部質詢,才一併回應 寫完1個質詢 ,馬上回應
Solving problems:
寫完全部問題,才一併提解決方法 寫完1個問題,馬上提解決方法

Example 1 (Rebutting accusations)

Complaint about the food provided in campus canteens. (DSE PP T7)​

7.1I am writing in response to an article published in Hong Kong Journal on 2 January 2012, which criticized the food provided at Hong Kong Metropolitan University. I hope this letter can address public concerns.
7.2There are only two restaurants.A new restaurant is opening in February.
7.3The canteen only provides rice, meat and vegetables.The canteen provides tuna salad sandwiches // bean salad // seafood spaghetti with cauliflower.
7.4There are no alternatives to meat.The canteen provides tomato and cucumber salad // fruit salad // vegetarian fried rice
7.5The canteen is old-fashioned

–          The canteen will be decoratedat Christmas.

–          It is a Shanghai-style canteen.

EndingHopefully, this letter can address public concerns. Our university will strive to provide high-quality and diversified food for our students.

Example 2 (Solving problems) (2012 DSE T10)

Suggest some ways to solve the problems faced by newcomers (DSE 2012 T10)

OpeningWhen coming to Hong Kong, new immigrants often face a multitude of problems. Fortunately, Hong Kong is a caring society, providing them with help and support.
10.1Newcomers have difficulty finding somewhere to live.An estate agent provides a commission-free service to help newcomers find somewhere to live.
10.2It is difficult for children to find a school.

–          School application form filling service is provided.

–          The service is offered by Cultural Commons

10.3Newcomers have difficulty finding medical care.Free clinics are offered by doctors.
10.4It is difficult for newcomers to find free legal advice.

–          Lawyers offer pro bono / free services to newcomers.

–          The services are provided through community-based legal advice scheme

10.5It is difficult for children to make new friends.

–          They can make friends in youth clubs.

–          They can participate in sports teams.

–          The youth clubs and sports teams are organized by Cultural Commons.

EndingHopefully, with the help provided by various organizations, the newcomers can overcome their difficulties, integrating into the community and living a fruitful life.

Salutation and Complimentary Close(上款和下款)


Salutation (上款)

Complimentary Close (下款)

Formal – 不知人名

  • Dear Sir/Madam,
  •  Dear Editor,
  •  Dear Chairperson,
  • Dear Principal,
  • Dear Parents,
  •   Yours faithfully,
  •   Yours truly,


Formal –知人名


  • Dear Mr. Wong
  •  Dear Mrs. Tam,
  • Yours sincerely,
  • Yours truly,



  •   Dear Uncle Patrick,
  •   Dear Tracy,
  •  Yours,
  •  Love,
  • With love,
  • Best wishes,
  • Regards,

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