【DSE】 DSE Eng Paper 3 5大失分陷阱!


DSE Eng Paper 3 失分陷阱

驚跌入 DSE Eng Paper 3 常犯錯 陷阱?DSE Eng Paper 3 點先攞到5**? 正所謂 知己知彼,百戰百勝, 以下細數5個 DSE Eng Paper 3 最多人中嘅 陷阱 。學識點樣避免 ,DSE Eng Paper 3 5** 話咁易!

陷阱 1

同一個內容重點可能會分散在兩個Data,閱讀Data File時要自己整合,完整寫出重點。


Data 1: They have a free programme; they take in all kinds of unwanted exotic pets and look after them until a new home can be found

Data 2: This year the Orphan Programme was again run…

答案: We have been running a completely free of charge Orphan Programme in which we take in all kinds of unwanted exotic pets and look after them till we find a new home for them


Email 1: We expect the course to last for 5 hours a day.

Email 2: We will need one more hour for each lesson.

答案: The course is going to last for 6 hours (5+1).

陷阱 2


Can you write the article? As well as the basic facts can you also include:

  • The significance of the restaurant’s name
  • The basic concept of the restaurant

The Eat Yourself Fitter Week Slogan

陷阱 3



Tell them about the contestants.

Data File:

To: Ho Chun Yu

From: Donnie Kwok

Subject: Re: Super Chef

Thank you for agreeing to be in our Super Chef Competition.

陷阱 4


陷阱: I’d like to propose it to be from the third to the ninth.

更改: How about extending it for two more days?

答案: March 3-March 11 (Mar 9 + 2 days = Mar 11)

陷阱: We had it from ten till eight last year.

更改: Maybe we can extend it for another hour.

答案: 10a.m. – 9 p.m. (8 p.m. + 1 hour = 9 p.m.)

陷阱 5

任何信件的上款不應該寫收件人的全名(千萬不要寫Dear Peter Leung!!)

Formal Letter的上款應該只寫收件人的姓氏Informal Letter的上款應該只寫收件人的名字

Formal Letter

Dear Mr. Leung,

Informal Letter

Dear Peter,

如果大家有什麼英文問題,如Spencer Lam, 好唔好咁樣學英文呀? 或者IELTS考試,成人英文/商業英文的知識及英文資源,歡迎你可以隨時再跟我多交流一下,可以Follow 「Spencer Lam English Team」 Facebook pageIG得到更多英文資訊,亦都可以上 https://spencerlam.hk/ 了解更多!


前言 每一份工作都不一定是我們的終身工作,想要轉工,遞交辭職信是必不可少的步驟。 那麼,我們應該如何撰寫辭職信呢?要知道一封好的辭職信能讓原僱主有一個更好的印象,並令尋找下一份工作的難度大大降低。 辭

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前言 想要與某人成為情侶關係,表白示愛這一過程是必不可少的。 那麼,該如何表白才能顯得特別呢?下文將會教你數句可以用於表白的英文。 我愛你 除了最常說的I love you 之外,其實還有以下數種說法

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前言 近日天氣十分炎熱,不少上班族因經常日夜顛倒,加上30多度的天氣,身體情況不容樂觀,甚至要請病假。 那麼,你知道該如何用英文請病假嗎? 範例 Morning, I haven’t been fee

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