June 29, 2022

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Speaking技巧必用句式 (1) 平時你可能會講: I think we can organize a competition 5**狀元必用句式: How about Verb+ing…❓ How about organizing a competition 可見❗️簡單咁講普通句子變問題 就已經有好唔同嘅感覺 Speaking技巧必用句式 (2) 平時你可能會講: In my opinion, we can organize a language course. 5**狀元必用句式: It seems to me that organizing a language course is a great idea❗️ Speaking技巧必用句式 (3) 平時你可能會講: We know that exchanging programmes can make student experience more culture. 5**狀元必用句式: As we all know, exchanging programmes can enable us to broaden our horizons. Speaking技巧 Interaction Skills (1) 同意回應 3步曲 平時你可能會講:Yes❗️ I agree with you…… 5**狀元必用句式:同意人地唔係就咁agree就算我地會建議同學做3部曲1. Exactly❗️ (唔係成日I agree with you 咁長)2. It’s great that you raised the point that + SVO (重組人地講嘅嘢)3. Take XX as an example (以例子深化人地嘅point) Speaking技巧 Interaction Skills (2) 同意回應 3步曲 平時你可能會講: Yep❗️that’s good❗️ 5**狀元必用句式: 回應三部曲 That’s true (同上星期👆👆嗰個exactly一樣作用) Just like


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