Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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1. fatal (adj.)

Drug abuse can be fatal. Therefore, we should not do so

2. deadly (adj.)

Smoking is deadly, which may cause a lot of chronic diseases

3. lethal (adj.)

After a couple of minutes, the house was full of lethal fumes.

4. ponder (v.)

he sat back to ponder on the next step of the career plan


(記得一定要加on – ponder on)

5. reflect (v.)

The director needs some time to reflect on what to do.

6. ruminate (v.)

he ruminated for months about whether to tell her the truth or not.

7. indignation

Some citizens vented their indignation with the government’s plan

8. exasperation

 his exasperation by scolding the young man.

9. Outrage

The Zodiac Killer has provoked outrage across the country in the 1960s.

10. Pearl of the Orient 東方之珠

Hong Kong, the pearl of the Orient, will shine more brilliantly than ever.

11. gourmet paradise 飲食天堂

Hong Kong is a gourmet paradise. You can taste various food from different countries.

12. vibrant city 動感之都

Hong Kong is surely a vibrant city. We can enjoy a lot of entertainment here.

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