【DSE】Speaking 5** 必用句式

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Speaking 5** 必用句式

今日 Spencer Sir 會同大家分享幾個喺 Speaking 會用得上嘅幾個必用句式,同學可以喺 Speaking 用上呢啲句式,從而喺 Speaking 考核中表現得更好

1. Giving Reasons

當你需要解釋原因的時候,可以用One of the reasons for … is… / The major reason for … is… / The reason why + SVO + is …


例句:The reason why teenagers should develop social skills is to avoid the terrible conversationalists.

2. Explaining Impacts

當你想要解釋事件帶來的影響時,可以用There are a number of consequences. One of them is …

如果想表明是正面影響,可以用One of the benefits / positive effects would be …

如果想表明是負面影響,可以用This can harm / do harm to / pose harm to…


例句:One of the positive effects would be an economic recovery.

3. Giving Example

當你想說出例子作闡述時,可以用Take … as an example, … / Take, for example, …

如果想引用研究結果作例子,可以用A research study conducted by … reflects/shows/indicates/tells us that + SVO.



Take my personal experience as an example, cyberbullying will affect the victim’s daily life

4. Making comparison & contrast

當你需要進行比較時,可以用In the old days, … . Nowadays / These days/Currently / As of now/In this day and age, …


例句:In the old days, teenagers purchased a phone solely for communication purposes. These days, smartphones have become a symbol of social status.

5. Classification

當你需要進行分類說明時,可以用In the short run, … . In the long run, …/ For…, …. For …, …


例句:In the short run, they can take up the good habit of frugality and start saving money. In the long run, activities like investment simulation can equip students.

6. Lengthening Elaboration

當你想延伸去解釋,可以用There is no doubt that/ It is beyond doubt that … // No doubt/Doubtless/Without doubt, …


例句:…There is no doubt that this can stimulate students’ interest in learning.

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