【IELTS】獨家speaking 框架 (step by step)

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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尤其part 2要講好多野






Talk about a teacher you know?

Step 1: 佢係邊個❓你點識佢❓

Step 2: 佢係咩樣❓佢做咩❓

Step 3: 佢做過咩❓點影響你❓

Step 4: 佢有咩特別❓你點佢嘅感覺❓


  1. I would like to talk about Mr. Yeung. He is my form 2 Mathematic teacher and class teacher
  1. Yeung is a really sporty man. He always wears a T-shirt and pants. I heard someone say that he ran every day at 6 am to my secondary school
  1. I had always been weak in Mathematics at school. But he helps me improve my mathematics level and provoke my interest in Mathematics.
  1. He always explains all the concepts very easily and clearly, so a lot of students if not all understand the topic he is teaching. Also, he is willing to answer all the questions from students for addressing their confusion. To me, he is a really responsible and enthusiastic teacher and he is always my role model.


Talk about a person who looked after you as a child



Talk about a flat or house you would like to own one day

Step 1 : 係咩地方❓起邊度❓ (時地人)

Step 2 : 佢係咩樣❓ (形容詞放題)

Step 3 : 佢嘅目的❓ (Purpose)

Step 4 : 有咩特別❓你對佢嘅感覺❓  (昇華 – 形容詞)

  1. It’s located in the mid-level, close to all the best restaurants and shops.
  1. We adopted the most modern architectural structure. The apartment would have at least 2 huge bedrooms, one lounge, a massive kitchen and one or two bathrooms. The style would be modern. The flat would be very bright and airy, with lots of windows that have great views.
  1. It would be perfect for my family to live in. A new, gleaming kitchen would be great for preparing delicious dishes for our friends and the guests could be entertained in a comfortable and relaxing setting room.
  1. I know that this kind of flat will be difficult to buy as my family is not very rich. But I think almost everybody would be happy to live in a flat like this- I just hope that one day I can!


Talk about the museum you have visited

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