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Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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IELTS 詞語配搭

IELTS 要有7分以上好重要嘅係詞語配搭


ability (能力)

Nurture (培養) linguistic/ athletic ability

Example: Participating in the basketball club can nurture your athletic ability.

Example: We can enhance the linguistic ability through reading every day

acceptance (接納)

win public acceptance

Example:Keung To won public acceptance from the public with his brilliant performance.

change (改變)

  1. lead to (導致) the drastic change
  2. propose (提出) far-reaching change

Example: The new policy led to drastic changes in Japan.

chance (機會)

seize (抓緊) chance


Example: Please seize this excellence chance of enhancing your English.

Example: He blew the chance of salvaging his marriage as he refused to admit his fault

concern (關注)

arouse (引起)/ raise (引起) deep (深切) concern

Example: The recent suicides of students have aroused deep concern about the workload in school

Example: I am writing to voice my serious concern about the drug-abuse problem.

development (發展)

Facilitate/ promote (促進) all-round development

Example: The conservation of cultural heritage facilitates tourism.

Example: Joining extra-curricular activities can promote the all-around development of teenagers.

difficulty (困難)

cause (造成)  immense (巨大)/ insurmountable (不能克服的) difficulty

 Example: Language barriers have caused great difficulties for ethnic minorities.

difference (不同)

make (創造)/ tell (分辨)

significant (重大的)/ fundamental (本質上)  difference

Example: Although many students are not performing well, they can make a difference by working hard.

Example: Even a child can easily tell the fundamental difference between a deer and a horse.

effect (影響)

bring immense (巨大)/ far-reaching (深遠) effects

Example: The First World War brought immense effects to people around the world.

Example: The far-reaching effects of the new policy cannot be underestimated.

education (教育)

Provide compulsory (強制的) / tertiary / university (大學的) education


Example: The government has provided compulsory education for Hong Kong school students.

Example: Through providing tertiary education for students, students can sharpen their competitiveness.

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