Speaking技巧 題目分析 必用句式【5**狀元秘密】

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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5** Speaking技巧

係咪以為 Speaking 除咗練之外冇得温?今日 Spencer Sir 就教下大家一啲 speaking 嘅技巧啦

Step by step 題目分析

How can people find out about X?


how you can find information about international and national news about X?

Step 1: 講其他人用開嘅方法
Step 2: 做啲咩去囉到最新資訊
Step 3: 要補充啲方法有幾可信


step 1:

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to stay on top of current events. There are many different sources of news. There are newsstands in every major city selling all kinds of magazines and newspapers, which often run interesting features on everything from fashion to international affairs.

step 2:
But generally, I surf the Internet to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the blogs.

step 3:
Though some bloggers aren’t very objective, their opinions are an

Should people be given X?

例如:Do you think that students should be required to wear a school uniform?

Step 1: 揀應該定唔應該
Step 2: show俾考官睇你係關心其他人而唔係自己
Step 3: 原因

step 1:
Absolutely not! I strongly believe that students should have the freedom to wear what they like in school.

step 2:
I think it’s unfair to make children all look the same. A school is a place for hard work and study, but also a place for children to learn to become individuals with their own styles, ideas and

step 3:
Young people ought to be given more choice in what they wear. If children are controlled too much when they are young, they can become very rebellious in later years.



大家係咪講完句 Shall we get started now? 就停左呢


Today, we’re going to prepare for a + presentation / talk / exhibition / booklet / leaflet (視乎題目要求)

轉 topic 句式

轉 topic 成日都好生硬?想好似 5** 同學仔咁自然轉換 topic,你可以背下以下嘅句子:

Let’s explore this issue from different perspectives.

Since we are running out of time, shall we put our focus on xxx first and discuss other details later.

Individual response 句式

突然間要答條冇準備過嘅問題,答到口窒窒 er..er..er..咁?


  • Frankly, + SVO老實說
  • When talking about + n., I think that + SVO
  • When it comes to …, I agree that + SVO



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