【IELTS Speaking Marking Scheme】4大評分準則|5個Band Score的表現

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IELTS - 皇牌考試技巧班



✓ 提升理解文章中心思想&速讀能力,極簡單地掌握>90%的內容
✓ 大幅提高Reading答對率,長問答最少都可獲得一半或以上的分數
✓ 瀑布式寫作,輕鬆爆Point寫不停,不用再邊寫邊停低思考

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IELTS Speaking score

IELTS speaking marking scheme



IELTS speaking marking scheme

IELTS Oral 評分準則

IELTS Speaking Marking Criteria

IELTS 口語測驗評分標準是根據四個評分標準來評定考生的口語表現。這四個評分標準是:

  1. 口語溝通能力:考生能否流暢、清晰、自然地表達自己的意見和思想,並且能夠理解對話內容,參與交流。

  2. 語言應用能力:考生能否使用正確的文法、詞彙和語調來表達自己的意見和思想,並且能夠適當地使用各種語言結構。

  3. 語言豐富度和流暢度:考生能否使用豐富多樣的詞彙和表達方式來描述和解釋事物,並且能夠流暢地連貫表達自己的意見。

  4. 發音和語調:考生能否正確發音,使用適當的語調和節奏來表達自己的意見和情感,並且能夠讓聽眾理解自己的表達。

根據這四個評分標準,IELTS 口語測驗的評分分為 0-9 分。其中,9 分為最高分,表示考生的口語表現非常優秀,而 0 分表示考生未能做出有效的口語表現。


IELTS Speaking Marking Criteria

IELTS Speaking score

IELTS官方有提供文獻指出IELTS Speaking的marking scheme。


Fluency and Coherence

Fluency and Coherence

This criterion refers to the ability to talk with normal levels of continuity, rate and effort and to link ideas and language together to form coherent, connected speech. The key indicators of fluency are speech rate and speech continuity. The key indicators of coherence are logical sequencing of spoken sentences, clear marking of stages in a discussion, narration or argument, and the use of cohesive devices (e.g. connectors, pronouns and conjunctions) within and between sentences.

Lexical Resource

Lexical Resource

This criterion refers to the range of vocabulary the candidate can use and the precision with which meanings and attitudes can be expressed. The key indicators are the variety of words used, the adequacy and appropriacy of the words used, and the ability to paraphrase or circumlocution (get round a vocabulary gap by using other words) with or without noticeable hesitation.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy

Grammatical Range and Accuracy

This criterion refers to the range and the accurate and appropriate use of the candidate grammatical resource. The key indicators of the grammatical range are the length and complexity of the spoken sentences, the appropriate use of subordinate clauses, and the range of structures and sentence forms. The key indicators of grammatical accuracy are the frequency of grammatical errors in a given performance and the communicative effect of such errors.



This criterion refers to the ability to produce a comprehensible speech to fulfil the Speaking test requirements. The key indicators are the range of phonological features used to convey meaning, the amount of strain caused to the listener, and the amount of the speech which is unintelligible.

IELTS Speaking 5.0 band criteria

The candidate tries to keep the speech flowing but their hesitation gets in the way. The responses are rather short, the candidate tries to use linking words but they seem forced. Only simple sentences are fluent, in the more complex ones the coherence is much worse. There are repetitions of the same words and the same sentence structures. The candidate’s pronunciation is not very good, which includes incorrect stress in words.

IELTS Speaking 5.5 band criteria

The candidate gives short answers, is not willing to talk at length. Responses answer exactly what he’s being asked. He hesitates a little and sometimes uses linking words incorrectly. His vocabulary is simple but sufficient for him to talk on the subject and make himself clear. The grammar of simple sentences is mostly accurate, but there are several errors in more complex sentences, many of which are left incomplete. There are many mispronounced words.

IELTS Speaking 6.0 band criteria

The candidate is willing to talk at length, not always directly answering the question. The speech is mostly fluent with some hesitation and repetition. Usage of linking words (such as ‘however’, ‘on the one hand’, ‘then again’, etc) is there, but not always they are used appropriately or accurately. The vocabulary is large enough for the candidate to speak on the given topic and he is easy to understand, even if there are some grammatical errors. The candidate uses both simple and complex sentence structures; but it shows that the grammar in the complex ones is harder for him to control. The pronunciation is mostly correct with occasional errors.

IELTS Speaking 6.5 band criteria

The candidate can talk at length without much hesitation or repetition. His sentences are easy to follow – the information has a sequence and he uses linking words to move smoothly from one idea to another. His vocabulary includes not only simple but also sophisticated words on the subject, even if sometimes the choice of a word is inappropriate, the meaning is perfectly clear. Strong accent gets in the way of correct pronunciation.

IELTS Speaking 7.0 band criteria

The candidate speaks smoothly without much effort. The linking words are used naturally and in the right places. He doesn’t cover the whole subject in his answers. His vocabulary is appropriate but not sophisticated and doesn’t show variations, the language is fluent but relatively simple. He uses some idioms and sometimes does that inappropriately. The control of grammar is good, the mistakes are rare. His pronunciation is good and the accent doesn’t get in the way.

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