IELTS speaking marking scheme 4大評分準則

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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IELTS speaking marking scheme



IELTS speaking
marking scheme

Assessment Criteria (4大)

Fluency and Coherence

This criterion refers to the ability to talk with normal levels of continuity, rate and effort and to link ideas and language together to form coherent, connected speech. The key indicators of fluency are speech rate and speech continuity. The key indicators of coherence are logical sequencing of spoken sentences, clear marking of stages in a discussion, narration or argument, and the use of cohesive devices (e.g. connectors, pronouns and conjunctions) within and between sentences.

Lexical Resource

This criterion refers to the range of vocabulary the candidate can use and the precision with which meanings and attitudes can be expressed. The key indicators are the variety of words used, the adequacy and appropriacy of the words used, and the ability to paraphrase or circumlocution (get round a vocabulary gap by using other words) with or without noticeable hesitation.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy

This criterion refers to the range and the accurate and appropriate use of the candidate grammatical resource. The key indicators of the grammatical range are the length and complexity of the spoken sentences, the appropriate use of subordinate clauses, and the range of structures and sentence forms. The key indicators of grammatical accuracy are the frequency of grammatical errors in a given performance and the communicative effect of such errors.


This criterion refers to the ability to produce a comprehensible speech to fulfil the Speaking test requirements. The key indicators are the range of phonological features used to convey meaning, the amount of strain caused to the listener, and the amount of the speech which is unintelligible.

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