IELTS 7.5 寫作必學句式 【附確實使用情況】!

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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Writing Task 1 句式

Task 1 Introduction

1. A Glance at the two diagrams provided reveals the…(topic)
2. Given are (number) graphs comparing/indicating the (topic)
3. Given is a diagram illustrating the process. by which….

Task 1 Content

1. By far the most common form of (topic), (items) has a staggering number of…
2. (Rank) in terms of (topic), meanwhile, is…
3. (Adverb, e.g.. Equally, highly) predictable is the fact that…
4. Numbering some (counts), (items) was (rank) for this group.
5. Followed by (items)…
6. With regard to (topic), the figures are much lower/higher throughout the world
7. One particularly interesting fact highlighted by the figure is that…
8. It is evident from the information provided that…
9. Before the…, it is first necessary for the…
10. The former is…while the latter are…

Task 1 Conclusion

1. It was worth mentioning that…
2. Also noteworthy is the fact that…

Writing Task 2 句式

Task 2 Introduction

1. The Phenomena, explained with quotes or strong sentences
2. Views from both sides (While some are of the view that…the opposition…)
3. Preview the essay
a. Agree/Disagree/My opinion…: My stances (I hold the fervent belief that…/I disprove of the notion as…)
b. Other types: In this essay, I aim to explore…(first part), and
simultaneously (second part)

Task 2 Paragraph 1

THE STRONGEST and CONVINCING POINT (Agree/Disagree/My opinion)

The first part (other types)
1. The most prominent
advantage/importance…(topic sentence)
2. Explanation, better in short but sufficient
3. Examples, examples, examples
4. Strong closing sentences (with a question, a quote…)

Task 2 Paragraph 2

Logical debate using the 9 skills, or another point (Optional, with abundant time
only and write at last)
1. Either the formula from paragraph 1 or 3

Task 2 Paragraph 3


The second part (other types)
1. The topic sentence (Apart from that, … should never be overlooked…/ … in
fact …)
2. Argument from opposition
3. Debate (Thru the 9 skills)
4. Examples, examples, questioning back
5. Closing sentence, setting things straight (It is the … instead of … serving the purpose of …)

Task 2 Conclusion

1. Concluding sentences (In a nutshell / in summation / in drawing things to a close…)
2. Re-emphasize the +ve/-ve points upon my stances/importance of concerning the issue
3. Hoping/Foreseeing about the future

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