【IELTS speaking sample 範例】值得一睇 【3 Part全包】

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
英文補習名師,港大一級榮譽,多年英文補習經驗,歷年來曾教授超過1000名學生,學生遍及各大名校,由初中至成人英語皆可因材施教,獲《TVB》、《Now TV》、《經濟一週》、《晴報》、《親子王》、《經濟日報》等專訪

IELTS speaking sample

IELTS speaking part 1

Tell me about your usual daily routine.
I usually get up around 8:00 a.m. Over breakfast, I always have a cup of coffee while reviewing my study notes.’ I usually take the bus to school after that.
I frequently meet up with my classmates in the corridor before class to gossip about life and school.
I always go straight home after school and begin working on my homework while my mother prepares dinner. I usually go to bed around ten o’clock.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I enjoy listening to hip-hop and rock music, as well as hanging out with friends and reading novels. At my school, I also participate in a reading group. Over dinner, we frequently get together and discuss the most recent books we’ve read. It’s interesting to discuss and hear different perspectives on the books we’ve all read.

IELTS speaking part 2

In relation to the grandmother. My parents were both working, so my grandmother, who is also my father’s mother, had to care for me.
My grandmother is a wonderful person. Her hair has always been a brilliant white as far as I can remember, but she is self-conscious about it and wears a shoulder-length wig to hide it. Gran is really short, probably about 4 foot something, but she seems even shorter because she has a permanent stoop. When I think of my grandmother’s appearance, the first thing that comes to mind is her perpetually smiling face – she has a very kind, wrinkled face. She tried to keep me entertained and find interesting things for us to do together, despite the fact that she was a little elderly and had to take care of the house as well as me. I remember running into the garden and hiding so well that she couldn’t find me when we were playing hide and seek at home. It took me a long time to decide to come out, and my grandmother was relieved because she had almost called the cops!
My grandmother has always instilled in me the virtues of patience and understanding toward others. She worked as a nurse for many years, and I don’t think I would have pursued nursing if it hadn’t been for her. Gran was a wonderful role model for me as a child, and I still admire her as an adult. I hope to have children and grandchildren someday, and I hope to be as good a grandmother as my grandmother is.

IELTS speaking part 3

Do you believe that team sports can teach children a lot?
Yes, I agree. Children must learn to collaborate and work in groups, as well as develop leadership skills. Sport is also a good way for kids to learn to compete in a mature way. It is also critical that children maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. It’s been proven, for example, that children who learn to play team sports as children grow up to be more understanding and cooperative adults as adults.

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