IELTS speaking 題目 可能比你想像更有條理

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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IELTS speaking Part 2 題目

  1. People
  2. About a place
  3. About a city/country
  4. About things
  5. About academics
  6. About activities and events
IELTS Speaking 題目

1. People

  • An Intelligent Person
  • An Interesting Person
  • A Successful Person
  • A Polite Person
  • A Famous Person
  • A Famous Foreign Person
  • A Famous Person From Your Country
  • A Leader You Admire
  • A Person Who Has An Integesting Job
  • A Person You Like to Spend Time With
  • A Person You Enjoy Tallking Tô STAR
  • A Person with an Important Job.
  • A Time When You Helped Somcone
  • A Time When Someoie Helped You
  • A Person Who Taught You A Useful Skill
  • A Good Parent
  • A Good Student
  • A Popular Band, Musician or Singer
  • A Comedian/Comic Actor
  • A TV or film character
  • A Film About A Real Person or Event)

People 攻略

  1. Who he is
  2. How you know about him
  3. How he impressed you
  4. And explain what you have learnt from him

2. About a place

About a place

• A Crowded Place
• An Interesting Public Place
• A Tourist Attraction You Visited
• A Street
• A Restaurant
• A Cafe
• A Building
• A School that You Attended
• An Important Building
• An Interesting Shop
• A Shopping Street
• A Workplace
• A Place You Worked or Studied
• ALibrary that You Visited
• The Room You Spend the Most Time in
• A Place to Listen to Music
• APlace Far From Home Where You Stayed

About a place 攻略

  1. How the place looks like
  2. What you liked about it
  3. What you disliked about it
  4. And explain whether there is-anything that can be done to improve

3. About a city/ country

About a city/ country
  • An Interesting Country
  • A Foreign Place You Would Like to Travel to
  • A Forcign Country You Would like to Visit
  • An Important City
  • A City You Would Like to Visit
  • A City You Have Visited
  • A City or Town You Visited
  • Recent changes to your hometown

About a city/ country 攻略

  1. When you visited
  2. How it was like
  3. How the place impressed you
  4. And explain whether you like it or not

4. About things

About things
  • Something you cannot live without
  • Something you forgot
  • Something you lost
  • Something you saved for
  • Something you did to belp
  • Something you brought but don’t often use
  • Something you shared
  • Something special from a holiday
  • Something expensive youwould-buy
  • Your first cell-phone.
  • A product you were dissatisfied with
  • Problematic equipment
  • A piece of electronic equiprient
  • Your favourite way of communicating

About things 攻略

  1. When you owned it
  2. How much it costs
  3. Whether you like using it
  4. And explain what you use it for.

5. About academics

About academics
  • Describe your favourite subject

About academics 攻略

  1. What the subject is
  2. When you started studying the subject
  3. Why you like it
  4. Explain how the subject benefits-you

6. About activities and events

About activities and events
  • A wedding
  • A happy marriage
  • A situation that made you a little angry
  • Your first day
  • An occasion when you had to be polite.
  • A family celebration you attended
  • A perfect holiday
  • A sports event you would like to attend,
  • A Recent change to your life
  • A time when you were late
  • A move to a new school or home
  • A difficult thing you did well
  • A positive change in your life
  • A photograph of you

About activities and events 攻略

  1. What you did in it
  2. Who you were with
  3. Where you had it
  4. And explain why it means the most to you

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