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【IELTS speaking sample 範例】值得一睇 【3 Part全包】

IELTS speaking sample IELTS speaking part 1 Tell me about your usual daily routine.I usually get up around 8:00 a.m. Over breakfast, I always have a cup of coffee while reviewing my study notes.’ I usually take the bus to school after that. I frequently meet up with my classmates in the corridor before class to gossip about life and school. I always go straight home after school and begin working on my homework while my mother prepares dinner. I usually go to bed around ten o’clock. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? I enjoy listening to hip-hop and rock music, as well as hanging out with friends and reading novels. At my school, I also participate in a reading group. Over dinner, we frequently get together and discuss the most recent books we’ve read. It’s interesting to discuss and hear different perspectives on the books we’ve all read. IELTS speaking part 2 TELL ME ABOUT A PERSON WHO WAS AFTER YOU WHEN YOU WERE A CHILD? In relation to the grandmother. My parents were both working, so my grandmother, who is also my father’s mother, had to care for me. My grandmother is a wonderful person. Her hair has always been a brilliant white as far as I can remember, but she is self-conscious about it and wears a shoulder-length wig to hide it. Gran is really short, probably about 4 foot something, but she seems even shorter because she has a permanent stoop. When I think of my grandmother’s appearance, the first thing that comes to mind is her perpetually smiling face – she has a very kind, wrinkled face. She tried to keep me entertained and find interesting things for us to do together, despite the fact that she was a little elderly and had to take care of the house as well as me. I remember running into the garden and hiding so well that she couldn’t find me when we were playing hide and seek at home. It took me a long time to decide to come out, and my grandmother was relieved because she had almost called the cops! My grandmother has always instilled in me the virtues of patience and understanding toward others. She worked as a nurse for many years, and I don’t think I would have pursued nursing if it hadn’t been for her. Gran was a wonderful role model for me as a child, and I still admire her as an adult. I hope to have children and grandchildren someday, and I hope to be as good a grandmother as my grandmother is. IELTS speaking part 3 Do you believe that team sports can teach children a lot? Yes, I agree. Children must learn to collaborate and work in groups, as well as develop leadership skills. Sport is also a good way for kids to learn to compete in a mature way. It is also critical that children maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. It’s been proven,


IELTS speaking 題目 可能比你想像更有條理

IELTS speaking Part 2 題目 People About a place About a city/country About things About academics About activities and events 1. People An Intelligent Person An Interesting Person A Successful Person A Polite Person A Famous Person A Famous Foreign Person A Famous Person From Your Country A Leader You Admire A Person Who Has An Integesting Job A Person You Like to Spend Time With A Person You Enjoy Tallking Tô STAR A Person with an Important Job. A Time When You Helped Somcone A Time When Someoie Helped You A Person Who Taught You A Useful Skill A Good Parent A Good Student A Popular Band, Musician or Singer A Comedian/Comic Actor A TV or film character A Film About A Real Person or Event) People 攻略 Who he is How you know about him How he impressed you And explain what you have learnt from him 2. About a place • A Crowded Place • An Interesting Public Place • A Tourist Attraction You Visited • A Street • A Restaurant • A Cafe • A Building • A School that You Attended • An Important Building • An Interesting Shop • A Shopping Street • A Workplace • A Place You Worked or Studied • ALibrary that You Visited • The Room You Spend the Most Time in • A Place to Listen to Music • APlace Far From Home Where You Stayed About a place 攻略 How the place looks like What you liked about it What you disliked about it And explain whether there is-anything that can be done to improve 3. About a city/ country An Interesting Country A Foreign Place You Would Like to Travel to A Forcign Country You Would like to Visit An Important City A City You Would Like to Visit A City You Have Visited A City or Town You Visited Recent changes to your hometown About a city/ country 攻略 When you visited How it was like How the place impressed you And explain whether you like it or not 4. About things Something you cannot live without Something you forgot Something you lost Something you saved for Something you did to belp Something you brought but don’t often use Something you shared Something special from a holiday Something expensive youwould-buy Your first cell-phone. A product you were dissatisfied with Problematic equipment A piece of electronic equiprient Your favourite way of communicating About things 攻略 When you owned it How much it costs Whether you like using it And explain what you use it for. 5. About academics Describe your favourite subject About academics 攻略 What the subject is When you started studying the subject Why you like it Explain how the subject benefits-you 6. About activities and events A wedding A happy marriage A situation that made you a little angry Your first day An occasion when you had to be polite. A family celebration you attended A perfect holiday A sports event you would like


IELTS writing 從0開始,帶你認識 【懶人包】

IELTS writing(academic) IELTS 學術寫作卷 時間 60 mins IELTS 學術寫作卷 考試內容 全卷共 2 題:第 1 題為總結題,以不 少於 150 字總結或解述表格、圖表、 曲線圖等資料;第 2 題則要求考生撰 寫一篇不少於 250 字的文章。 IELTS 學術寫作卷 Task 1 你將看到一個圖表或列表,並需要以自己的文字描述、總結或說明資料。題目可能會要求你描述和闡述資料、描述流程各個階段、 事物如何運作或描述一個物件、計劃或設計。 考生建議於 20 分內寫完150 字的描述。 IELTS 學術寫作卷 Task 1 例子 題目類型大致包括: Bar chart Line chart Pie chart Table Diagram Map IELTS 學術寫作卷 Task 2 你需要撰寫論文以回應觀點、論點或問題。 你需要運用自己的知識和經驗,以相關例子支持你的觀點。考生需按題目分析及表達個人意見或做優缺點比較等 IELTS 學術寫作卷 Task 2 例子 The chart below shows the amount spent on six consumer goods in four European countries.Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below. A secondary student should be allowed to use mobile phones in school.To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? IELTS writing(genreal training) IELTS 通用寫作卷 時間 60 mins IELTS 通用寫作卷 考試內容 全卷共 2 題:第 1 題為情境題,要求 考生撰寫一封不少於 150 字的信;第 2 題則要求考生撰寫一篇不少於 250 IELTS 通用寫作卷 Task 1 Task 1 則與 Academic 組有別,通常為書信的撰寫如:邀請函,抱怨信,道歉信等,至少 150 字。考生建議在20分鐘內做完 IELTS 通用寫作卷 Task 1 例子 題目類型大致包括: • Complaint/ Request (of information) letter • Job application letter• Personal letter • Formal business letter IELTS 通用寫作卷 Task 2 則為申論題,範圍廣且有深度,考生需按題目分析及表達個人意見或做優缺點比較等(與academic task 2相似) IELTS 通用寫作卷 Task 2 例子 The growth of online shopping will one day lead to all shops in towns and cities closing.Do you agree or disagree? IELTS Writing 高分做法 IELTS 同DSE 或其他作文考試不同,有一套特定的考法,所以你一定要好好準備 我地團隊見過好多考生 就算英文好或不好最後IELTS 作文都係6分或6.5分,好多時都考唔到高分。以下是幾個小重點: 1. 一定要背好框架! 如果你以為即場先作,已經輸左好多,因為字數限制,你唔可以靠寫1000字拎分,你都唔夠時間 2. 每句都要展示不同句式 一定要記定10句高分句型 如: 分裂句/倒裝句/名詞化等等 其實全部都可以準備入去 3. 內容才是皇道 Content is King! 好多人只重視背深字深句,但IELTS 好重視內容,唔可以求其背一些公廁論點交功課! 以舉例為例,你要用不同方法去比例子,做比較 / 分享個人經驗或 加入情景 如果大家有什麼英文問題,如Spencer Lam, 好唔好咁樣學英文呀? 或者IELTS考試,成人英文/商業英文的知識及英文資源,歡迎你可以隨時再跟我多交流一下,可以Follow 「Spencer Lam English Team」 Facebook page同IG得到更多英文資訊,亦都可以上 https://spencerlam.hk/ 了解更多!


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