April 21, 2022


【IELTS speaking sample 範例】值得一睇 【3 Part全包】

IELTS speaking sample IELTS speaking part 1 Tell me about your usual daily routine.I usually get up around 8:00 a.m. Over breakfast, I always have a cup of coffee while reviewing my study notes.’ I usually take the bus to school after that. I frequently meet up with my classmates in the corridor before class to gossip about life and school. I always go straight home after school and begin working on my homework while my mother prepares dinner. I usually go to bed around ten o’clock. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? I enjoy listening to hip-hop and rock music, as well as hanging out with friends and reading novels. At my school, I also participate in a reading group. Over


IELTS speaking 題目 可能比你想像更有條理

IELTS speaking Part 2 題目 People About a place About a city/country About things About academics About activities and events 1. People An Intelligent Person An Interesting Person A Successful Person A Polite Person A Famous Person A Famous Foreign Person A Famous Person From Your Country A Leader You Admire A Person Who Has An Integesting Job A Person You Like to Spend Time With A Person You Enjoy Tallking Tô STAR A Person with an Important Job. A Time When You Helped Somcone A Time When Someoie Helped You A Person Who Taught You A Useful Skill A Good Parent A Good Student A Popular Band, Musician or Singer A Comedian/Comic Actor A TV or film character A Film About A Real Person


IELTS writing 從0開始,帶你認識 【懶人包】

IELTS writing(academic) IELTS 學術寫作卷 時間 60 mins IELTS 學術寫作卷 考試內容 全卷共 2 題:第 1 題為總結題,以不 少於 150 字總結或解述表格、圖表、 曲線圖等資料;第 2 題則要求考生撰 寫一篇不少於 250 字的文章。 IELTS 學術寫作卷 Task 1 你將看到一個圖表或列表,並需要以自己的文字描述、總結或說明資料。題目可能會要求你描述和闡述資料、描述流程各個階段、 事物如何運作或描述一個物件、計劃或設計。 考生建議於 20 分內寫完150 字的描述。 IELTS 學術寫作卷 Task 1 例子 題目類型大致包括: Bar chart Line chart Pie chart Table Diagram Map IELTS 學術寫作卷 Task 2 你需要撰寫論文以回應觀點、論點或問題。 你需要運用自己的知識和經驗,以相關例子支持你的觀點。考生需按題目分析及表達個人意見或做優缺點比較等 IELTS 學術寫作卷 Task 2 例子 The chart below shows the amount spent on six consumer goods in four European countries.Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below. A secondary student should be allowed to use mobile phones in school.To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? IELTS writing(genreal training) IELTS 通用寫作卷 時間 60 mins IELTS 通用寫作卷 考試內容 全卷共 2 題:第 1 題為情境題,要求 考生撰寫一封不少於


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