IELTS speaking 技巧 只要學識呢一招就唔怕無嘢講!

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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很多人害怕 IELTS Speaking 是因為口吃,經常無嘢講,臨時嘅急才唔夠好!


這篇文章我會教大家使用RECAP IELTS Speaking 技巧 ,使自己在雅思口試中脫穎而出!

IELTS speaking 技巧

R- Reason


  • One of the reasons for…is…
  • The reason why… is that


Example 1: You may bring out the medical risks of body art.
One of the medical risks of body art, in my opinion, is that it may affect our bodies since we can get infected when getting a tattoo.
If the instruments used are dirty, they might spread illnesses like malaria and syphilis. Furthermore, if the task is not done with care, bleeding, allergic reactions, and edema may occur.

Example 2: You might discuss the abilities or information that can be learned via study excursions.
I believe that kids may have a better understanding of other cultures and traditions.
The fundamental reason for this is because study trips expose students to a variety of cultures by allowing them to immerse themselves in a new setting, even if only for a short time. They will be exposed to a variety of customs and cultural practices, making them more culturally aware.

E - Example


  • According to a study 
  • Consider the case of …
  • A glaring vivid/ forceful example is …


Example 1: You may discuss why these programs are so popular.
Citizens are sometimes presented with a skewed picture of reality as a result of these television programs. Bride Wannabes, a TVB reality program that portrays simplistic ideas of beauty and success, is a good example. The nature of love and relationships is also ignored in the program. It makes fun of ladies of marriageable age who are unable to locate a suitable mate. Fear Factor is another notable example: in order to progress in the game, players must swallow live cockroaches, which may cause fatal infections. This only alters the definition of bravery.

C - Comparison


  • Compared with 名詞, 句子
  • Unlike/ Contrary to…, …


Example 1: You might discuss whether or not teens are readily influenced by their classmates.
Teenagers used to buy phones purely for communication reasons, such as making phone calls and sending SMS. Smartphones, on the other hand, have become a status symbol in recent years. Most youngsters show off the newest models to their peers just to garner their attention. Instead of being the odd man out, they want to be on the same level as their colleagues.

A - Arguments from others (其他人立場)


  • Others may think that 句子.
  • Others may have the concern that 句子.


Example 1: You may wish to discuss how a plan like this might be pushed.
I believe we could bring in some experts or professionals to give speeches and promote the plan.
Students would be able to comprehend the system better as a result of this. Others, on the other hand, may believe that such speeches would bore pupils. This, you know, has the potential to derail our efforts. However, this may not be the case. In light of my own experience, I believe that certain specialists, such as Hong Kong comedians Vivek and Tim Chan, may have amusing sharing sessions with us.

P - Personal experience


I remember vividly that …

I had a similar experience


Example 1: You may wish to discuss the challenges or concerns that could arise during a research visit.

The first issue that comes to mind is cultural shock. Students, in my opinion, will have to adjust to an entirely different atmosphere.
In fact, I experienced a similar encounter. A few years ago, I visited the United Kingdom, and some of the local customs almost drove me insane. In Scotland, for example, I met a guy with a thick accent. His words were just unintelligible. I discovered that everyone’s English accent is different. Aside from that, I struggled to acclimate to the British diet. Fish and chips, steak and fries, and other unhealthy dishes are popular among the British.


RECAP 技巧能大幅提升我們發言的內容長度及深度。而每次使用時不需要十分拘謹只用一個技巧。各位絕對可以兩三個一起使用。這樣內容的深度就能更上一層樓!

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